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KnitswissYarns Pattern

have been published over the last view years in ‘A Needle Pulling Thread ” Magazine and most patterns have been knit with my own KnitswissYarns too.

You can follow the link to the pattern do purchase them by clicking on the pattern it then will link you to the publisher a save and easy website  “A Needle Pulling Thread”

There you can go though all their info for buying the pattern. I do get some % off the sale of my patterns and would like to say  ‘Thank You” and Happy knitting.

Of course I am always happy to hear of feed back as well as if you have knit any patterns up send me a picture here on my blog. I would be happy to post it too…

Hope you enjoy the pattern as much as I had creating and knitting it too.


:-)))) Jacqueline  (Knitswiss on Ravelry)


So this Lacy Cardigan has been finished and designed many years back but still a fav of mine. Part of it has been crochet and the main body is knit.

Pattern is available for free for some weeks on Ravelry. Please be so kind to give me credit on my work and do not copy this and make it your.


My Newest pattern for this Spring 2018 is: Allegra Sunset Shawl. It just has been published this week and is available for you too. Hopefully you will have fun kitting it up and enjoy the many Canals of cable work that remind me of my Trip down the Rhein River to Amsterdam. You can download the pattern here it will link you to web-sight for A Needle Pulling Thread. cost is $5.99 I will get 50% of this




Eggli Vest above is knit with 5-7 skeins of Sport weight “KnitswissYarns”  available here soon to purchase too. To buy the pattern Click  Eggli Vest

Thank you for Your purchase   :-))) Jacqueline


Celebration Tulip Cowl was knit with KnitswissYarns Fingering Weight you can use the 50/50 Merino/ Silk or KnitswissYarns 100% Superwash Merino eighter  one will be great

Download and purchase the pattern here:

Celebration Tulip Cowl

Save and easy link at “A Needle Pulling Thread” website

Thank you for Your purchase   :-))) Jacqueline


Berner Oberland Pullover pictre ANPT-Winter-2016-berner-oberland-cabled-pullover_Página_3_Imagen_0001-1

“Berner Oberland Cabled Pullover”

is a fun pattern that can be knit with KnitswissYarns Worsted weight yarn.

Pattern download can be through Berner Oberland Cabled Pullover 

At a save easy download option

Thank you for Your purchase   :-))) Jacqueline


Swiss Cheese Shrug

has been designed with fun in mind

When I had to say why I designed this pattern I chuckled and said ” Well I am Swiss and everyone is familiar with Swiss Cheese. I thought it would be humorous to design a pattern that mimicked the Swiss Cheese….:-))) Happy Knitting

One skein of my KnitswissYarns in Lace Weight is all you need for this shrug

Thank you for Your purchase   :-))) Jacqueline




Chalet Wrap 

One of my first pattern published in “A Needle Pulling Thread” Magazine

Using my KnitswissYarns Natural Silk Camels Dk weight yarn held together at times with Hush Lace by Sirdar

If You know me then You know I love to play around with different yarn weights and mix them up in fun ways…never a dull moment.

Thank you for Your purchase   :-))) Jacqueline

Never Forgotten Baby Blanket

Knit with 2 skeins of KnitswissYarns Sport weight, or Fingering  Simple Sparkle for wrap

I was inspired by a Heather a customer of ours at the store. She came in with this old blanket all with many mended sections. She ask if I had any idea how to knit this pattern up as she wanted to recreate this blanket for her son….Here we go now You too can knit this Never forgotten Baby Blanket or if you like shawl as the pattern gives you both options..

Thank you for Your purchase   :-))) Jacqueline



Cabled Leftover Neck Roll

Yes what do I do with Leftover yarns? that was the question ….LOL Never ever though out if you know me….her is my pattern idea for It. Make a Neck Roll. Yes I know I love my cables too.

Happy Knitting and hope you enjoy the pattern

Thank you for Your purchase   :-))) Jacqueline


Friendship Blanket Shrug

OMG You would not believe how many left over sections I knit up in this Friendship Blanket Shrug. It started out to be just a scarf in linen stitch pattern ….then I had been given all the leftovers by many friends and it started to grow…so I thought ok lets make a blanket…but after many months I though ok that is enough I am making a shrug out of what I had.

So here You have my very first pattern published …..Yehhh

My “Friendship Blanket Shrug”


Thank you for Your purchase   :-))) Jacqueline