Just would like to share these amazing pictures with You all. I find then absolutely breathtaking. I especially Love the second picture! The raindrops are just hanging on the flowers so very pretty…some of my favourite pictures are the once with nature and rain. You have captured some great photos once again Sandy. Thanks for sharing them with us…wishing You All a fun and relaxing weekend

2 thoughts on “Raindrops

  1. Hello, your blog is wonderful and so creative :) This post about the greenery and Solomon’s Seal rejuvinates the mind and is so fresh. Thanks for sharing it with the world :)
    I was wondering, if you are into reading ebooks about fiction- with a touch of adventure and inspiration: 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life – a novella of such a genre has been released at Amazon, and I posted the synopsis at my blog. I wish you a great week ahead.


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