My “150 Canada Celebration Tulip”

File 2017-05-31, 3 10 15 PM

“150 Canada Celebration Tulip”

White And Red I thought…..but Yellow and Red mine are…

Smile “Nature”  has it’s own way.

They where to be pure white with red. Was it to be red Maple Leaves from what I hear?

File 2017-05-31, 3 51 16 PMMagical I guess they are now.

I was kind of surprised too when the one of 50 bulbs I planted last Fall opened up YELLOW with red markings….

Really?! was my first initial thought…..

Finally…today we have some sunshine for my 50 Tulips to all open up…and it looks like I have more than 50 heads yehhh……yes all in light yellow… but one. Look at the one that looks like Micky Mouse Ears.

very pretty and with jagged edges… like someone did some paper cutting all though the edges.

Have to say there is not much white to them ….but who cares they are pretty and

on really super tall stems too. I hope they will last for at least two weeks.

And I am sure we all will have a fun 150 Year Canada 

even if our tulips are Yellow with Red…

Happy 150 Year Canada…

Indian Summer

2014-10-27 16.37.26Well truly I prefer to see them on the tree….but the time is here again and we need to get ready for the winter.

I know, I should be raking all these leaves up….but it looks so nice right now. A view more days as the trees in all the neighbour backyards are just starting to lose the leaves.2014-10-26 12.38.15

Perhaps tomorrow I will go and take my rake in my hands.

As to soon this will all be white with frost and yes snow. Not sure I am looking forward to this yet. 2014-10-26 12.37.55

2014-10-27 16.37.00Lieber sehen ich die Blätter an den Bäumen …. aber die Zeit ist wieder da, und wir müssen aufreumen da der Winter schon bald vor der Tür sein wird.

Ich weiß, ich sollte all diese Blätter rechen gehen…. aber es sieht so schön aus im Moment. Noch ein paar Tage denke ich, da die Bäume in allen Nachbarhinterhöfen erst die Blätter verlieren.

Vielleicht werde ich morgen den Rechen  in meinen Händen nehmen.

Wie bald wird dies alles weiß mit Frost und Schnee ja sein. Im Moment gefällt es mir aber besse so.

2014-10-26 12.36.16

Hibiscus Flower

2013-07-06 10.03.33
This is the second day open though I think that will be it .
2013-07-04 08.40.22
Look how vivid this red is Flower all in full bloom

Since I was off work, I took my knitting project that I have on the go and sat out front on our porch. It was so nice and peaceful listening to the rain falling down on all the plants and grass. As I was knitting away, I noticed that the Standard Hibiscus Tree has a new flower open…so vivid and bright was that red I had to take some pictures…                              And with that I wish all of You a great weekend….Thanks for visiting me today

2013-07-06 10.04.06
today this flower is starting to let go…second day open

Es war wieder ein richtiger Regentag gestern. Da ich zuhause war, nahm ich meine Strickarbeit und machte mich bequem auf unsern Hauseingang der Gedeckt ist. So richtig schoen war es dem Regen zu zuhören .

2013-07-04 08.41.29-2

So sah ich dann auch das wieder eine neue Blüte sich geöffnet hat bei dem Standart Hibiscus Baum. So hier ein paar Bilder davon…                     Und nun Wünsche ich Euch allen ein wunderschönes Wochenend und Dankeschön für Euren Besuch…2013-07-06 10.03.22

Puppies at The Quilt and Yarn Store

Oh I never thought I go to work one day and have the wonderful experience to see puppies being born. Yes you may say at  a Pet Store sure…..Well this was all happening at

“The Quilt Store & The Yarn Store”

only 2 hours ago.

How sweet is this


having her very first puppy…a girl too

Looks like we will have our puppy of the store!!! Smile

Ana you will have your hands full …more to come

and sure enough one more girl

                                                                              two puppies so far.

Daisies in my Garden

I am not sure when I have planted them in my garden last year.

Love how they make my face smile though

 I can sit next to them and enjoy them smiling at me….

Bin nicht sicher wann ich diese Margeritten letztes Jahr gepflanzt hatte.

Mein Gesicht lacht doch wenn ich diese sehen kann.

Es kommt mir vor als Lachen sie zurück zu mir wenn ich so daneben sitze…

Sun,Venus And My Birthday…June 5. 2012

Venus transit June 8, 2004.  Image: Wikimedia Commons

Venus’ transit day has passed 

On My Birthday and my Brothers Birthday too.

I would have loved to see this and even more special since it was on two special days, so it would have been fantastic to see something so spectacular like this….and guess what as so many of us …we did not have the right GLASSES to see this event on

New York 18:03 (6:03 p.m.), June 5 20:24 (8:24 p.m.), June 5 (sunset

As with any solar eclipse, you must have proper eye protection to view a planet transiting across the sun….ahhhh and I did not have them….

The last transit of Venus for the 21st century!

The brightest planet, Venus, passed right in front of the sun for nearly seven hours on June 5-6, 2012, but, from many places, the transit was in progress at sunrise or sunset. During the transit, Venus appeared in silhouette as a small, dark dot moving in front of the solar disk.

This exceedingly rare astronomical event

– a transit of Venus –

won’t happen again until December 11, 2117.

However, a transit of Mercury will take place on May 9, 2016.

On a clear night Venus can also be seen as a bright “star” in the sky, especially shortly after sunset or before sunrise.

This is why it is also referred to as “evening star” or “morning star”.

So a toast to all of us that where able to see this once in a lifetime event and to All of YOU that celebrated a Birthday…

Cheers to my Brother Andre too

hope you had a great 45. Birthday too,

Love you