Eggnog And Rum

IMG_4089“Eggnog And Rum”


I tell you working in a fabric store can be fun. Especially when in the middle of the summer you receive Christmas print fabrics….nooo I love the summer heat……I really don’t want to think about that cold winter time…gurr. I prefer and love the summer heat we are having now.

So on a quieter day at work I thought I’ll give that embroidery machine,                      “Alliance” by Baby Lock a try again. I like working with that machine.


Just a fun table runner with no exact pattern really just have fun …..

  “Sugar”, “Milk”, “Rum”, and “Eggnog”

Then added the  Lite Steam-A-Seam2 to the back of the embroidered words and cut them to shapes of your liking. Do the same with panel fabric sections. I left about 1/4″ all around each sections.  I like them to fray a bit once it will get washed. Not sure how that will work out at this time but if you want to secure each section with the raw edge application method.

I already cut my green background fabric that measures 9.5″ x 36″ then added all around a 2″ border. Now add the cut out words and panel sections to the runner as you like.

Add the heat resistant batting and backing and pin all well so that you can work your free motion quilting. This part can be a lot of fun just let your creative mind take over….tirm the outside off and add a binding just like for quilts.

Happy Sewing


Ultimate….Pockets…Knitting Bag

IMG_2845Yehhh I finished this bag ….after 3 days of sewing….I did it!!!

The pattern is at it original way a Sewing Bag…


I like it, but since I would never use the ironing pad on it. I decided to alter this up…

followed the pattern (except for iron pad)   ….till I came to outer panels.

I tell You I am glad I have a workhorse fo a sewing machine, Janome MC6500 . I used faux Suede and the interfacing was heavy too. Would go lighter next time in my choice of Interfacing or Stabilizer.

Then I was not sure where I had gone wrong? Somehow I ended up with two the same with outer fabric 1 facing out and second 1 facing in….NOOOOO!!! Why is that I ask? IMG_2847


Off to my modifications working a side panel like in the “Sew Together Bag”.  Only to realize that now the bag front and back are falling way to much open.

IMG_2827 - Copy

OK, what next was my question? Lets turn bag inside out and make more pockets…LOL

Perfect !!! FINISHED HUwww…

IMG_2840 - Copy

So I am looking forward to seeing the once worked up at the store…It is the first bag I have put together that has lots of zippers, pockets and folder slots.

I think this will be a great bag to go travel with. Perfect for Passports, Travel documents and yes even my DSL Camera should fit in to my modified bag…

Happy with the end result….yes not perfect with all the exact precise measures….I like it and I managed to sew it up on my own (Embroidery  section for Front pocket is a sample that was going into the garbage!)

Smiles and I get to make another one too….;-)))))

Happy Sewing


Yehhhhsss AGAIN…..

File 2018-01-25, 8 35 34 PMI know …I know…  :-)))))

Table Runners

but this time I followed the instructions!!! Have a look  “River Stones”

Though my “WOF” (width of fabric) was not 45″ like I think it should be for the instructions mine was a standard 42″ so I seem to not have enough of some fabric length as I needed to make a 8 1/2″ block. So good thing I had lots of fabric to sew up another strip.



Oh don’t use a directional fabric if the direction of some strips run in a different direction does bother You….I love the fun part of this though…

I now have one table runner and possibly a pillow or I’ll make it into a second table runner…just so I have another one…..LOL :-)))) Or I can give it as a Gift to someone I care about. ;-) That sound good to me too!

All I have to do is quilt the edges and some stitch in the ditch I think but will know better by tomorrow…The first Table runner I quilted much more, and I truly enjoy that part of quilting.

Happy sewing to you too…  perhaps I will see you at my work place getting fabric just for this kind of quilting…


Modern Placemats

File 2018-01-18, 3 06 20 PMLove the more modern style in quilting.

So it is not surprising that I love this look in  placemats.

I had worked up a Table Runner two weeks ago called “River Stones” and had some sewn fabric section left from this Table runner.

The pattern indicating it would be for a Runner and a pillow. Beautiful, but I really did not need another pillow in my home.




