Awenda Provinical Park

What a gorgeous long weekend we had.

Look at how pretty it was at Awenda Provincial Park. We drove up just for the day and all the Trillium flowers where still in full bloom. This flower is the official flower of the Canadian Province of Ontario.

The water was still pretty cold but we still went for a swim…nice and refreshing.  And the water snake though she had to show how she could swim in the crystal clear water.

Was für ein wunderschönes langes Wochenende.

Schau, wie schön es war in Awenda Provincial Park. Wir fuhren nur für den Tag zu diesem Park und alle Trillium Blumen, waren in voller Blüte. Diese Blume ist auch die Kanadische Provicial  Blume von Ontario.

 Das Wasser war noch ziemlich kalt, doch hatte das uns nicht zurück gehalten doch ins Wasser zu gehen … schön und erfrischend. Und die Wasser Schlange die sich auch zeigen wollte konnte man so gut sehen in dem kristall klaren Wasser.

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5 thoughts on “Awenda Provinical Park

  1. That is a beautiful place! I can see why you enjoyed it. What a nice presentation your blog makes with the slideshow.


    1. Thank You Sandy for your nice comments. We go to this park every year once for sure and this time it just so happened that the Trilliums where still in bloom too…lucky for us.


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