Knitted Baby Banket

I am having some fun knitting some Baby items lately.

  My daughter has this wonderful teacher how is going to be a daddy very soon.  He is a very helpful and kind teacher to the kids and there parents.  So we thought we will make something special for his new Baby.  We are not sure if they are expecting a boy or Girl Baby so the colours are kind of mixed so a Boy or Girl could enjoy snuggling in it.

I used several different patterns that I had fund on Ravely and included some of my own too.  Around every square I used a chain crochet stitch.  Sewed them all together and with one row of chain crochet stitch finished it up.  The yarn I used is “Cascade 220 Yarn Wool” 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.


Ich habe im Moment spass mit all den Baby Pullis oder Decken zum stricken 

Meine Tochter hat einen sehr netten Lehrer der in kürze Vater wird.  Er ist sehr hilsfbereit und hat eine gute Kommunation mit den Kindern wie auch Eltern.  So dachten wir das auch Er etwas besonderes haben soll für sein  baby.  Wir haben keine Ahnung ob es ein Bueb oder Mädchen ist  so die Fraben gehen für Beide.

Ich habe verschieden Muster von Ravely gefunden und dann auch noch meine Eigenen.  Dann umhäckelte jedes Viereck mit einer chain Reihe.  Nähte alle zusammen und häckelte noch eine Chain Reihe rund herum.  Die Wolle die ich dafür brauchte is “Cascade 220” 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.

4 thoughts on “Knitted Baby Banket

    1. Thanks Jack
      Yes we do appreciate this teacher a lot. He goes the extra step that some kids need. And being kind and understanding goes a long way too.
      Have a nice day


  1. What a beautiful baby blanket! I love all the colors and the different stitch blocks — kind of like a sampler quilt. The family will treasure it!


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