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You can go to the link  to visit my profile for some great knitting and patterns from raverly, but you do need to be a member to see receive the free patterns. Once you have an account with them, you can find me under “knitswiss”

Unter dieser Webseite kannst Du mein Profile anschauen unter “knitswiss”.    Doch must Du Dich auch anmelden.  Es kosted nichst und Du kannst sehr viele Muster zum Stricken oder Haekeln gratis bekommen auch kanst Du einige bestellen.  Sehr empfehlends wert da mit zu machen wenn Du gerne mit Handarbeit arbeitest.

9 thoughts on “My Ravelry Profile

  1. You confidence pullover calls for C2Bdec–I cannot find that anywhere. It does no mention it on your abbreviation page. Can you help me with this?


    1. Thanks again…smiles. why are you not knitting anymore? Is it to hot for you there. You know there are some really nice cottons or linen that you could knit with in the heat too. I love to work with linen and flax too….J


  2. Thanks for your help last night at the knitting class. I thought I could pick this up so quickly ha ha for me. I have tried to write out the directions on paper, example
    Row 1 yo3 beads k8 k2tog
    Row 2 p2tog p7 yo2 beads
    Row 3 k1yo 1 bead k6 k2tog
    Row 4 p2tog p5 yo1 bead p2
    Row 5 k3 yo1 beadk4 k2tog Am I on the right track???


    1. Hi Brenda
      You are very welcome. As I mentioned to you “don’t give up you will be able to knit this scarf too”. Once you will see the pattern coming together it will work for you too. I going to see if I can right the pattern out for you and e-mail it to you sometimes next week. I can’t post it on the blog….You know how that is.
      Thanks again in joining the class; I truly hope I could help you and if you need further help just sent me a note please anytime.


    2. Brenda
      yes you are on the right track let me know if you still need me to wright the pattern up
      Thanks again and if I don’t talke to you have a wonderful trip and hope all goes well with the OP.
      Keep in touch.


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