After The Rain Beauty

Fresh and all full of rain droplets. Love taking this kind of pictures. Planted the Allium bulbs last fall with the hope I would see them this year.

I keep on looking to see if I see a reflection in any of the droplets… One day I will master this too.

Wishing You all a nice Sunday…

Love The Sound Of Birds

There is something so beautiful to wake up in the morning with the sound of birds singing. I love to have the window open and hear them sing to me.. well so it seems at least to me..

I love to take there pictures too. So we have Yellow Finch now feeding on the tree in our backyard lately.

Vivian Forest Hike

IMG_0940Amazing how this weather can change from one weekend to the other…April 14th. to April 16th we had this terrible Ice snow rain…hard to explain It looked like snow but was ice powder…And this continued for 2-3 days straight….

Then the Spring came last weekend April 20 just fantastic how this all changed in yes less than 5 days…..!!! Believe me I spend all the weekend OUTSIDE :-)))) Soooo happy

IMG_0930Sunday April 22nd. hubby and I went on a hike at Vivian Forest.. Just perfect spending time together…”Him and I”  ….;-))) one of my favourite songs too…


De La Salle Beach in Sutton

IMG_3163This is an Ice Wonderland right here in Sutton, Ontario….

unbelievable how there is sooooo much ice on the beach! This is not to far from us about 30 minutes driving…people where still on the ice doing Ice-Fishing…IMG_3177

I guess they know what they are doing….felt a little more comfortable staying on land at this time of year.

A Bouquet of flowers 

img_6004Oh I tell you every time I come home to Switzerland I see a Garden full of flowers at my Mom’s home. But what really seems to be special is this bouquet of flowers.

   My mom has them grow wild in her grass and every time she has to cut the grass they get cut down:-((  img_5942

 I told her I would cut the grass today for her, but what do I do with all the flowers? Yes just cut them was her reply …. No way will I cut them off just like that. At my home in Canada we can’t wait to see some flowers grow and now I have to chop them down…really:-(

img_5941So no grass was cut today and I decided  to make myself a nice spring bouquet for my  memory to keep when I am traveling back to Canada

Tomorrow I’ll cut the grass it has to be done   



Guess what I am working on

I am working feverish on this one as of today…


Perhaps some of you know we will be at some shows coming up in Toronto…

Stuff has to get done…..

Next to working and my own family’s need…

So I am going to get busy now… Next post will be coming soon too.. \

Enjoy you evening

Spring Flowers in Switzerland

Well I do feel the spring but this was on my visit back home the first two weeks in March.  So nice and sunny, we had as always a great and unforgettable time back home.  At my home where I grew up…the grass if full of the flowers nothing like that you will see here in our neighborhood…just grass.  There it is grass with flowers growing in the grass…its fun to see.

 It’s interesting… I find every year when I talk to my mom and dad during this time they are about a month ahead with the weather.  And as it was on March 23rd we had -10 degreese and 10cm snow and they had +22 degrees…wow what a difference


So auch ich fühle den Frühling doch das war auf unserm Besuch in der Schweiz in den ersten zwei Wochen im März.  So schön warm und sonning war es da.  Wir haben wie immer  viele schöne Erinnnerungen machen dürfen.  da zuhause in der Schweiz wachsen sogar die Blumen im Grass, so etwas sieht man eigenlich schon selten bei und in unserer Umgebung.  Etwas agnz anderes, doch auch schön.
Wenn ich dann so jedes Jahr um diese Zeit meine Familie anrufe, sind die etwa eine ganzen Monat mit dem Wetter voraus….auch so ist es jetzt wieder .  Am 23 März schneite es bei und hier in Kanada mit -10 Grad und 10 cm Schnee.  Doch in der Schweiz waren es ganze +22 Grad warm und sonning…wow was für ein Underschied….


















A Day To Remember

Snowing on Mother’s Day wow look at this snow…burrr cold again. 

After we had already so many gorgeous days.  What is this weather doing this year? 

Es schneit hier am Muttertag….burrrr so kalt wieder.

Nach all den wunderschön warmen Tagen die wir schon hatten .  Was macht auch das Wetter wieder?



Now we are on our way to Hamilton and the clouds are still heavy but as you can see on the way home it is getting sunnier again so this we all know will not last long …as we are in Spring…..and nicer days will be around the corner again.

