Vodka Lemonade

Slowly this cardigan is having its shape coming together. Love the soft yellow colour in this yarn. I have never knit with Soybean yarn and it’s my first time dyeing it too.

Love the feel on how this yarn knits up. It is so strong and doesn’t split at all. You really need a scissor to cut the yarn no way you can tear it.

I think this will look perfect in the summer months with shorts.

You can find the pattern here:

“My Thoughts Being Creative”

I read this somewhere on a post so true…

“Change your viewpoint, go out and “be interested” in your surroundings and FIND something interesting to photograph or FIND something interesting about life to photograph.”

My thoughts on this is:
The Anchor Is The Center Of Your Heart.
Stay True To Your Heart.
Don’t Forget To Dream And Be Yourself

I find to many times we do as people think we need to do and follow…
I believe in just following what is right for me.

Honestly I don’t even change my pictures much. Possible at times crop them, but that is it. I try to see the photo as I am and that is cool … Just me.

It is as we see it and why change and make them more glam?

Smiles I do the same in my crafting…( Knitting, Sewing etc.)
Lets be us and not make the pictures etc. what it is not…..

Day 3 In Grenada, Caribbean Island, Fort Frederick.

Day 3 was Sunday Jan. 13th. beautiful sunrise once again with fresh ground coffee. With my home baked Biscottis I brought down to the island. So today we have a very exiting day ahead of us..

Best way to start this adventure is with a rainbow.

Island tour with our amazing guide Cutty and his daughter. He showed us so many beautiful spots…

There is no way I can do this post all in one… if you are still with me now and are up to this adventure with me… I tell you, it will be so much fun. with sunshine and flowers everywhere.

From Clarke’s Court Boatyard & Marina all 5 crew boarded the mini bus. First stop was Fort Frederick a historical, French-built fort atop a hill offers sweeping views of the St. George & ocean.

Have I told you yet I love to take pictures of water droplets on flowers… Wait don’t go to far… next post is at Annandale Waterfalls.. omg soooo refreshing.

Needles At Work

….after some time not really having my knitting needles in my hand …. Just not sure why that happen. But for past 6 months I have kind of lost my desire for knitting.

Have You ever felt like that? You have a hobby that is your passion, all of a sudden You have no interest in it anymore?

Some of You may say ….Oh no! This is unheard off. My knitting has been part of my daily life.

Well I think this little poncho request has brought back some nice memories of knitting. And how good it feels to be creating something handmade.

Do You look Into The Sky

Let’s go outside tonight and see the sky!

Come with me …. right now.. it is so beautiful outside seeing the Stars and start to dream…of happiness.

Sure I hear,

You may already have that. I believe in the stars… the dreams. Making wishes on a shooting star….

Make a wish on a spent Dandelion is one of my favourits…

Dreams don’t lie .. wishes can come true… believe in your heart…

Sometimes destinies have plans for you we never know what the days will bring us…

Moments of Peace

Moments of Happiness

Moments of Love

Moments of Joy

Moments of laughter

Don’t forget in all of this to…..

Believe in Yourself


Thanks for believing

Peace be with You my Friends,


You can never dream to much ….

Dreams are beautiful

Oceans are just waters…

to sail across….

Fun Day Dyeing Yarn

2019-01-24 10.21.01-1So I had a order for 4 skeins in a very deep plum colour. To be exact, it had to be the same as the top 2 skeins. I  am very happy I was able to recreate the same colour and strength in the bottom 4 skeins as I have in the top 2.

Then decided to play around with 4 skeins of Fingering weight in a deep plum but much more with light to dark shades in same skeins. I am in love with this look and can’t wait to see them knit up.



Ripped Jeans

IMG_1939Yahhh most of you know “Ripped Jeans” one pays a lot of money for them…but what if You have a pair of good Jeans you just can’t part with if there is a small rip right by the knee that every time you kneel down the rip gets bigger and longer…..Nooooo!!

