The Elders

Standing Strong.

In Any Kind Of Wind.

No One Has The Power To Control A Soul.

The Elders

Winter Wonderland In The Country

Look what has arrived here in the beautiful Ontario. I love the sunshine in the winter too.

It has been a beautiful October and yes November too. With only 2 weeks ago of +20 temperatures. How it can change so fast.. But look at how pretty this white stuff can be too.


St. Georges Church, Georgina,

This beautiful peaceful place by Jackson’s Point, keeps on puling me to come up and visit over and over again. Not sure what pulls me to it … yet It just gives me that inner feeling of Peace.

At a moment of need in my heart … In early Spring this year. At a quiet place off the main area Just placed on the ground. A red Rose….just like that, I believe it was a gift from Heaven for me to find. As I was about to leave … but something in me said, just go that way and don’t go yet.

this is not the place I found my Rose…. it’s where I place them to see the lake and sky…and hope I’ll give the one person that finds it a smile to his/her heart too.

Here and there I now too bring a Rose and place it overlooking the Lake Simcoe as I love that view so much. Peace and feeling of freedom. The big world wide open, wherever the water or sky takes One.

I believe someone will love to feel like I did when I did see that rose … I was speechless at that moment…

The grounds of this Church is so tranquil and beautiful…

Spring Moments By The Lake

April 2019 Lake Simcoe

Some of you probably know I have been going on drives to enjoy our Lake Simcoe here In Ontario, Canada. Usually with no destination in place. My truck just tales me somewhere to the water.

It’s absolutely beautiful to feel the wind in my hair. To listen to the waves crushing onto the shore.

There are different seasons I have seen up there.

Today I’ll show you how it was last April… Pretty windy and rather cold.. bust totally peaceful.

I’ll show you more warmer days soon too…. Sunshine all around now….

Dehydrated Tomates




Love the rich red colour of these tomatoes.

It is all around us right now the ripe fruits and vegetables are an indication of the end of summer season.  Apples, peaches, pears, corn, cabbages and yes tomatoes.

I am luck to have this Holland Marsh  wetland close by well about 20 minutes driving distance from my home.  As per their website “Produce selections range from more traditional crops such as carrots, onions and celery, to more diverse options like Chinese broccoli, Asian radish, and water spinach”.  So a lot of the vegetables I believe are coming from there to our local store that I have right around my home.

I also have a knitting / sewing friend that grows carrots and onions right in Holland Marsh. Luck for me I have been getting a bag here and their from her and her husband. With the onions  I make this amazing yummy onion soup. Carrots are great for carrot cake or soup too.

So since yesterday I have been dehydrating 3 baskets full of tomatoes so my hubby can take them on his up-coming hike to  Munising Falls Michigan (Pictured Rocks) with his hiking friends.

Have a great September to all of you.

I may have to do the same with apples soon

De La Salle Beach in Sutton

IMG_3163This is an Ice Wonderland right here in Sutton, Ontario….

unbelievable how there is sooooo much ice on the beach! This is not to far from us about 30 minutes driving…people where still on the ice doing Ice-Fishing…IMG_3177

I guess they know what they are doing….felt a little more comfortable staying on land at this time of year.

Do You See What I See

img_7816A hike through the forest…

So peaceful this is!img_7723

You should see the rocks and the crevasses, many covered with all kinds of moss.  Just love all the little things I see when taking time to look. Perfect moment.

Eine Waderung durch den Wald …


So friedlich ist das!img_7704

Du solltest die Felsen sehen und die Äste, viele mit allen Arten von Moos bedeckt. Perfect den Foto Aparat  mit zu bringen. All die kleinen Dinge, die ich sehen, mann muss nur die Zeit nehmen zum schauen. Perfekter Moment.

Queen Anne’s Lace

Love the details in this picture
Love the details in this picture

Enjoying a afternoon by the water front in Barrie, Ontario.

(Einen schönen Nachmittag am See in Berrie, Ontario)


Love, Love, love this picture...
Love, Love, love this picture…

Queen Anne’s Lace



Decided to bring my camera and my Macro lens.

(Meine Kamera kommt fast überal mit)


2014-07-21 19.34.05

Just love to take pictures close up.

