Black Lace Shawl

How wonderful and light draping this shawl is once again. the pattern is the “198 Yards of Heaven” on Ravelry
  I did knit this one in  100% Pima Cotton Flame
from Americo Original .  One day I do have to go visit that store in Toronto.  Wonderful yarns they have.  This shawl will be nice to have on hand if I need one for an evening out this winter. 
So wunderschön und leicht ist dieser Schal wieder geworden. Das Muster ist das “198 Yars of Heaven” bei Ravelry
Dises mal habe ich 100% Pima Baumwolle Flamme von Americo Original gebraucht. Sicher werde ich froh sein dieser Schal im Kasten zu habe wenn wir an einem schönen Abend in Ausgang gehen werden. 
Immer schön so ein Schal über ein rassiges Kleid zu targen.

8 thoughts on “Black Lace Shawl

  1. I’m not usually given to comment on female fashion, but the display of the shawl on the porch and plants is quite picturesque. Really good. I look at your knitting and am always impressed. Maybe I can get Brenda to look at your work. She likes shawls and when we visited France and Germany several years ago, she always had one handy. Jacqueline, I always like any posts and photos on your blog. Thanks for sharing with your readers.


    1. Jack you’re a kind men. Thanks for all your wonderful comments back to me. Always much appreciated especially coming form a wonderful and caring person like you. You share so much with all of us weekly on your wonderful blog.
      Have a sunny day


  2. That sky is stunning! We haven’t had much color in the last month. Just a lot of pale yellow mornings.

    Nice shawls.
    I saw something simple at AC Moore today called a prayer shawl. What is that?


    1. Hi Sandy. Thanks…You probably have so many stunning sky pictures in your portfolio.
      Prayer Shawl, yes I have seen it too. But do not know what the meaning behind this is. I have seen a lot of older ladies knitting them and giving them away to churches in our community. Perhaps where the name is coming from. Not sure though…


    1. Ja auch Du bist ja so fleissig am Handarbeiten dazu hast Du es noch sooo schoen in den Bergen wandern zu gehen. Ich beneide Dich gerade.
      Tolle Bestellungen hast Du da. Die gehen schnell voran. Nicht wie bei mir. Bin im Moment an einem Spitzen Schal zu stricken. Mit ganz duennem Garn und Nadeln. Iir dann wenn fertig auch im Blog gezeigt. Auch fuer den Laden fuer den ich ab und zu etwas schoenes stricken darf…


    1. Christa….Herzlichen dank fuer Deine Gruesse von so weit weg. Bin gerade am Schreiben…doch werde ich bei Dir auch einmal herein schauen. Du hast ja auch ein Knitting Blog…bis bald


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