Tint Of Autum On The Rhein River

IMG_9963Tint Of Autum is the perfect memory of this wonderful time in Europe.

I was so excited to be able to go on a holiday to Europe this past Fall 2017 a cruise

from Basel to Amsterdam on The Rhein River.

“So Beautiful and Memorys to keep”

“Spending time with my mom back home in Switzerland and with great friends….”

Exiting part of this trip was the Ms. Excellence Allegra our Ship stopped in Amsterdam….yessss guess who has a store there? Stephen West and Penelope…I just had to visit this store! We bought yarn and some stitch markers with…

Oh yes bicycle theme. So cool


File 2017-12-14, 12 02 57 PMReni my girlfriend was totally on board to find this store too. Though she doesn’t knit much she still bought yarn so this is where I came into play….happily I have to say


She fell in love with this Malabrigo Rios yarn, (Smiles I think it was the colour that she had to have)  in Amsterdam at Stephen and Penelope’s Store. See more info here for Tints Of Autum Pattern



Our Switzerland Trip 2014 Part 1

Flowers on almost every home window.
Flowers on almost every home window.

It truly is always nice to come back Home to Switzerland even if only for a short visit.

Better short then never I say.

A trip back home this time to honor the Life of my Grandmother that passed away at 100 Years. Some say I will be that old one day too…wow if that is the case I have half her age now

I know we always have to see so much and visit all my friends and family. The time really goes by way to quick. On our visit just last week, took us across the Rhein River, Bad-Säckingen Germany, Chur, Bernina Pass, Tirano (Italy), Lugano, Locarno, Visp, Bern, back home to Moehlin

Breathtaking I have to say….wait till you see the pictures we took….lol, Almost 1500…crazy you may say, but I just had too!

For this post I will show you some of the pictures I and my son have taken in my hometown.

my home
my home
my mom grew up in this home
my mom grew up in this home

Es ist wirklich immer schön, wieder einmal nach Hause in die Schweiz zu kommen. Wenn auch nur für einen kurzen Besuch.

Besser kurz als nie sage ich.

Dieses mal kommen wir Nachhause um das lange Leben meiner Grossmutter zu Anerkennen und Danke zu sagen.

Sie hatte ganze 100 Jahre mit uns sein dürfen.

Es gibt immer so viel zu sehen. So kommen auch immer viele Einladungen von Familien und Freunden wieder zu sehen.

Es geht wirklich immer viel zuschnell vorbei. Auf userem letzten Besuch letzte Woche, hatten wir etliches zu sehen bekommen.

Atemberaubend wie immer…eine Reise in die Bergwelt nach Tirano, Lugano, Locarno und zurück nach Möhlin…mit kleineren Tages ausflügen

Marianne zu Deinem Geburtstag Heute wünsche ich Dir alles Liebe…!


Für diesen  Beitrag werde ich aber nur Bilder von meinem Heimatdorf zeigen.

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