Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Day 10 of my Grenada holiday. All 3 crew members left Lady Natalie now… and I have checked in to this beautiful resort called Allamanda Beach Resort right by Grand Anse Beach.

Definitely was speechless once again to see this view this two-mile stretch of creamy-white sand overlooks a sheltered bay. And all right her for me to enjoy the next 3 days. Walked the beach several times, so beautiful..

Was enjoying this time all to mo myself. Something like that I have never done before..peaceful time for me. I enjoyed the first evening just sitting on the beach and looking out to the sea…waiting for the sunset…

as these guys started to run down the beach… I just could not resist asking them to do this again…so I can video them …

Valentine’s Day


Looking Into The Sky For That Star….Peace.

That Inner Peace Of Being Loved….Believe.

No Matter What Or Who You Are….Unconditional.

My Happiness You Are…..Forever.

My Star In The Sky… Love.

You Are… Me


The Sunset Of The Sea.

Ocean Of Dreams…..

Sunset at Clarke’s Court Boatyard & Marina

First Sunset on Lady Natalie Jan 9th 2020

The warmth of this evening glow is so magnificent. I don’t think it needs much explanations. …. Only thing I can say is

“Thank You for this moment”.

Florida In February

OMG hard to believe we left in this snow/ice storm on February 6th.


Has been already over a month ago that we where in Florida enjoying that sooooo beautiful sunshine every day by +24 to 28 and water at +16 . I was swimming in it every day on and on….just so perfect.

Sunset right by the beach every night…I am still looking for the star in that evening sky every night, my start always full of love and happy moments walking in the water looking for the shells. Even thought I could not bring home some of the coral that washed up on the shore…..nooo noooo you can’t do that!!

My fun moments taking pictures of birds flying by…or posing for me.

Smiles Yes  “I am a bigger kid then You thought I am” …smiles that is me. Always will be that way…That is my Life, my Love, my life of happiness.

More then I am That is me.


Sleeping on the balcony hearing the waves crushing onto the shore.

Seeing the stars and full moon.

Hearing the birds in the morning waking me up….My Dream always.

I’ll never forget that kind of feeling of Peace.


Weekly Photo Challenge -The Golden Hours

Weekly Photo ChallengeThe Golden Hours

I really loved seeing this pier in Canandaigua, Finger Lakes, USA . I know this is not a sunset or a sunrise picture for you to see…Very unique I though with all the little homes or cottages right on the pier. The sun has already gone done by that time so the lighting was mostly coming from the lights on the pier for the homes.

This truly where some Golden Hours for me.

Spending time with my Hubby away from home was very special.

Canandaigua, Finger Lakes, USA

Sunset at the “Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area”

  A visit to my school friend from my hometown in Switzerland took us also to this wonderful marsh “Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area” where they live now close to Elmvale in Ontario.  Only about one hour north from where we live. So quiet and peaceful was this marsh…wonderful to see the sun set in the evening.  My husband surprised my with this wonderful peaceful place…

Ein Besuch bei meiner Schulkameradin aus meiner Heimatstadt in der Schweiz führte uns auch zu diesem wunderbaren Sumpf oder Marsch “Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area” , wo sie jetzt leben in der Nähe von Elmvale in Ontario.  Nur etwa eine Stunde Nördlich von uns. So ruhig und friedlich war dieser Sumpf … wunderbar, die Sonne am Abend setzt zu sehen.  Mein Mann überrascht mich mit diesem wunderbaren ruhigen Ort ..

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