Embroidery Work on Jeans is the new … THING …and guess what …I can do It!!!!! Yehhh

Lucky for me I was able to learn something NEW today at my work !! One this Baby Lock Alliance

I know one day I’ll show You how to use it too …smiles.  I am learning how to work this Baby and that truly makes me happy… Practice, practice…so excited about his machine. It can do embroidery work on sleeves and pant legs…sssoooo coooollll… oh yes…Just need one now too….ahhh yes of to work I go.



I fixed my rip of about 2″ …yes and all with  patterns already on the Baby Lock Alliance…Just having fun relax You too can do this…Yes I know some cash is needed for this baby …But one never knows…Loved every minute of learning how to do this …I am hooked!

Have a wonderful weekend


Yarn Dyeing


My first try with dyeing yarn…love how each skein is full of colour and character. Each a bit different but that is how I like it.

That “One Of A Kind” look.


Just perfect. well I had to play a bit and see how each yarn took the colour not all weight was agreeing with what I did…but in the end I think I am getting the hang of it.

2014-08-22 17.29.07

Ja auch das noch, werdet ihr sage…Lach ich habe diese Woche einmal mit Wollen färben angefange. Ich bin der Meinung das es mir eigentlich recht gut gelungen ist. Jede Strange ist

“Einzig Artig”


So richtig farbenfroh und genau so wie es mir gefällt.

Nun geht es lost damit etwas zu stricken

Nicht jede Wolle hatte die Farbe gleich angenommen so durfte ich damit etwas spielen. 

Drying up on my hangers
Drying up on my hangers

Olympic Torch has arrived in Newmarket

Vancouver 2010 Olympic GamesOlympic Torch has arrived in Newmarket

The Olympic flame symbolizes peace, friendship, inspiration, passion and unity,”

 I would say my children and I are lucky to see this wonderful event visiting our Town. With sunshine in the sky and by minus 9 degree this was a welcoming celebration.  It is nice to see the community getting together to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch.   A memory to keep forever and wishing the athletes good luck.  We all know they are doing the best they can.  I have attached some of the pictures I took.

It’s truly a delight to have been chosen as one of the celebration communities.  Newmarket is a fitting choice, especially given that Olympians Josée Chouinard, Melanie Cole and Bobby Forhan have all called the town home.

Clare Kowaltschuk will be our torchbearer to bring the torch to the Magna Centre.

The Flame is Coming… 

Newmarket is one of only 200 communities across Canada that has been selected as a celebration community for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Newmarket will welcome the Flame at a community-wide celebration on December 18, 2009 at the Town of Newmarket Magna Centre Festivities will begin at 9:45 a.m.

Uebersetzt fuer meine Deusch sprechende Freunde:

Olympische Flamme in Newmarket angekommen
Die Olympische Flamme symbolisiert Frieden, Freundschaft, Inspiration, Leidenschaft und Einheit ”
 Ich würde sagen, meine Kinder und ich haben das Glück, dieses wunderbare Ereignis den Besuch in unserer Stadt zu sehen. Bei Sonnenschein am  Himmel und minus 9 Grad war dies eine gemütliche Feier. Es ist schön zu sehen, die Gemeinschaft immer zusammen, um die Ankunft der Olympischen Flamme zu feiern.  Eine Erinnerung ewig zu behalten wollen und den Athleten viel Glück zu wuenschen Wir alle wissen sie tun was sie können.  Ein paar Fotos von dem Ereigniss..

Es ist wirklich eine Freude das unser Gemeinden gewählt wurd fuer die Feier.  Newmarket ist der richtige Ort, zumal die Olympien: Josée Chouinard, Melanie Cole und Bobby Forhan alle hier zu Hause waren.
Clare Kowaltschuk wird unser Fackelträger sein und die Flamme zu dem Magna-Zentrum zu bringen.

The Flame ist angekommen …
Newmarket ist eine von nur 200 Gemeinden in ganz Kanada, das als eine Feier der Gemeinschaft für die Olympischen Winterspiele 2010 in Vancouver ausgewählt wurde. Newmarket wird die Flamme in einer Gemeinschaft willkommen.  Die Feier am 18. Dezember 2009 in der Stadt Newmarket Magna Centre wird um 9.45 Uhr beginnen …..