A Wonderful Christmas To All

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A Handcrafted Christmas card came in the mail last week…it is absolutely beautiful! Theresa you are a wonderful artist! Thank You

Many, many Thanks to All of You that visit my blog through-out the years and have visit me in person for knitting, crocheting or yes quilting advise at my home or at work…. I truly believe I have a wonderful friendship with so many of you.

Your comments on the blog or in person make me smile….

Thank You for believing in me  :-)))

 Wishing You and your loved once a Very Happy Christmas and  an Amazing 2018 

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This Ornament is so simple and adorable and I know it is created with much passion and love. Thanks Ave


Eggli Vest

_K0A9742With excitement and happiness can I tell you that my latest pattern called

Eggli Vest”

has been published and is available for you too to knit know.

As you all probably have been noticing  in all my latest patterns there is always a cable pattern somewhere knit into the design.

You guessed right if you said “she loves cables”

The Eggli Vest has also been knit with my own yarn



5-7 skeins of  Sport Weight depends on the size you are knitting it. Yarn only sold directly through contacting me here on the blog or at  knitswiss@gmail.com

Pattern is available in several sizes.   Eggli Vest


The “Eggli Vest” has been published in the latest “A Needle Pulling Thread” magazine Issue #17. You are able to download the pattern if you can’t get the magazine by clicking on the link above.

As Carla the publisher of the magazine indicates:

“The Eggli Vest is a one of the most versatile vest in a long time, wearing it upside down will give it a different look and it’s the same vest! A little cable for interest and structure, and I-cord cast off for that final touch of class.”

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Pictures have been taken by Carla “A Needle Pulling Thread” for this magazine…..

    Carla “I had a lot of fun too…;-)))”

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity

The Shawl Pin designed by my good friend Ave is a very talented wood burning Artist. I have many items like buttons, shawl /hair pins, etc available. For more info contact me through by commenting.

Turquoise Charm Bag

File 2017-08-02, 7 39 35 PMMy “Turquoise Charm Bag” has been an inspiration from the turquoise waters from Antigua… So blue and clear.

Then on one of our visits to the festivals here in our town, I fell in love with this type of bags. Made all with cotton ropes and fabric strips sewn together….

I had seen this before in one of the magazines I get from Europe and said I really want to make one of them.  So off with no pattern …File 2017-08-02, 7 39 49 PM





Well I tell you it does take a lot of rope and fabric. Your fingers will love you after rolling the ropes in the fabric too. But wait the fun is still to come …..Now you get to sew the covered ropes to each into a coil,  just like a snail-shell looks …well kind of. But you get what I am telling you…a lot of fun …oh yes it gets better now you have to curve this bag too so it has a wall…oh yes curve it! That takes some practice I tell you. You can see mine is not perfect but almost ….I love it. Pick a fabric you really love and then just go for it…I have mine from “The Quilt Store” and we have lots more of it to chose from…The cotton clothes line rope I bought at Wallmart….kind of bought all they had at the time…5/8″ thick. Oh use a topstitch needle 100/16  and  Cotton Petites by Sulky Thread for the top and regular for the bobbin.

So once it was all sewn together and I had used up almost 300 yards of rope for this size. It was a really squishy thing to put in my sewing machine throught opening I tell you… well worth the results….smiles

What do I use for the handles? Was looking for old horse rains….all my friends that have horses….I thought for sure would have one old one hanging around…..

Today I notices my purse, I had been using for just a view weeks ….oh no is falling apart…. yes!! Now I have handles I can use….why through away the purse when I can take it apart and use items from it…yes rip, rip, rip….

Right Ave and Judy you have seen me doing this crazy thing ….Have a look what my new bag looks like now…

File 2017-08-02, 7 40 13 PM


Jelly Roll Bags

File 2017-04-12, 9 26 54 AMYes out of one Jelly Roll Fabric bundle I have sewn up 4 of these wonderful spring-summer take along bags.

Von einem Jelly Roll Fabric Bündel habe ich 4  wunderbaren Frühling-Sommer Taschen genäht 

Perfect for going to the beach, or just carry along your necessary items. Perhaps your project bag for your knitting or crocheting…you name it just a overall handy little bag to have.

I found this free pattern on Shabby Fabric.com I am in love with her tutorials on YouTub. Very clear instructions and easy to follow too.

Now the only problem I have is I love them all and can’t decide the one I will keep….

Eine ideale Tasche für zum Strand, oder auch nur so schenll zum Kaffe zu gehen und nur das Notwendigste  mit zu bringen. Ja natürlich auch eine perfect Projekttasche für das Stricken oder Häkeln …

Ich fand dieses kostenlose Muster bei “Shabby Fabric.com” So viele tolle YouTube Tutorials fand ich dort. Sehr klare Anweisungen und leicht zu folgen.

