Hibiscus Flower

2013-07-06 10.03.33
This is the second day open though I think that will be it .
2013-07-04 08.40.22
Look how vivid this red is Flower all in full bloom

Since I was off work, I took my knitting project that I have on the go and sat out front on our porch. It was so nice and peaceful listening to the rain falling down on all the plants and grass. As I was knitting away, I noticed that the Standard Hibiscus Tree has a new flower open…so vivid and bright was that red I had to take some pictures…                              And with that I wish all of You a great weekend….Thanks for visiting me today

2013-07-06 10.04.06
today this flower is starting to let go…second day open

Es war wieder ein richtiger Regentag gestern. Da ich zuhause war, nahm ich meine Strickarbeit und machte mich bequem auf unsern Hauseingang der Gedeckt ist. So richtig schoen war es dem Regen zu zuhören .

2013-07-04 08.41.29-2

So sah ich dann auch das wieder eine neue Blüte sich geöffnet hat bei dem Standart Hibiscus Baum. So hier ein paar Bilder davon…                     Und nun Wünsche ich Euch allen ein wunderschönes Wochenend und Dankeschön für Euren Besuch…2013-07-06 10.03.22

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