Deep Plum Colour

File 2017-09-19, 10 49 49 AMPerfect for this fall Season is this deep Purple plum colour.

I could think of many projects to knit up…if my time would allow it.

Special Order for Carla A. Canonico of
“A Needle Pulling Thread” and KNITmuch. 
Carla told me she loves her purples and is looking forward to seeing the once I have dyed for her.

“It has to be the right purple”

File 2017-09-19, 10 51 17 AM

I believe it is the one just like the Italian dark Plums. The one we can find in most grocery stores in the past view weeks.
So here are a view skeins dyed and drying up in the last week of summer. Truly love how beautiful they look in the sunshine 

Remembering Grandma “Grosi”

File 2016-01-13, 1 53 15 PMRemembering Grandma “Grosi”

So working on another pattern …So far it looks like a lot of bubbles but they will smooth out once soaked and blocked.  With two skeins of my KnitswissYarns in Sport weight this should be a nice baby carseat blanket.

Will just have to see and wait about a week or so ….pattern will available within the next view weeks too.

File 2016-01-13, 1 52 59 PMErinnerung an das “Grosi”

Ein weiteres Muster das ich entwerfe …so weit sieht es recht gut aus, mit einer Menge von “Bubbles”. Das wird sich dann schon legen wenn die Decke durchnässt und gespannt ist. Mit zwei Stränge meiner KnitswissYarns in 100% Superwash Merino

100% Superwash Merino Sock weight yarn KnitswissYarns
100% Superwash Merino Sport weight yarn

Sport weight sollte dies ein schöne Baby Kindersitz Decke werden.

Hoffe diese Decke fertig zu haben etwa in einer Woche oder so ….Muster wird dann auch innerhalb der nächsten paar Wochen erhältlich sein.

Winter has arrived here in the North of Toronto
Winter has arrived here in the North of Toronto





2015-10-25 17.16.45 So I have been playing around long enough with this.

 ” KnitswissYarn”

it is about time that I will show you all this too.

Today it is truly a fabulous day

Perfect to colour some more of the yarns I have undyed at my home.

So gorgeous outside for that it in November the 3rd. Normally we are truly way colder than the 18 degrees we have now. Even had snow as early as October.

File 2015-11-03, 4 47 07 PM So a batch of yarn is hanging on my clothes hanger outside now to dry. Have a look there are about 12 skeins of Lace hanging outside to try.

Aahhh soooo yummy soft!

Yes also 4 skeins of Soybean a new yarn I am trying out. Really love how it took the colour and how it feels too. I think that would be a great one for the once the can’t knit with wool.

time to come in for the night
time to come in for the night

Also coloured 10 skeins of Bamboo to see how it will take the colour. The colours come out rather soft see the light blue and light pink. I believe that would be nice for the coming Spring too

Going to knit something up soon with either one and let you know what my thoughts are.

My BFF, yes you will get one of them to knit something gorgeous too!

Soybean yarn have onlly 4 skeins so far to see how it does take the dye and how it will knit up. So far
Soybean yarn have only 4 skeins so far to see how it does take the dye and how it will knit up. So far “I Love It”

 Interested in purchasing any of the yarns just send me a note and we can chat.

I’ll be working soon on a site to post things better for all of you too.