So you can see I added some more strips to the already sewn pieces and divided the length into two sections that now are the perfect size for two placemats. If I would make this pattern for placemats only, I would make the two section ONE!File 2018-01-18, 3 05 58 PM

…but for now I am ok as is as sections where sewn already and I had only very little fabric left.

Really love this look, very modern and fun.

And as You can see I have added my next project on the knitting needles too…SOCKS!

I am working them with new needles…more in my next post…..see you soon again :-)


“River Stones” Table Runner

File 2018-01-10, 8 40 43 AMFound this “River Stones” pattern at Creative Festival about two years ago.

Valerie Miller  has gorgeous patterns for Table runners. In this particular pattern, she even has enough fabric that you piece together for the runner, that is left to make the pillow too. So fabric amount is for runner and pillow.File 2018-01-10, 8 41 35 AM

Okay I know mine is not exactly like she indicated to do this pattern. But that is me….always making projects my own…

Followed all instructions correctly to the point to where it tells you to lay outsides together and sew then together then flip it so outside is now facing out. Now you supposed to quilt it…okay my next one will be like that.

My changes for this one where:   I sandwiched all section together just like one does for a quilt and then quilted each section with a fun different pattern. Then sewed the binding on.

All the quilting I worked on my own with free motion designs I found on the net or tips from my co-workers. My Janome MC6500 machine is perfect for this and I love this free designing the most as I can be creative and have fun. Always learning new ways to quilt….

File 2018-01-10, 8 42 13 AMMost of this fabric I had in my stash from about 2-3 years ago when I sewed the             Log Cabin quilt. My Stash is getting used up…now I am going to finish the rest but I think instead of a pillow I’ll make some placemates….See you soon for that post…

Enjoy YOUR fabulous day…


Quilted Rug Sewing At My House

IMG_0098Yes it was a day or two of sewing

Quilted Rug Sewing At My House”

after all I work in a place that sells lots of quilting fabric at  “The Quilts Store”

 The fun part of this is, we get some amazing teachers in from time to time..but let me tell you we have several of my colleges that are amazing teachers too.

One of the classes was this

  Quilted Rugs with Al Cote

Have a look at one of my earlier posts another great teacher. I would recommend either one of their classes for sure.

Yes I was working my shift but I had to see all the wonderful samples the students/customers where working on from time to time too. Smiles, just part of me interacting with the customers too…I believe this is my role in good customer service too.

So I picked up the some tips on how to make something like this RUG too. But since I was not in the class my sample may not be exactly as Al instructed it …but I am happy with the way it turned out. Though I wish it would rag more like the rag quilts do.

Really fun, though the cutting out of all the fabric was a bit “ahhhh” do I have to through all this fabric out to get to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd layer etc….I guess it will go in a bag for stuffing.






Rainy Day Sewing

File 2016-08-16, 8 24 50 PMWhat to do on a rainy day?

Well it truly has been a long time since we had a good rain here in the Upper York Region of Ontario. I have enjoyed the hot summer so far, but some rain is definitely welcomed today.

So home I was and normally I would do my everyday stuff and once that is done I do enjoy some knitting. But today I thought lets change this up and sewing away.

Yesterday at my workplace “The Quilt Store” I could not resist buying one of the panels I sold to a customer. Just have to make one too.  Soooo sweet and great for both bay or girl.

Fabric by : Northcott Fabrics “A Little Birdie Told Me” But wait I already have all this christmas prints at home. Got to finish this one too. Hope you visit soon again, I’ll show you the both quilts once they are all done and ready to cuddle up in…Enjoy a wonderful week and Thanks for visiting my Blog. Always love your comments…CheersFile 2016-08-16, 8 25 07 PM


File 2016-08-16, 8 24 29 PM
Christmas Panel

Was macht man an einem regnerischen Tag? Nun, es ist sicher schon lange her seit es bei uns geregnet hat hier in Upper York Region von Ontario. Obwohl ich den heißen Sommer bisher geniesse, aber etwas Regen wird auf jeden Fall heute begrüßt.

