Day 5 Grenada, Caribbean Island

We are really enjoying this special coffee every morning. Thank You

Our morning views have alwys been so refreshing and peaceful. Today is the first morning though that we are enjoying looking out to the open sea.

Heading in to port quickly to fuel up and get water and some food too.
Docket at Grenada Yacht Club in morning before heading out to Sea

We are off to sail across to Carriacou today, a 30 mile sail. So excited to see this. My first time going out in to the open ocean water. Yes we always have land in sight.. but jut not close by..

After we sailed for several hours the Kapt’n noticed that the horizon is starting to not be there anymore. Or lets say not as distinct as sky to water was earlier on, a storm was coming in. And we have still more then half to sail to Carriacou… time to go back and anchor at Halifax Harbor. The weather is turning and we don’t want to head into this storm.

Glad we did turn Lady Natalie around… Because we would not have been able to experience this so romantic island. With totally black sand…

So beautiful here.

Our anchorage for tonight after turning back from an attempted passage from Grenada to Carriacou. … I can’t wait to show you some of the moments here….

Mittens To Keep Warm This Winter

Ok, I know this winter is kind of warm for some of us…not much of a winter or snow this year where I am at home…so far.

Though I see that my home Country Switzerland has mountains of snow in the Alps….2 meters and more…I remember some heavy snowfalls like that when I was a kid going on our amazing  Ski-holidays every year to the Bernese Oberland.

So many wonderful memories we made there…

Thrum Mittens, Bella Mittens and Tiny Twist Mittens…

Yes some of us need warm stuff to keep warm so before the Holiday time I did knit up several of the Mittens.  I enjoy knitting something special for my friends and family…You know that one of a kind gift that no other one has

some patterns I used are:

Thrum Mittens

Ok, ich weiß dieser Winter ist  warm für einige von uns … nicht viel Schnee in diesem Jahr, wo ich zu Hause bin.

Doch sehe ich, dass mein Heimat, die Schweiz sehr viele  Schnee in den Bergen hat. Bis zu 2 Meter Schnee und mehr . Ich erinnere mich an einige  Schneefälle in meiner Kindzeit in useren  Ski-Urlaub  jedes Jahr im Berner Oberland. So viele wunderbare Erinnerungen, die wir gemacht hatten.

So einige von uns brauchen doch warme Hantschuhe um warm zu sein. So vor den letzten Festtagen  hatte  ich einige Paare Handschuhe gestrickt.  Thrum Mittens, Bella Mittens und Tiny Twist Mittens.

Da ich gerne etwas Besonderes für meine Freunde und Familie habe, wird halt  gestrick.… Ich glaube Sie wissen alle das es ein Besonders Stück ist nur für Sie…
Einige Muster, die ich verwendet sind oben angegeben mit dem Link

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