2015-10-25 17.16.45 So I have been playing around long enough with this.

 ” KnitswissYarn”

it is about time that I will show you all this too.

Today it is truly a fabulous day

Perfect to colour some more of the yarns I have undyed at my home.

So gorgeous outside for that it in November the 3rd. Normally we are truly way colder than the 18 degrees we have now. Even had snow as early as October.

File 2015-11-03, 4 47 07 PM So a batch of yarn is hanging on my clothes hanger outside now to dry. Have a look there are about 12 skeins of Lace hanging outside to try.

Aahhh soooo yummy soft!

Yes also 4 skeins of Soybean a new yarn I am trying out. Really love how it took the colour and how it feels too. I think that would be a great one for the once the can’t knit with wool.

time to come in for the night
time to come in for the night

Also coloured 10 skeins of Bamboo to see how it will take the colour. The colours come out rather soft see the light blue and light pink. I believe that would be nice for the coming Spring too

Going to knit something up soon with either one and let you know what my thoughts are.

My BFF, yes you will get one of them to knit something gorgeous too!

Soybean yarn have onlly 4 skeins so far to see how it does take the dye and how it will knit up. So far
Soybean yarn have only 4 skeins so far to see how it does take the dye and how it will knit up. So far “I Love It”

 Interested in purchasing any of the yarns just send me a note and we can chat.

I’ll be working soon on a site to post things better for all of you too.

Locarno, Switzerland

Locarno by the Lac
Locarno by the Lac

How the time goes by. We only where in Locarno, Switzerland in June and now we are already in the Fall again. With the leaves all going golden and red…

Yes Locarno is truly a spectacular place to visit. Both my husband and I had enjoyed some wonderful moments on our honeymoon. This time I was there with our son, it has changed like any other place does.2014-06-27 06.25.39

Wie die Zeit doch fergeht. Im Juni waren wir in Locarno, Switzerland und jetzt ist es schon wieder Herbst. Die Blätter färben sich schon goldig und rot…

Ja Locarno ist ein Ferien Ort zum Geniessen. Wir waren das letzte mall in Locarno als wir Geheiratet hatten. Auf unsere Hochzeits Reise.

Doch sieses mall war ich mit unserem Sohn, meiner Mutter und ihre Freundin in Locarno.

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2014-06-27 06.32.02
So happy, DutchSpinLady on the Ravelry website told me that this could be a “Camillia Tree” Looking it up on Google I think she is correct with this info. Thank you DutchSpinLady for helping me figure out this Puzzle

“Parrots” In The Fall

Have a look at this Fall arrangement….. I remember from my childhood these “Parrots2013-10-01 16.44.23“, Milkweed (Silkweed) as they are called in English

My mind tells me, that my “Mutt” (btw. this is a short form for “Mutter” Mom in Swiss)  always had some of them in some kind of flower arrangement by the front door. I just wish I could remember this more clearly.DSC03940

Just always called them Parrots…since they look like it.

They show off this wonderful display of white glistening seed when You open them up and blow at them…they fly in the sky and drift off every so lightly…one just likes to go drift with them into to sunny sky.DSC04117

My son even found a recipe for this:

2013-10-01 16.44.16Etwas, das ich von meiner Kindheit her in Erinnerung habe sind diese “Papageien”. Wenn ich mich recht daran erinnere hat meine “Mutt” (Mutter) immer ein Gesteck beim Eingang gehabt mit den Papageien darin.

Sie zeigen diese wunderbare Darstellung der weiß glänzenden Samens, wenn man sie öffnet und an den Samen blast…  je so leicht sind sie am fliegen so wunderschön in dem Sonnenschein…man könnte richtig treumerisch werden dabei zu zu sehen wie sie so leicht… ohne Sorge weg fliegen….DSC03934

Milkweed (Photo credit: Odalaigh)





Child and Bug…….

Last week we had such nice weather, the first day of Fall.  The kids where all out playing and enjoying some sunshine.  Well it seems like this ladybug  was just so happy to crawl around on this precious hand.  Me hoping to get this one amazing shot….



Kind und Käfer…..

Letzte Woche hatten wir so schönes Wetter und der erste Herbstag. Die Kinder natürlich sind alle draussen am Spielen und genießen den Sonnenschein solange wir noch können. Genauso ist es mit diesem Marienkäfer, sicher ist auch froh mit den Sonnenstrahlen, es gefält ihn gut herum zu kriechen auf dieser kleiner Hand.   Ich natürlich hoffte auf ein besonders schönes Bild ….

Day Outside in Our Neighbourhood

Just happen to have our camera with me to get these great pictures.  I always like the grasses and this grass is flowing so softly in the late fall breeze.  I am hoping to add some of this tall soft looking perennial to my garden this spring…..but oh that is still about five months away before I can plant again.

I took several pictures with different settings. 

 Fuer meine Deutsch sprechende Freund:

Ein Tag draußen in unser Nachbarschaft
So… hatte unserer Kamera gerad zufaellig mit mir um diese schoenen  Bilder zu nehmen. Ich mag die Gräser es ist so weich und fließend in der spähten Herbst Brise. Ich hoffe, einige dieser mehrjaerigen Gräsern in unseren Garten zu pflanzen im Frühjahr….. aber ach, noch rund fünf Monate bis dann.
Ich hatte mehrere Bilder mit unterschiedlichen Einstellungen genommen.