Normaly würde ich meine alltäglichen Dinge zuerst fertig bringen und dann geht es los mit dem Stricken….Lach kann nicht nur herum hocken und nichts machen…

Heute dachte ich jetzt wird genäht. Konnte es nicht unterlassen selber auch ein Pannel von den herzigen Kinderstoff zu kaufen den ich einer Kundin empfohlen hatte beim  “The Quilt Store”.  Aber warte Ich habe ja auch noch Weihnachts Stoff gekauft den ich schon etwas zusammen genäht habe….loss gehts heute weiter nähen….

So bis bald wieder wenn meine zwei Quilts fertig sind…. freue mich immer auf Euren Besuch bei meinem Blog und auch auf Dein Kommentar ….Gruessli an Alli



Placemats For A Softer Look

File 2016-02-07, 4 13 23 PMPlacemats for a softer Look is a little twist to my everyday go to Pattern.  I decided to cut the squares into rectangles and then sew them to the squares…oh did not think that now I have not the same dimensions as the squares are.  It needs a little adjustments in cutting my squares next time. I get it. Still love it everybody needs to learn from their errors. Smiles Debbie S. I have to attend your classes I know!

Blueberry Park by Robert Kaufman is a Great fabric for many wonderful projects. Sure have a look at the many great natural colours…at The Quilt Store for four placemats you will need 3 fabrics at 20″ x  42″ and about 39″x 42″ for the backing and your one sided Fusible Thermolam

 also 39″ …..and volia just start cutting ….

Tischsets für ein sanftes Aussehen hier eine kleine Wendung zu meinem Täglichen Muster. Ich beschloss, die Quadrate in Rechteck zu schneiden nur hatte ich nicht damit gerechnet das diese nun etwas klein sind als die Quadrate. Muss da kleine Anpassungen machen beim Quadrate schneiden das nächsten Mal. Na ja jeder muss lernen aus den Fehlern….lach Ja Debbie S. muss bei Dir in den Unterricht gehen.

Blueberry Park von Robert Kaufman ist ein toller Stoff für viele schöne Projekte. Nimm einen Blick auf die vielen natürlichen Farben… für 4 Tischsets  benötigst Du  3 Stoffe bei 50cm auf  1,10 Meter und 1 Meter für den Hintergrund und einen ” Thermolam” (leider habe ich keine Ahnung wie das auf Deutsch Heisst? )

“Nine Patch” Table Runner

2014-10-18 17.06.46
So hard to work in a place that sells Yarn and Fabric….Ohhh that temptation. So I usually struggle with the yarn, but this time it was this fabric…just could not resist it….

SilverBlackRed it is this time with my choice of fabric.

Table Runner love it .2014-10-21 20.47.40

Sure it is not a ” Nine Patch” anymore. Out of the nine patch place set became a table runner. Though I used the same method as the Nine Patch Place set…just added extra patches to it and voila. I had a lot of great help form my Facebook friends left or right was the question ….

Here is my Table Runner for the Holiday Season

Left or Right were the choices
Left or Right were the choices

Silber – Schwarz- Rot  ist es dieses Mal in der Stoff auswahl….

Ja ein Tischläufer 

Finished Table Runner for the Holiday Season.
Finished Table Runner for the Holiday Season.

Sicher, es ist kein “Nine Patch” mehr. Von den neun Patch wurde ein Tischläufer. Obwohl ich die gleiche Methode wie für den Nine Patch folgte hatte ich zusätzlichen Patches zusammen genäht um ead in einen Tischläufer umzuwechseln. Voila.

Meiner Facebook-Freundinnen hatten mir dabei geholfen ob li das Muster wie “Links oder Rechts” war die Frage ….

Hier ist mein neuer Tischläufer für die Weihnachtszeit.

Nine Patch Placemat

2014-10-18 15.09.57

My work has just received soooooo much more fabric last week!

Where will we put it all is always the question when it arrives.
And yes it is impossible not to buy some from time to time too.

So I decided to make 6 new Nine Patch Placemats in gold, silver and black . The front is all the same but the backing is as you can see, gold, black or with Christmas ornament print.

