Raindrops Of Life

Every Raindrop Has Its Purpose.

They Do Feed Our Souls…

Our Hearts….

With New Life ….

It’s The Water We Need.


All Of Me.

Ready To Bloom.

“Raindrops Of Life”

Just Like this Tulip.



IMG_9701 (3)So you said it is raining again…well yes we have had a fair share of rain this spring and yes summer…Thunderstorms are usually here too.

So the one good thing is the grass …well the weeds are growing like mad.


I always have had a interrest in taking water droplet picture in the hope one day I can see the reflection of me in them …no luck so far. Or I just have not mastered the technic of this yet. I am hopeful one day I get it right.

But here I think these pictures are not to bad….really love the spiderweb and the funny end bloom of the Clematis flower.



Also genug mit dem Regenwetter … gut ist es schon doch haben in diesem Frühjahr einen fairen Anteil an Regen gehabt und ja immer noch obwohl es Sommer ist! Gewitter kommen halt auch dazu. Lach das Gras … sowie die Unkräuter wachsen wie wild.

Ich habe immer ein Interesse an Wassertropf und bin in der Hoffnung eines Tages die Reflexion von mir in eine Regentropfe zu sehen. … kein Glück so weit. Oder ich habe die Technik noch nicht beherrscht. 

Diese Bilder sind aber recht gut  … das Spinnennetz und die  ende Blüte der Clematis Blume gefallen mir besonders gut.IMG_9707

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

DSC06857Fresh yes that is what I see when the rain is falling on a nice hot summer day or night…love the new, so pure and fresh raindrops on flowers, leaves and grasses.


Perfect und schön sind die Blumen wie Grässer wenn der Regen so schön herunter kommt alles ist so Neu und “Fresh” Frisch bedeckt mit Wasser.



Just would like to share these amazing pictures with You all. I find then absolutely breathtaking. I especially Love the second picture! The raindrops are just hanging on the flowers so very pretty…some of my favourite pictures are the once with nature and rain. You have captured some great photos once again Sandy. Thanks for sharing them with us…wishing You All a fun and relaxing weekend