White And Fluffy Snow

Look at the snow we have in our backyard….not as much as London, Ontario up to one meter in one week….I remeber those times in London and in Gstaad, Switzerland…..but the mountains ohh they are not here…. I hear Europe such as Paris and London aswell as Geneva Switzerland did have a lot of that white stuff too. 

 It has been snowing on and off for the pasted week….it looks so pretty…but the shoveling has to be done too and next to this my knitting projects have to be finished too…So I am keeping this short this time…Have a nice and peaceful weekend…

Greetings to You All


Schaut wie viel Schnee wir in unserm Garten haben….nicht so viel wie London, Onatrio sie haben bis zu einem Meter Schnee währent einer Woche bekommen. Ich erinnnere mich an diese Zeiten in London und in Gstaad.  Doch die Bergen sind nicht bei mir…..  Ich sehe auch in Europa wie Paris, London oder Genf in der Schweiz haben viel von dem Weissen bekommen.

Doch das Schnee schaufeln muss gemacht werden und ich habe noch etliches an Strickarbeiten zum Erledigen….so ich mach es diesmal kurz….doch wünsche ich Euch Allen ein frohes gemühtliches Wochenende

Grüssen an Euch Alle


10 thoughts on “White And Fluffy Snow

  1. Thank You asking. I am not visiting in Helsinki so often, but last time I was there on Tuesday. There was a lovely Light Show which happened mainly in front of the Cathedral of Helsinki and tomorrow (January 7th, 2010) there will be my post about it.

    Happy blogging.


  2. Lovely winter and snow photos. It was really interesting to look at them.

    BTW, when talking about snow, then here in Finland in Helsinki has most of snow. Normally it is in the North, but this year it seems to be an exception.


    1. Hi Jean
      Thank you so much for the wishes for the New Year. I do hope it will be a happy one. Wishing you the very Best too. How is your winter in California so far? Do you get a lot of knitting and sewing done?
      It snowing in our town again and cold…the winter is just beginning and we are looking forward to the spring already….oh but what am I talking about it’s January and we have about another 3 months of bundling up in warm cosy clothes. So I can knit scarfs, sweaters etc….
      Greetings to you


  3. Wishing you all the best for the Festive Season. I will be in Sallion Switzerland with my first grandchild (girl) for the festive season.


    1. Salue Areti
      Many thanks for your visit to my blog. Are you still in Sallion Switzerland now? I am a bit late writing you back but hope your time with your granddaughter was lovely and you will have mad many great memories. I have to go home to visit my parent soon too it has been toooo long since I have been home in der Schweiz… I have to look up to see where Sallion is by the name of it probably in the French speaking Schweiz? Hope to hear from you again one day….


    2. Areti…wow Sallion is so pretty. It would be nice to visit that area one day too in the summer though… I love vineyards and I see they have camping there too. Is that close by? Do you know much about the camping in the surrounding Sallion area? Do they speak English there or Swiss German, probably mostly French?
      Hope to hear from you again


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