I also bought this gorgeous red, silver and white Holiday print fabric. I could not resit it…smiles

Now I have to decide if I make 6 more in the red, silver and white or I make a table runner with that fabric.

Red, Silver and white Holiday Print
Red, Silver and white Holiday Print

Bie meiner Arbeit hatten wir diese Woche tausende von Metern neuen Stoff erhalten.

Wo werden wir diesen Stoff wieder hinstellen…sooo viel kommt immer. Rollen und noch mehr Rollen von Stoff.
Und ja, es ist unmöglich dann nicht auch ab und zu auch einen Meter oder so zu kaufen.

Also beschloss ich 6 neue “Nine Patch Tischsets” in Gold, Silber und Schwarz zu nähen. Die vorterseite aind alle sechs gleiche. Doch die Hinterseite ist bei zweien gold,  zwei in schwarz und zwei mit Weihnachts Kugeln.

Dazu hatte kommte auch dieser sagenhafte schöne roter, silbernen und weißen Stoff mit Weihnachts Print nach Hause.

Jetzt muss ich mich nur entscheiden, ob ich 6 weitere Tischsets oder ein Tischläufer mit diesem Stoff nähen soll.

A Quilt For My Mom

A special surprise for my Mom
A special surprise for my Mom

Loved sewing up this quilt as a surprise for my mom for last Mother’s Day.

Yes a bit behind with this post but the quilt was a happy surprise.

I usually knit her cardigans, but that she said she has so many already. So a Quilt this time was a real surprise she said. My co-workers told me I just have to put a label on it to, to make it extra special. So with their expert help I was able to use one of the embroidery machines and add this note to the quilt.

The special Label that I added to the blanket after it was all done.
The special Label that I added to the blanket after it was all done.






Eine Überraschung für meine Mutt’ für den letzten Muttertag. 

Ja ein bisschen hinten drein bin ich schon mit diesem Post. Doch die Decke war eine schöne  Überraschung.

In der Regel stricke ich meinem Mutt’ immer Strickjacken, doch wenn ich frage was ich ihr stricken darf? Sagte sie, “sie hat schon so viele und weiss nicht wann sie die alle anziehen soll”…lach.

This is the flower pattern we quilted the Patchwork Blanket with. For the backing I used a nice Flannel to make it soft.
This is the flower pattern we quilted the Patchwork Blanket with. For the backing I used a nice Flannel to make it soft.

So ein Quilt dieses Mal war eine echte Überraschung. Als meine Kolleginnen die Decke sah meinten sie ich muss nur noch ein Label darauf nähen. Also mit Hilfe von Experten hatte ich dann einen schoenen “Label” der dir Patchwork-Decke richtig perfect macht. 

Love the colours
Love the colours
Quilt is on the Longarm Machine being quilted.
Quilt is on the Longarm Machine being quilted.
My good friend that is also from Switzerland has this longarm maschine and I am the lucky one that is able to use it if I need to finish some of my quilts. She has lots of great tricks up her sleeves...smiles
My good friend Ursula that is also from Switzerland has this longarm maschine and I am the lucky one that is able to use it if I need to finish some of my quilts. Ursula,Thank you for being so kind! You have lots of great tricks up your sleeves…smiles

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways #2

One Shot, Two Ways

I know I already place one post on this topic but just thought I could show you this idea too in regards to

One Shot, Two Ways. I guess you could also say

Before and After Shot would work here too

Before washing
After washing
Before washing the Quilt
After washing the Quilt

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

DSC04467As I was busy working on this Rag Quilt all weekend I totally missed the Weekly photo challenge.

Now my quilt is in the wash for the felting, but before that I took some pictures with the hope to blog about it and show you how much fun this Rag Quilts is to sew up.
Not realizing at that time what the weekly them is….

Just logged on to computer… Yes…this will be perfect for this Weeks Photo Challenge:

One Shot, Two Ways

The one shot is of the Rag Quilt where I stand above it. My favourite one is where I was placing the camera on the quilt and taking a shot of all the cut ends, that now are in the wash machine to felt up. Nice and cuddly soft it will once it will be dry.

