Thanksgiving Hike AT Boyne Valley Provincial Park

2015-01-12 Thanksgiving Monday hike Bruce Trail 077 Boyne Valley Provincial Park is part of the Bruce Trail.

Where I only have gone on two hikes with my Hubby. He and his friends have almost completed all of the Bruce Trail that goes all the way from Niagara, Ontario to Tobermory2015-01-12 Thanksgiving Monday hike Bruce Trail 151 a small community located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in the municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula. It is 300 km northwest of Toronto.

So he has only two or three hikes that he needs to still walk and with it being so nice and warm on this past Thanksgiving Monday. The opportunity to go and hike the 15 km in this Boyne Valley was just perfect. Off I went on a perfect day together with my Hubby.

Just had to sit on top of one of these hay bales
Just had to sit on top of one of these hay bales with a little help from my Hubby as they are a bit high….and yes I am not a spring chicken

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“BOLT” Into Colours For The Fall

2013-10-07 17.00.54If You love to play with colours and have some fun with unique patterns then you should have a go at this great pattern called


by Veera Välimäki

available on

We “The Yarn Sore” just received a big order from Dye Hard Fibre Arts SW Merino fingering  with amazing colours.

I would say perfect for this “Bolt” shawl. We had several great choices put together for me to knit up.

2013-09-19 16.38.35We thought brown and orange where perfect for this Season.

Thanksgiving weekend just passed and Halloween around the corner…

Ahh wait almost forgot to tell you,

“Creative Festival”

is coming up in less than two weeks. Have a look at there online add

Do you recognize someone in the third slide show picture…smile how surprised I was!


So for this shawl I used an US 4 -3.5mm needle and one skein of  Dye Hard Fibre Arts SW Merino fingering

1 skein =  408.0 yards (373.1m) Colorway #100 brown & one skein in pennies from heaven a nice orange colour. I hade about 20 grams left of each skein.  MC is my Orange colour CC is the brown colour

2013-10-07 17.00.36Wenn Du lust hast mit Farben zu spielen und einzigartige Mustern liebst, dann wird Dir auch dieses Muster


von Veera Välimäki gefallen .

Vor kurzem haben wir eine grosse Lieferung von “Dye Harte Fibre Arts” bekommen mit erstaunlichen Farben.

 Perfekt für diesen ” Bolt” Schal.
Nach einem hin und her welche Farben wir für dieses Muster brauchen sollten hatten wir uns dan für Braun und Orange entschieden. Sehr passend für diese Zeit. Wo wir im Indian Sommer sind mit all der Farben pracht.2013-09-19 16.17.42
 Thanksgiving-Wochenende gerade vergangen und Halloween um die Ecke …
Ahh wartet fast vergessen habe ich das mit zu teilen!
 “Creative Festival “
kommt in weniger als zwei Wochen. Schaut bei dem oben angegeben Web Addresse herein…
Erkennst Du da jemanden im dritten Bild … lächeln , wie überrascht ich war!

Also für diesen Schal habe ich eine 3.5mm Nadel und ein Knäuel von  “Dye harte Fibre Arts SW Merino Fingering” etwa 115 Gramm 1 Knäuel = 373.1m  Colorway # 100 Braun und ein Knäuel in Pennies vom Himmel eine schöne orange Farbe. Ich hatte  etwa 20 Gr. von beiden Knäueln übrig .

Fall Colours At Scanlon Creek Conservation Area

Gorgeous Thanksgiving weekend

 A walk by  Scanlon Creek Conservation Area …just amazing how warm the weather was.  The girls had as much fun as my husband and I had taking a stroll though the amazing colours. 

I was on the look out for some nice pictures of mushrooms…well see for yourself what I have found…..


Wie schön das letzte Wochenende war, bei uns war “Ernte Dank Fest“.

  So ein Spaziergang in Scanlon Creek Conservation Area … einfach unglaublich, wie warm das Wetter war. Die Mädchen hatten es auch genossen Zeit zum plaudern zu haben.  So wie wir auch, mein Mann und ich hatten den Spaziergang auch genossen. Die Farben warnen wie jeden Herbst estaundlich schön. 

Ich war auf der Suche nach ein paar schöne Bilder von Pilzen … doch schau dir die Bilder damit es auch sehen kannst…..


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A Visit to Kingston, Ontario

Several Year ago…let’s say four Years  to be exact, over the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend my Husband and I had this great opportunity to have  a few days to ourselves.  We had a wonderful cottage in the woods available to us and the weather was ok.  Not the very best but just to be together and having time with each other was nice. 

We went on an Artist open house tour all though the nearby area and came across several very neat places and Artists.  It is fantastic to see what some very Creative people come up with and what they call Art.  Each has their own style and ideas.  We visited some very interesting styles of homes….just amazing.  My eyes just took it all in.

On our walks in the forest we found some other wonderful places as well and took some beautiful pictures.  Just have a look and see for yourself.