Video Tutorials

Here you will be able to see some of my tutorials I have recently posted on YouTube that I like to share with you too.

Hope you will enjoy my tutorials and find them helpful.

If you like send me a note on something you like for me to make a video tutorial of. Any knitting projects you are not sure off  I’ll try me best to help you …


This video is on I-Cord Cast Off …love this cast of edge for many of my projects…

This video is all about “Three Needle Bind Off” a fantastic bind off for shoulders etc.

This Video is all about how to work a “Provisional Cast On”

Smiles this video has been taken as we are camping… no make-up for me …..“Continental knitting and Purling” 

Part 1 of casting  on the Entrelac Base Triangle: video to follow soon

Part 2: Right Middle Squares  Entrelac Knitting. This one video is on how I knit or join the two blocks on the right sides together. Creating a new block on current row block…

Part 3:  “Left Edge Triangle”  Entrelac knitting. This video will show you how to knit the left edge triangle. This step is after you worked the right side tier square block. See video above Part 2.

Part 4:  Left Middle Squares  in Entrelac pattern. The step after you work the left triangle see Part 3.

Part 4: “Right side Triangle”   Entrelac knitting This video you can see we have worked the left middle squares all to the end and now we need to add a right side Triangle. See part 3

Part 5: “Final casting off Triangles Row ” Entrelac Knitting After this last row of triangles you too will be done the knitting