A Walk At Awenda

Trillium’s are out in fill bloom all over the forest. We always had seen them towards the end of the season. A drive up to Awenda Provincial Park last Sunday was showing us them in full bloom.

Almost all of the trillium’s here are white..

Was looking to see if I find any pink or red once. Had seen them in another forest just as they started to come into blooming seasons 2 weeks ago.

Mushrooms After Storm

IMG_9888After we had a nice view days doing things around the house over the Labour Day Weekend…part of hurricane Harvey must have made its way up to us …with rain and Thunder. So the grounds are all wet this Tuesday Morning.  A perfect day to doing some more cleaning I thought and getting ready for the colder season again.

So as I am waiting for the water to drain from Hot Tub ….I noticed a cluster of beautiful Mushrooms had grown on our front walk way…so delicate and pretty.


See how only 20 minutes of lighting makes a difference in the picture ….and one hour later they are all drying up and shriveled up looking…..I guess by noon they are gone again…

So two hours have past since I started this post ….and you should see how black the sky is right now…..lol I am getting soaked by rain and hail….



Riesenbovist Mushroom

2013-09-19 11.19.25
I put a Pumpkin beside this one so you can see how big that Riesenbovist ist

The  Riesenbovist is so huge …I could not believe my eyes it is sooo big.

The Giant puff-ball is about 10-50 cm in diameter, is round and without a stem. The skin is smooth and leathery.

2013-09-19 11.20.41
And if you still not see the size …have a look at this big knife beside this one

I honestly never seen a mushroom that size.

One can even eat them! Cut them into slices and fry them up like a steak…we decided not to go for that though and leave them where they where..in this wonderful green forest.

2013-09-19 12.02.18
left as is in the Forest

Der Riesenbovist wird im Durchmesser etwa 10–50 cm groß, ist rundlich und ohne Stiel. Die Haut ist glatt und lederartig.

 Ich hatte noch nie ein so grosser Piltz gesehen….

This is the bottom of the Mushroom where it sat on the ground...so BIG
This is the bottom of the Mushroom where it sat on the ground…so BIG

2013-09-19 12.02.37
in this picture you can see one that is still fresh and two that are already brown and no longer good to eat…from what I have been told.