Florida In February

OMG hard to believe we left in this snow/ice storm on February 6th.


Has been already over a month ago that we where in Florida enjoying that sooooo beautiful sunshine every day by +24 to 28 and water at +16 . I was swimming in it every day on and on….just so perfect.

Sunset right by the beach every night…I am still looking for the star in that evening sky every night, my start always full of love and happy moments walking in the water looking for the shells. Even thought I could not bring home some of the coral that washed up on the shore…..nooo noooo you can’t do that!!

My fun moments taking pictures of birds flying by…or posing for me.

Smiles Yes  “I am a bigger kid then You thought I am” …smiles that is me. Always will be that way…That is my Life, my Love, my life of happiness.

More then I am That is me.


Sleeping on the balcony hearing the waves crushing onto the shore.

Seeing the stars and full moon.

Hearing the birds in the morning waking me up….My Dream always.

I’ll never forget that kind of feeling of Peace.


Perfect Water Droplets

img_4971Probably one of the last nice hot summer evenings outside in my backyard with +28.

Cut the grass put water on some plants. Even racked up the dead grass.

So now enjoying a peaceful evening with a glass of wine and looking for some great pictures.

I have one for sure I absolutely love water droplets on plants. But what about mushrooms growing on a log? Or even a plant we call clover that we don’t need I. The grass or garden. Beautiful too

Have a wonderful evening

Vivian Forest Hike

IMG_0940Amazing how this weather can change from one weekend to the other…April 14th. to April 16th we had this terrible Ice snow rain…hard to explain It looked like snow but was ice powder…And this continued for 2-3 days straight….

Then the Spring came last weekend April 20 just fantastic how this all changed in yes less than 5 days…..!!! Believe me I spend all the weekend OUTSIDE :-)))) Soooo happy

IMG_0930Sunday April 22nd. hubby and I went on a hike at Vivian Forest.. Just perfect spending time together…”Him and I”  ….;-))) one of my favourite songs too…


KnitswissYarns In The Sunshine

File 2016-05-31, 8 08 57 PMSunshine all around….thought it was the perfect day to dye a view skeins of yarn…Only to find out I ordered the fingering weight instead of the sport weight yarn….off to the ordering again as I have a view of my friends looking for the “Sport Weight” not fingering Weight….but as I had the skeins soaking already why not go ahead with giving them a colour….

Since I am already on a roll why not put 4 skeins of Milk Protein Fibres/ Bamboo in the dye bath and 3 skeins of  Silk /Linen to see how they take the dye….Gorgeaous is all I say.

Hope to knit some sample up soon too.

File 2016-05-31, 8 14 07 PM
Knitswiss Yarns  “100% Bamboo” collection

Sonnenschein….perfekter Tag zum Färben von Garnen. Nur um herauszufinden, ich bestellte Fingering Weight  anstelle von Sport Weight. Oh je Oh je ..die  Bestellung muss schnell weiter gehen. Doch nun hatte ich die Knäuel schon eingeweicht im Wasser Bad dann soll es auch weiter gehen mit dem Färben.   Wunderschön!

Weiter geht es mit 4 Knäuel von Milch Protine Fasern/ Bambus im Färbebad und 3 Knäuel aus Seide/Leinen.  Nur zu sehen wie die verschieden Mediums die Farbstoffe annehmen werden…WUNDERSCHÕN ist alles was ich sage

Hoffe bald damit einige fertige gestrickte exemplare zu zeigen

File 2016-05-31, 8 19 34 PM






Sunshine & Sewing All In A Day

Enjoying to be close to me and in the sunshine
Enjoying to be close to me and in the sunshine

Yes finally some sunshine coming into my kitchen.

Looks like our cat loves it too. Likes to be close to see what this funny machine is doing…nose away please …

Nose away please.
Nose away please. .smiles last night he decided to bring up the crochet triangular shawl that I started to work on. so funny I found it in my bedroom on the floor …now if I only could find the hook I had stuck to it too. He is always up to something.

I should be outside in the garden

Yes they are starting to grow. Can't wait to see them flower too
Yes they are starting to grow. Can’t wait to see them flower too

cleaning up but decided to finish a view of my unfinished sewing projects. Well kind of finished, as for the quilt, need to add batting and backing and quilt it next.

Remembering Grandma Quilt
Remembering Grandma Quilt

I started a class at my workplace “The Quilt Store”

“Remembering Grandma” well mine was the “Morning Star” but it did not go as planed so changes it to “Remembering Grandma” with opening up a view seems and making it work. Looks nice now too and I am happy this way too.

Dresden Plate Pillow...Love sewing them up soooo much fun, fast and easy
Dresden Plate Pillow…Love sewing them up soooo much fun, fast and easy

The Pillow  just needs some stuffing and two buttons and sewing it closed and voila. What a great idea to used up fabric I had stashed in my home…

I think I have a new favourite ” Dresden Plate” love this idea. I think I’ll work on the bag next and maybe the table runner….

Winter Is Blowing in…

2013-02-08 17.53.03Yes the winter is blowing in like it has not done in a while in our town. Every so lightly the flacks came down on Thursday evening…to bed we went and then the awakening to a mess on the roads.

