Daisies in my Garden

I am not sure when I have planted them in my garden last year.

Love how they make my face smile though

 I can sit next to them and enjoy them smiling at me….

Bin nicht sicher wann ich diese Margeritten letztes Jahr gepflanzt hatte.

Mein Gesicht lacht doch wenn ich diese sehen kann.

Es kommt mir vor als Lachen sie zurück zu mir wenn ich so daneben sitze…

2 thoughts on “Daisies in my Garden

  1. Maybe you didn’t! I have them in the field around the garden, and I will bet your came the same way as mine–the birds!


    1. You could be correct on this on, I hope..as I just can’t remember if I did or not plant them…perhaps that could mean I am getting older too…smile.No way not that already..


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