Enjoy and have a wonderful week

Eine wunderschöne Woche wünsch ich Euch allen 

Abundance of flowers all on one stem
Abundance of flowers all on one stem

I am always surprised to see all the little insects that sneak into my pictures
I am always surprised to see all the little insects that sneak into my pictures

Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Ontario

wpid-20140125_210759.jpgA wonderful weekend away from the everyday life…

Just for my hubby and I

Lots of wind and very cold temperatures… But we are still having a wonderful time in this small all Season Holiday Resort Village “Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario

2014-01-25 15.40.20
In Collingwood by the lake…it was very windy

2014-01-24 16.12.27
On the drive up there already was very windy

2014-01-26 15.16.47-1
Just like the old wooden barns

2014-01-24 21.33.12
yahuuu we are in the Village of Blue Mountain

2014-01-25 16.57.30-1
In Collingwood love the iron work on this church door

2014-01-25 15.39.11
This is in Collingwood by the lake…I wish I could show you how the waves where rolling …and the wind…wow hold on

2014-01-25 18.54.05
I just had to take this picture even though my hands where freezing …This is by the pond as we where skating in the Village of Blue Mountain

2014-01-25 19.00.56
Skating on the pond in Blue Mountain

2014-01-25 15.40.02
Wind and more wind

2014-01-26 13.14.28
Skating on the pond

2014-01-25 21.06.55
smile I am having a nice meal with my hubby and this looked so nice to see the ski hills through this window

2014-01-25 17.16.18
Our Resort in Blue Mountain

2014-01-25 18.50.17
In the Village

2014-01-24 21.28.16

A perfect get away for a weekend and the atmosphere is amazing with all the wonderful Restaurants and Bars.

Rusty’s at Blue

Kaytoo Restaurant & Bar

We had some really windy days and snow blowing all the way there and though out the weekend as you can see

Knitter’s Fair In Kitchener Waterloo

2013-09-14 09.11.54What a fantastic weekend we  had at the Knitter’s Fair in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario.  September 14th. 2013

Sooo much Yarn unbelievable …my first time going to this Fair…sooo worth the drive.   Ahhhh yes I know Madi  I did not drive…..Madi was behind the wheel thank goodness.!  We,  Ana my Mom and  I made sure she would not get lost…smile. GPS did help too …2013-09-14 09.11.40

We met so many friendly people . Vendors and Customers…just a good bunch of people.  I truly love being part of this all.

Have a look at our booth “The Yarn Store”

2013-09-14 09.11.48It is amazing to see all the booths  going up in many hours of: How should this look, where do we place this skein. Should we put it up in rows of colours or in the same weight?  How  many colours do we have? No here it goes…or Ana I need this for here. Giggles and smiles we had…2013-09-14 09.12.11

Resting at night not sure how the others did but I did not do much of that ….my mind was on the next day’s show….and hoping  all goes just as planned….GREAT!!!

Fun…and then the selling , and talking about  the yarn . “DyeHard” by my college Deb Y , “Yarn Hallow”, “JoJoland”, Noni Purses!..the list goes on…..even posing for pictures …all was so much fun.

2013-09-14 09.12.06Then the taking it all down in what…???only  1/3 of the time it took to put it up….

Truly something to experience from what my Mom (how is visiting from Switzerland2013-09-14 09.12.16) is telling me. She too enjoyed every moment of it …

You should see the Store  today…almost all back to normal…with fantastic yarns to knit up for this fall Cardigan You always wanted to knit or crochet…

See you soon…

Hugs and Smile


Seyfert Cowl

Berroco Quasar

 has a fun distinctive swirling appearance, this yarn knits up into a beautiful striping pattern.

Spun from 100% Peruvian Highland wool, a very soft single-plied strand works up quickly on #10 needles. For a fun project idea that requires just one ball, have a look at this free cowl pattern,

Seyfert Cowl

see all the colours at

You can also find this yarn at our store at You can also see and feel this cowl knit up at “The Yarn Store” in Newmarket, Ontario

Berroco Quasar

hat ein unverwechselbares wirbelndes Aussehen.

