One Of My Favourite Yarn

2016-01-04 21.40.39

A fabulous yarn to knit or crochet for sure. I this  recent project that I just started I using up about 500 gram of  Noro Silk Garden. I really love how the colours blend well together. Even though I am using a good 20 different colours in each leftover skein up.

Have a look and can you guess what this will be? I’ll keep you posted soon.


Ein fabelhaftes Garn zum Stricken oder häkeln ist die Noro Wolle schon . Ich habe dieses Projekt erneut aufgefasst. Da ich ungefähr 500 Gramm von  verschiedene Knäueln von Noro Silk Garden übrig hatte. Toll ist es schon wie  die Farben so wunderschöne zusammen schmiegen. Auch wenn ich mit gut 20 verschiedene Farben  Stricke.

Schaut doch schnell und kannst Du sehen was ich da Stricke? Bis bald wieder werde Euch auf dem Laufenden halten bald.



Shell Scarf

2013-06-02 15.39.51Shell Scarf

A great project that I found in the new Noro Crochet Book. 2013-07-10 09.15.44
The scarf was designed by Mary Jane Hall.
Pattern is well written out and only over 4 rows and then you repeat the rows till you are finished…
I only used two skeins of  Noro Silk Garden Lite  about  272.0 yards (248.7m) and a hook 4mm or (G)2013-06-01 11.21.19

Shell Schal2013-06-02 15.39.07

Ein tolles Projekt, das ich in dem neuen Noro Häkeln Buch gefunden hatte.

2013-06-02 11.41.54Der Schal wurde von Mary Jane Halle entworfen.  Das Muster ist gut geschrieben und nur über 4 Reihen und dann wiederholst Du die Zeilen, bis der Schal fertig ist …

Ich habe nur zwei Stränge von Noro Silk Garden Lite etwa  248.7Meter und einem Häkel nummer 4mm oder (G) gebraucht.

The Quilt Store and The Yarn Store at the Creative Festival



Well…. I can tell You all, the doors have not even open and we “The Staff” of The Quilt Store and The Yarn Store in Newmarket are already having so much fun. This mornings drive to the International Centre was a blast….Irene made sure we all are awake that is for sure. The coffee helped too I have to say….Thanks for our great driver Adrienne we arrived in no time.

2013-04-25 17.21.13
The Quilt Section is looking awesome
2013-04-25 17.20.53
So does the Yarn Section

Ok I have to say THANKS! to Ana and Joe to have the super soft floor all laid out already.

I was wondering all night if those boxes made it onto the truck. 2013-04-25 17.19.41

When You are at our booth #115 visiting tomorrow Friday or Saturday, You too will know why I was worried that these boxes possibly were left behind at storage.2013-04-25 17.02.42

ok we have to take a break too and eat...
ok we have to take a break too and eat…

We have some amazing kits prepared for


next Quilt. You have to see the “Rag Quilt” Sam sewed up so feverishly the last week, stunning I have to say!

Yes I know so many more quilts have been on our machines at the store….everyone played a part in it I am sure Madi even worked on one or two herself…so You just have to see for yourself.

Ah yes here is my favourite: Knitting and Yarn!!!

Angel Blanket Shawl” knit up with Debbie Bliss “Angel” smile my favourite of course. We have lots of colours for you in the “Angel” You will not believe it and pattern is free with the yarn purchase for this “Angel Blanket Shawl” as I say “Make It Yours!

2013-04-25 17.03.28
You will see us in the Yarn Section

But that is not all we have lots of Noro yarns too.One can buy them in single skeins and in bags. Guess what if You buy one bag the second is 1/2 price worth the visit.

 LOL I even was looking at it once the set up was all done…NOOO!!! too many colours to pick. The news Noro Books are at the booth too. I told You with the visit.

2013-04-25 17.03.02

Almost forgot You have to see I have a sample  made up that is all crochet….really…let me know if you spot it.

Debbie will also show You how to knit the “Swallow Hill” Scarf a true jewel to have in you wardrobe.

That is not all….so many more yarns, patterns, samples are all hanging up too.

2013-04-25 17.40.38So I am talking all about the Creative Festival and the booth we have there….that is not all.

Deb, Julia and Claire are all at the Knitter’s Frolic You should see what they have in store for You…Sample that we all knit up, so You can see how the yarn knits up…Yes Americo Original Yarns we have just for You…and lots of Kits all put together for You.

Not to forget we have some great ladies still able to help You at the store…

2013-04-25 17.19.57

So it has been a long day and tomorrow will be a blast with all of You visiting Us at both booths the Creative Festival booth #115 and at the Knitter’s Frolic….

Fiddlehead Mittens

Colours from Golden to Orange to Brown and Black….

and super soft and warm

Fiddlehead Mittens

 by Adrian Bizilia
The outer mitten was knit up with the “Noro Silk Garden” and “Tanis Art Fibre” yarn. This part I knit with a 3.5mm needle
For the inside mitten I used a very soft and snuggly warm yarn “Misti Alpaca Worsted” and used a smaller needle 3.25mm too.
Love this colour work knitting…..  This was my first knitting in Continental Knitting and American Knitting at the same time.  In the past I always had both yarns at the same time wrapped around the same finger and knit in the Continental way.
This was soooo much easier to carry the yarn along and fun too. Can’t wait to start my next projects…I guess another pair of mittens….just looking for a nice pattern I can use the Noro Silk Garden yarn i have left from this pair….

Farben von Gold zu Orange zu Braun bis Schwarz

und super weich und warm

Fiddlehead Mittens

von Adrian Bizilia

Die äußere Handschuh wurde mit dem “Noro Silk Garden” und “Tanis Art Fibre” Garn gestrickt. Dieser  erste Teil habe ich mit einer  3,5-mm-Nadel stricken.
Für den  Innere Handschuh  benutzte ich eine sehr weiche und kuscheliges warms Garn “Misti Alpaca Worsted” und verwendet eine kleinere Nadel 3,25 mm dazu.

Mir gefällt es richtig mit den Farben zu  Arbeit  ….. Dies war meine erste Stück in Continental (Europäschien oder auch Englishen )Stricken und Amerikanischen Stricken zur gleichen Zeit.

Bis jetzt hatte ich immer beide Fäden gleichzeitig um den gleichen Finger gehalten und so mit mehreren Farben gestricken in der Continental (Europäischer) Weise.

Diese mal war es soooo viel einfacher, den Faden mit beiden Händen entlang zu tragen.

Freue mich schon auf meine nächsten Projekte … Ich denke, ein weiteres Paar Handschuhe …. suche nur noch ein schönes Muster für das Noro Silk Garden Garn dass ich noch übrig habe von  diesem Paar ….