DSC04465Soooo wonderful warm and cuddly for the winter


Progress on my Quilt

My Firts Quilt So it is about time I finish my first quilt, right?!

Yes my walking foot for the sewing machine works now after having a user issue at first …that would be me…smile.

Until Ana had a closer look at my machine. She told that the foot does not line up with the bottom feet….ok glad to have Ana to help me with that too.Crochet Sample And Knit Sample

So home I came after my workday. Know the question was, do I knit, crochet or work on my quilt? I did have my crochet project in my hands and after 4 reps of the pattern I told myself stop!!! go work on the quilt. Ok I know I have to do the “Stitch In The Ditch” stuff….yes also my first time …. struggling with all that material between  the needle and the body of the machine and sewing a straight line….and yes all the pins….huuuhaaa…not so easy I say ….done now…

will see what my teacher Ana has to say…smile my guess is I used the wrong colour threat for this job

So ist es Zeit, dass ich meine erste Quilt fertig nähe, nicht wahr?!.

My Firts Quilt, with the back side showingJa, mein Leufer Fuß für die Nähmaschine funktioniert jetzt, nachdem ich Gestern etwas problem hatte damit …ein Benutzer Problem … das wäre mich … smile. So brachte ich die Maschine ins Geschäft um nach zu fragen was ich da falsch mache?


Dann wurde mir erklärt das der Fuss oben und unten nicht überein legen. So die gute  Ana kam zur Hilfe und nun klapt alles Bestens.  Danke Schön.

Zuhause angekommen nach meinem Arbeitstag war die Frage,  stricken, häkeln oder weiter machen mit meinem Quilt?

 Ich hatte meine Häkelprojekt in meinen Händen doch nach 4 Musters Wiederholungen sage ich genug damit! Mach mit der Patchwork Decke weiter .

Ok, ich weiß, “Stich im Graben”  (wie wird dem sagen) mach ich auch das Erste Mal…. etwas gekämpft hatte ich mit all dem Material, das zwischen der Nadel und der Maschine war und dann auch noch geraden Linie zu nähen und all die Sicherheits Nadeln dazu…. huuuhaaa … gar nicht so einfach. Bin gestpannt was meine  Lehrerin  die Ana dazu zusagen hat. lächeln .. meine Vermutung ist, dass ich nicht die richtige Farbe beim Faden benutz habe…

My First Rag Quilt

Yes you are probably asking yourself

What is she doing now…wandering from the yarns….????




I love my knitting and will always enjoy creating handknit items. Though since I now work in a Quilt and Yarn Store the ladies there are trying to convert me to patchwork and quilting…

So I thought I will give it a try.

So you may see in the future not just posting knitted items but also me working with…. yes amazing fabric…

I kind of like the flannel, I guess it is because it feels so snugly warm like this first “Rag Quilt”

I sewed up in about two days.

And….Yes I did ask lots of question at work ” THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP”

Smile, my Co-Workers in the Quilt and Yarn section are amazing,

giving me a place to be and have my daily fun.

 Ihr werden Euch jetzt sicher  Fragen

Was geht sie jetzt weg von dem Stricken….??

Ich kann ehrlich  sagen


Wird nie passieren!

Ich liebe mein Strickarbeit und werde immer freude dabei haben.

Doch seit ich jetzt in einem Patchwork/Stoff  und Wolle Geschäft arbeit versuchen die Damen im Stoff Teil, mich zum Patchwork und Quilten zu verführen …

So dachte ich es liegt ja nichts dabei es zu versuchen.

So wird es dazu kommen dass in der Zukunft acuh Du etwas davon zu sehen bekommst.

… irgendwie mag ich den Flanell Ich denke, es ist, weil es so kuschelig warm ist und wir in den Winter gehen. So hier ist mein erster “Rag Quilt” der innert zwei Tagen fertig war.

Ja, mit viele Fragen im Geschäft …. Lächeln …alle sind sehr hilfsbereit bei der Arbeit …. DANKE EUCH DAFÜR

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