Nun habe ich ein problem…lach welche Tasche soll ich für mich selber behalten…..

Simple Gift …..A Scarf!

It is getting cooler now…but wait not today we have +15 degrees…its November…But wait the cold and burrrrr bundle up weather is just around the corner.

So let’s start knitting ohhh guess what you ladies and gentlemen yes Christmas is coming too….so let the knitting needles work the magic…. Please don’t complain and tell us we knit too much, remember the handmade gifts are sooo popular this year….Just let her or him knit….YES…..there are men out there that knit too as you can see http://justaknittingmale.blogspot.com   And look out they can knit just like the ladies!

So here is my scarf that was sent off to Unwind Yarn House againnnnn….I am waiting for this yarn to show up at the store so I can knit one for guess…ME too. Pattern is called “Simple Gift” by Susan Pandorf. The yarn is NEW “Timothy Street” to  Unwind Yarn House and only from there available…YEH I got to knit with it …..

Es ist kühler jetzt … aber schaut  Heute haben wir 15 Grad … und das im November … doch die Kälte burrrrr…  ist gleich um die Ecke.

So beginnen wir  mit dem Stricken, ja genau  meine Damen und Herren ,Weihnachten ist auch schon vor der Tür…. so lassen wir die Stricknadeln arbeiten …. bitte nicht klagen wir stricken zu viel… handgemachte Geschenke sind sooo beliebt in diesem Jahr  …. JA es gibt auch Männer, die stricken können  http://justaknittingmale.blogspot.com/. Genauso gut wie wir Frauen!

Also hier ist mein Schal, doch auch schon weg ist er beim  Unwind Yarn Haus againnnnn… Ich warte doch auf dieses Garn, damit auch ich so ein Schal habe ja genau für mich selber. Muster heißt “Simple Gift” von Susan Pandorf. Das Garn ist neu und nur bei UnwindYarn Haus  zu kaufen

Double Leaf Scarf In Christmas Red

This lovely scarf  was knit with just one skein of Cascade Yarn Eco+  from www.cascadeyarns.com It is a nice big size with measurements of 35cm wide and 165cm long.  I used a 5.5mm needle .  With this scarf you work the bottom edge first from side to side than cast off all stitches.  Make sure you do knit chart 1 , 5 times as the chart 2 will be wider and you will need 5 repeats of chart 1 to make it not  odd in the sizing.  Cast on for the body of the scarf along the length of the just knit pice.  I worked 7 times the pattern and then placed the stitches on a needle.   This you knit two times and then knit the middle together with a thee needle cast of,  or you can sew them together in the middle. The pattern is from the VOGUEknitting Holiday Issue 2010.

Dieser schön Schal habe ich mit nur einer Strange Cascade Yarn Eco + von www.cascadeyarns.com gestrickt.  Mit Nadel Nummer 5.5mm wie fertig gestrickt misst dieser Schal in der Breite ganze 35cm und 165cm in der Läge. Dazu strickt man die Schablone 1 ganze 5 Mal.  Pass auf das Du das einghälts damit die Breite nicht zu schmall wird,  dann alle Maschen abketten. In der Breite von dem gerade gestricken Teil Maschen auffassen und  dabei habe  ich ganze 7 mal das Muster wiederholt.  Maschen auf eine Hilfs-nadle legen und das zweite Teil stricken.  Am Schluss werden die beiden Teile zusammen gestrickt mit einer Dreinadel Abkettung.  Oder Du kanst auch beide Teile zusammmen naehen…Das Muster habe ich von dem VOGUEknitting Holday Issue 2010 genommen.

Thrum Mittens for my daughter





Thrum Mittens for my Daughter 

So soft and cozy for her to wear and keep warm.  I finished this pair in December and my daughter loves to wear them in the cold winter days we have here.  I am happy she still enjoys wearing hand knitted items I make for her.  She loves to say “My Mom knits it for me”  ….nice to see she appreciates the work. 

I have used Cascade Yarns 220 Wool and a blue Roving for this pair.  


Thrum Handschuhe fuer meine Tochter 

So wunder schoen weich und warm zum tragen.  Habe dieses Paar fertig gestricket im Dezember fuer meine Tochter. Sie traegt diese Handschuhe gerne.  Mich freut es natuerlich wenn sie immer noch froh ist meine handgestrickten Handarbeiten zu targen.  Sie sagt oft “Meine Mom hat es selber gestrickt”  Schoen dass sie es noch schaetzt. 

Ich brauchte fuer die Handschuhe. Casade Wolle 220 und Roving dazu.