From My Heart To Yours

2018-11-06 11.42.14 - CopyOh no, how time has gone by since my last post.

I kind of got side tracked by posting on Facebook. How could I, you may ask? Well it seems to be much easier to do that with my phone.

Yes, I know I can do blog-posts on the phone too. But it seem to be a little more tedious for someone like me that is not so computer oriented. LOL 2018-11-20 15.36.43 - Copy




So we all had the Fall season come and go… see some of my pictures from the fall.

Well guess what, we had minus 17 on November 22nd. A brisk walk through the local park that morning and again at night, so beautiful.

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Then some more snow here and there…gurr with rain right after that.

All snow gone again. What? You say we are in winter?  Normal we would be into deep winter with Christmas just past, Guess again!!! Yesterday was December 28th. A usually very cold winter day here in Canada. ..BUT not yesterday!

Believe it or not we had a temperature of “+11” .Yes plus 11 degrees. People where walking around in short sleeves… (not me).Don’t think it have seen that before in my 34 years here in Canada!

So today I woke up to – 9, ladida yes minus 9. very drastic change  in temperature. I am So glad we can’t change the weather. 2018-11-18 13.59.16 - Copy

Enjoy the last view days of 2018 and many thanks for stopping by here on my Blog during the past years. I truly hope to be more active in the New Year.

With more posts and KnitswissYarns aswell as pattern releases here and on Ravelry.

Looking forward to seeing You  again in  2019


My Orange Shades of Gray

2015-02-28 08.25.59 Well  I can’t knit this cowl just in gray!

I had to go with some other colour to show you have easy and simple this one is to knit.

Same pattern as “My3 Shades Of Gray” but for this one I only cast on 160 stitches. It does go around my neck two times. Fantastic …love wearing it. The yarn is fun and still warm to wear, super easy and fast to knit up…a TV night night knit If you like.

Only used one skein of Sirdar Divine and a 5mm needle that is all….voila all done.2015-02-28 08.26.24

Rag Christmas Stocking

IMG_0248Ok I know for a change I am not having my knitting needles in my hands….smile you think.  I thought I will show you all something different. I am really big into knitting you all know that if you have followed my blog. IMG_0245

But I do work in a Quilt and Yarn Store…so that means we really work with fabric and yarn all the time and I truly love being surrounded with all this Yarn and Fabric and all our customers. If I can help them and get a smile back from them that is what keeps me smiling.

So decided to sew a Rag Christmas Stocking …no pattern just sew as you go…lots of fun then cut, cut and more cut. Wash and voila all done to the point where I made a second one…just loving them. My hubby was pretty impressed if I may so

the top stocking has been felted already the bottom one I still need to cut all the edges too and put in wash machine to felt the edges too.

 Ich liebe es wirklich mit all der Wolle  und Stoffen  Täglich umramt zu sein und alle unsere Kunden helfen zu dürfen. Wenn ich ihnen helfen kann und da auch ab und zu ein Lächeln zurück zu mir kommt das macht mich Happy.

So ohne Muster ging es einfach loss. Stoff schneiden, dann Naehen und nochmals alles schneiden dann ab in die Waschmaschiene zum filtzen…und voila die Weihnachts Finken geffallen mir recht gut. Sogar mein Mann war imponiert das ich die so schnell hergezaubert hatte….wennn ich das sagen darf.IMG_0244

“Parrots” In The Fall

Have a look at this Fall arrangement….. I remember from my childhood these “Parrots2013-10-01 16.44.23“, Milkweed (Silkweed) as they are called in English

My mind tells me, that my “Mutt” (btw. this is a short form for “Mutter” Mom in Swiss)  always had some of them in some kind of flower arrangement by the front door. I just wish I could remember this more clearly.DSC03940

Just always called them Parrots…since they look like it.

They show off this wonderful display of white glistening seed when You open them up and blow at them…they fly in the sky and drift off every so lightly…one just likes to go drift with them into to sunny sky.DSC04117

My son even found a recipe for this:

2013-10-01 16.44.16Etwas, das ich von meiner Kindheit her in Erinnerung habe sind diese “Papageien”. Wenn ich mich recht daran erinnere hat meine “Mutt” (Mutter) immer ein Gesteck beim Eingang gehabt mit den Papageien darin.

Sie zeigen diese wunderbare Darstellung der weiß glänzenden Samens, wenn man sie öffnet und an den Samen blast…  je so leicht sind sie am fliegen so wunderschön in dem Sonnenschein…man könnte richtig treumerisch werden dabei zu zu sehen wie sie so leicht… ohne Sorge weg fliegen….DSC03934

Milkweed (Photo credit: Odalaigh)


Winter Pictures in the Yard


Winter Pictures in the Yard

It was January 3rd. 2010. The new Millennium and guess what we have received our first cold cold cold winter blessing for the New Year.  Minus 19 and adding on the wind brings it to minus- 25 BURRRR………

You can say that again.  I just finished shovelling the snow on our driveway.  And just had to take some shots.  My fingers are freezing as gloves just don’t work well pushing the small little button on my camera.  Ohhh I just remember I made those “Fingerless Gloves”, where are they now?  In the house, what good are they there!!  I will take the pictures quick and next times, I am sure will come soon…….take the gloves too.

Freezing cold……..

Winter Fotos in dem Garten
Es war der 3. Januar. 2010. Das neue Jahrtausend und ratet, wir habend den ersten kalten, kalten, kalten Winter Segen für das neue Jahr erhalten. Minus 19 Grad und Hinzufügend noch der Wind, da bringt er es auf Minus 25 burrrr.
Ich bin gerade fertig mit Schnee schaufeln auf unseren Einfahrt. So ich mussten natuerlich einige Fotos nehmen. Meine Finger sind Eiskalt. Weil die Handschuhe nur nicht gut funktionieren, den kleinen Knopf auf meiner Kamera zu druecken.  Ohhh ich erinnere mich….. ich habe die “Fingerlose Handschuhe” gestrickt wo, sind sie nur? In dem Haus, wie gut sind sie da! Ich werde die Bilder schnell schnell nehmen und das nächsten Mal, da bin ich sicher wird bald kommen …….nehme ich die Handschuhe mit.

Ahhhhh Eiskalt


Red, Pink and 

The Multi Colors..

Show it off in all you Glory

Just for the Christmas Season wherever you go

Greenhouse, Stores or of course Your Home

But not just Poinsettias…………

No…… we see Christmas Cactus and Cyclamen

Oh so wonderful colors

Their scents are all around you