 Das Garn strickt sich zu einem reizen schönen Streifenmuster. Gesponnen aus 100% peruanische Hochlandwolle, eine sehr weiches und  schnell gestrickt auf # 10 Nadeln.

Für einen toll aussehedes Projektidee, die nur eine Kugel benötigt, kanst Du einen Blick an dieses Gratis Muster,

“Seyfert Cowl”

sehen und auch selber mit dem Stricken anzufangen.

 Alle Farben könnt Ihr hier sehen by

Oder kommt zu  unserem Shop bei

Dort  könnt Ihr den Seyfert Cowl  sehen und fühlen wie weich er ist …. “The Yarn Store” in Newmarket, Ontario

Peaceful Weekend in Port Credit

A surprise for me from my wonderful husband. 

 Just for the two of us..having some nice quiet time together without the kids.  What a surprise this was for me…a memory to keep and I am blessed to have been able to spend it with my Love.  Amazing food, wonderful company my husband and the weather was just perfect too.

                                              It snowed ever so lightly and was all so quiet and soft..



  Eine sehr schöne Überraschung für mich von meinem lieben Mann.

 Nur für uns Zwei …Gemütliche Stunden zum Erholen und Entspannen ohne Kinder.  Wie schön dass doch war für uns….In Erinnerung wir das bei mir bleiben…und dankbar bin ich dass ich so eine schöne Zeit mit meinem lieben Mann verbringen durfte. Amazing Food, die beste Begleitung mein  Mann und das Wetter was gerade perfect.

  So leicht uns saft schneite es durch den Abend … gemütlich und sanft sah alles aus…..









Sunset at the “Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area”

  A visit to my school friend from my hometown in Switzerland took us also to this wonderful marsh “Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area” where they live now close to Elmvale in Ontario.  Only about one hour north from where we live. So quiet and peaceful was this marsh…wonderful to see the sun set in the evening.  My husband surprised my with this wonderful peaceful place…

Ein Besuch bei meiner Schulkameradin aus meiner Heimatstadt in der Schweiz führte uns auch zu diesem wunderbaren Sumpf oder Marsch “Tiny Marsh Provincial Wildlife Area” , wo sie jetzt leben in der Nähe von Elmvale in Ontario.  Nur etwa eine Stunde Nördlich von uns. So ruhig und friedlich war dieser Sumpf … wunderbar, die Sonne am Abend setzt zu sehen.  Mein Mann überrascht mich mit diesem wunderbaren ruhigen Ort ..

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Art in Toronto… In A Busty Way


 Look at this art…

I was intrigued to see the different bust-cast they had on display at the last CNE in Toronto.  You don’t get to see that very often so my camera came out.  Very interesting and beautiful I thought. Each bust was painted with a different picture, aswell as they all had their own story behind  that picture.

  One can see how our body can be so different with age….



 Schaut her was ich hier zum Zeigen habe….

 Faszinierent dachte ich.  Die Büsten-Druckgusse waren zur  Austellung bei der letzten CNE in Toronto zu sehen.  Natürlich war dass ein Moment für meine Kamera.  Jeder Büsten- Druckguss hatte ein persöndliche Zeichnung darauf wie auch eine Erklärung oder Geschichte darüber.  Sehr interresant und schön zu sehn wie verschieden Körper sich entwickeln wenn wir älter werden….

Port Dover, Onatrio

A wonderful time we had with our relatives visiting them and taking a drive to Port Dover, Ontario a little town on Lake Erie.  I love all the little shops and interesting creative ways some home or store owners decorate their homes.  A lovely little town and  the weather was nice too. 

But look at the amazing sky that evening.

  It’s like heaven had to show us a picture too…



Eine schön Zeit hatten wir mit unsern Verwanten bei Ihnen auf Besuch.  Auch eine Ausfahrt nach Port Dover, Ontario ein kleines Dorf an Lake Erie war schön.  Mir gefallen all die kleinen Geschäfter.  Immer schön zu sehen wie die Eigentümmer alles so Dekorieren um das Hause herum. 

Ein schönes kleines Dorf und auch das Wetter war schön. 

Schaut dem Himmel an auch da ein schönes Bild….

But look at the amazing sky that evening.