Nun sind wir auf dem Weg nach Hamilton die Wolken sind immer noch schwer. Doch als der Tag zu ging kam die Sonne heraus.  Wir sind ja im Frühling und die schönen Tage sind um die Ecken.

Well the day  had many surprises some very nice once that a lot of time, thoughts and hand crafting went into it.

Ohhh and not to forget with a lot of  LOVE for Mom. 

 Thank You with all my heart and love for you ……

Auch hatte der Tag viele schöne Überraschungen

 die mit viel Lieb, Überlegung, Gedenken und auch von Hand hergestellt wurden. 

Von meinem Herzen Lieben Dank and Euch I love you too….

Swing Linen Throw-on

Ohhhh what a gem to have in my Closet.  Knit with Linen “Firefly” and so light feathery and airy….I just love to wear this.  Well believe it or not. I suggested this would be a great pattern for me to knit for Wendy for her store.  She agreed….I smiled.  But half way though I went so see to her and told her I don’t think this yarn and pattern will work.   The stitches were so uneven I really did not think any of her costumers will buy the yarn and or would be interested  in knitting this for them selfs…..well Wendy told me she loves it and I should continue.

She will take the heat…hahhahah.

So I did….and guess what this is the second time I told her I am not sure about it.

  And the end result is so beautiful and I love it.

  I have to say, the yarn was a ????? to me,  as I mentioned very uneven stitches as I was knitting with size 5 and 6mm needles.

Once I was finished I soaked the “Throw-on”  in cold wather.  Then dried it in the sun,oh it was just  like a burlap sack.

  So I put it in the dryer for about 5 minutes and WOW, soooo incredibly soft, the stitches were all nice and even.  I could not believe my eyes…..I have bought the yarn to knit one for me now.

  Wendy you just can’t be the only one owning one of them…hahah.

Lucky  Wendy and me. FUn fun fun for the Spring and Summer……we will be so hipp….

The Pattern you can download from .  or  Send me a message if you have any questions.  I am always happy to help.  HAPPY EASTER

Ohhhh, was für ein Juwele

 so etwas in meinem Schrank zu haben. Habe das mit Linen “Firefly”Gestricket es ist so federleicht und luftig …. es ist so schön as zu tragen.  Ich schlug Wendy vor, das dass ein gutes Muster sei für die  Linen “Firefly” Garn das Sie im Geschäft verkauft. Sie willigte ein …. Ich lächelte.  Doch halb fertig gestricket sage ich mir und auch Wendy , “ich glaube nicht, dass dieses Garn und Muster schön heraus kommt”.  Die Stiche waren so Unregelmaessig dass ich nicht glaubte dass  einer ihrer Kundinnen das Garn kaufen  würde  oder interesse hat dieses für sich zu stricken  ….. doch Wendy sagte mir, sie liebt es und ich sollte es zu Ende stricken.  Sie nehmen die Hitze … hahhahah …. und ratet mal, dass ist schon das zweite Mal, dass ich sagte, ich bin nicht sicher.   Und das Endergebnis ist so schön. Ich muss sagen, was das Garn angeht war ich nicht sicher da ich sehr uneben Stiche hatte beim Stricken, braucht die Größe 5 und 6mm Nadeln zum Strickte.

 Sobald ich fertig war, durchnässt ich das  Gewände mit kaltem Wasser.  Dann trocknete ich es in der Sonne, ohhh es war wie ein Jutensack.  So loss in den Trockner für etwa 5 Minuten und WOW, soooo unglaublich weich kam es heraus und die Maschen alle schön gleichmäßig. Ich konnte meinen Augen nicht glauben ….. Ich habe das Garn auch gleich gekauft damit ich es auch für mich selber stricken kan.

  Wendy kann einfach nicht die einzige Besitzerin sein … hahah. Lucky  Wendy und ich.  Das Muster kann man von Garnstudio Drop Gratis helunderladen oder   fuer weiter Fragen bin ich immer da.  FROHE OSTERN

summer coat

Handknit Projects from 2009

#22 Long Pointelle Coat
by Michele Rose Orne
from Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2008

This was a fun project especially since I made two of them. The first one was too small so I gave it to my daughter and made another one for myself. Fun and light to wear in a hot day if you like to cover up or on a cooler summer evening.