Sunset at the “Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area”

  A visit to my school friend from my hometown in Switzerland took us also to this wonderful marsh “Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area” where they live now close to Elmvale in Ontario.  Only about one hour north from where we live. So quiet and peaceful was this marsh…wonderful to see the sun set in the evening.  My husband surprised my with this wonderful peaceful place…

Ein Besuch bei meiner Schulkameradin aus meiner Heimatstadt in der Schweiz führte uns auch zu diesem wunderbaren Sumpf oder Marsch “Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area” , wo sie jetzt leben in der Nähe von Elmvale in Ontario.  Nur etwa eine Stunde Nördlich von uns. So ruhig und friedlich war dieser Sumpf … wunderbar, die Sonne am Abend setzt zu sehen.  Mein Mann überrascht mich mit diesem wunderbaren ruhigen Ort ..

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2 thoughts on “Sunset at the “Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area”

    1. Hello Jack nice to hear from you. Hope you’re well. No your eyes are not playing tricks with you Jack. The flying things are “Milkweed Pods”. In the Fall, if the wind blows, you see them flying everywhere . I just took some of the seeds out from the pods and tossed them in the air. Hoping to get a picture, not knowing if they are in the camera picture. Kind of hard to toss something with one hand and with the other hoping to get them in to focus. So I was trilled to get such a perfect picture of them.


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