2013-02-08 17.51.27Wile some of us did our “magic” at work, the roads got worse as the day went on. The best place to be on a day like this is truly your home.

Flights got cancelled, cars got stuck in the snow drifts. The kids had no school ….Just think how nice it would be to have had a long endless day of knitting!!!

Sunshine after the storm, Saturday February the 9th. well I hope to get some knitting done today …so have a look at the pictures and enjoy.

2013-02-08 18.09.38

A big Thanks to all my Followers that visit my blog daily…

   Sunshine, Piece and Hugs to All of You.

2013-02-08 20.20.012013-02-08 20.20.46 Ja, der Winter ist wie im nu Eingezogen  das haben wir schon lange nicht mehr gesehen bei uns.

Leicht und luftig flogen die Schneeflocken am Donnerstag Abend … zu Bett gingen wir.

Doch  das Erwachen zu Strassen die voll mit Schnee bedeckt waren.

So los zur Arbeit wo wir  mit unseren Hände  “magic” hinterlassen durften.

  Die Straßen wurden immer schlimmer als der Freitag zu ende ging.  Der beste Ort, an so einem Tag is halt immer das eigene Zuhause. Flüge wurden abgesagt,  Autos sind stecken geblieben in der Schneemenge. Die Kinder hatten keine Schule ….

Denke nur, wie schön es wäre,  eine lange große Tag mit Stricken zu verbringen!
 Sonnenschein nach dem Sturm, Samstag der 9. Februar, hoffe Heute etwas zum Stricken zu kommen.

Ein großes Dankeschön an alle meine Leser, die meinen Blog täglich besuchen …

Sunshine, Piece and Hugs to All of You.




Child and Bug…….

Last week we had such nice weather, the first day of Fall.  The kids where all out playing and enjoying some sunshine.  Well it seems like this ladybug  was just so happy to crawl around on this precious hand.  Me hoping to get this one amazing shot….



Kind und Käfer…..

Letzte Woche hatten wir so schönes Wetter und der erste Herbstag. Die Kinder natürlich sind alle draussen am Spielen und genießen den Sonnenschein solange wir noch können. Genauso ist es mit diesem Marienkäfer, sicher ist auch froh mit den Sonnenstrahlen, es gefält ihn gut herum zu kriechen auf dieser kleiner Hand.   Ich natürlich hoffte auf ein besonders schönes Bild ….

Olympic Torch has arrived in Newmarket

Vancouver 2010 Olympic GamesOlympic Torch has arrived in Newmarket

The Olympic flame symbolizes peace, friendship, inspiration, passion and unity,”

 I would say my children and I are lucky to see this wonderful event visiting our Town. With sunshine in the sky and by minus 9 degree this was a welcoming celebration.  It is nice to see the community getting together to celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch.   A memory to keep forever and wishing the athletes good luck.  We all know they are doing the best they can.  I have attached some of the pictures I took.

It’s truly a delight to have been chosen as one of the celebration communities.  Newmarket is a fitting choice, especially given that Olympians Josée Chouinard, Melanie Cole and Bobby Forhan have all called the town home.

Clare Kowaltschuk will be our torchbearer to bring the torch to the Magna Centre.

The Flame is Coming… 

Newmarket is one of only 200 communities across Canada that has been selected as a celebration community for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Newmarket will welcome the Flame at a community-wide celebration on December 18, 2009 at the Town of Newmarket Magna Centre Festivities will begin at 9:45 a.m.

Uebersetzt fuer meine Deusch sprechende Freunde:

Olympische Flamme in Newmarket angekommen
Die Olympische Flamme symbolisiert Frieden, Freundschaft, Inspiration, Leidenschaft und Einheit ”
 Ich würde sagen, meine Kinder und ich haben das Glück, dieses wunderbare Ereignis den Besuch in unserer Stadt zu sehen. Bei Sonnenschein am  Himmel und minus 9 Grad war dies eine gemütliche Feier. Es ist schön zu sehen, die Gemeinschaft immer zusammen, um die Ankunft der Olympischen Flamme zu feiern.  Eine Erinnerung ewig zu behalten wollen und den Athleten viel Glück zu wuenschen Wir alle wissen sie tun was sie können.  Ein paar Fotos von dem Ereigniss..

Es ist wirklich eine Freude das unser Gemeinden gewählt wurd fuer die Feier.  Newmarket ist der richtige Ort, zumal die Olympien: Josée Chouinard, Melanie Cole und Bobby Forhan alle hier zu Hause waren.
Clare Kowaltschuk wird unser Fackelträger sein und die Flamme zu dem Magna-Zentrum zu bringen.

The Flame ist angekommen …
Newmarket ist eine von nur 200 Gemeinden in ganz Kanada, das als eine Feier der Gemeinschaft für die Olympischen Winterspiele 2010 in Vancouver ausgewählt wurde. Newmarket wird die Flamme in einer Gemeinschaft willkommen.  Die Feier am 18. Dezember 2009 in der Stadt Newmarket Magna Centre wird um 9.45 Uhr beginnen …..