Raindrops Of Life

Every Raindrop Has Its Purpose.

They Do Feed Our Souls…

Our Hearts….

With New Life ….

It’s The Water We Need.


All Of Me.

Ready To Bloom.

“Raindrops Of Life”

Just Like this Tulip.


Grenada, I’ll Be back One Day

This last morning at the beach was the perfect ending to this amazing trip…

Had this stray dog pop himself down right by my side as I was reading. I thought this was to funny…

Memories and Joy in my life.

I say Thank You to all that made this trip so special and a joy in my Life .

…..Ah Yes already a month passed. It has been so amazing and fun… I am speechless with all I have see and experianced and that in only 23 days.

Do You see what I see?

Celebrating 35 Years Later

Hard to believe I have lived in Canada already 35 Years as of today… how time goes by. I remember stepping out of the Toronto Pearson International Airport … The heat was OHHH wow… overtaking my breath… +35 if I remember correctly.

My so called “Family” waiting with there 6 month old baby Jacqueline as well, lol…My name became “Jackie” for the next year. … as her Nanny.

I sometimes wonder what she is up too now?…Woodbridge has changes sooo much! It was all farm field at that time…If you are from Ontario .. Do you remember the Drive-In on Hyw 400?

Now movie Theaters and Malls and totally no farm field anymore….I am speechless at times…

Villa Park Dive ( lol I thought I am coming to life in a Villa…HAHAH was I wrong! ) was my home for less then a year… no so good ending to that family story…

Best times after that was finding a wonderful family in Downsview… So much love they have still for one another…. I am thankful for the Hazel’s they gave me a absolutely wonderful memory. Just wish I had kept in contact more…

However we all have our destinies we need to follow… and never say never. Look into the future it is never to late to reconnect…. and make new memories…..and new friends.

Thanks for being my friends for sooo many memories

Nothing Is Promised In This Live….

It is my moments to go for a drive and just drive …

Not to long ago on a Tuesday…

……no destination in mind usually.

My Pick up truck takes me along the county roads… I make sure I know how to back track my ways too. GPS yeah but my GPS is driving on a road that does’t exist most of the times … LOL

Honestly my truck has taken me to the Lake Simcoe lately … or to the smaller Churches around them. I was about to leave that church ground when something just pulled me over on my walks….

A Rose found just like that in the grounds… In Moments when I needed a sign…My Dad always loved roses… What are the odds of that…

Totally amazing to see the old grave stones and the beautiful doors and windows on the churches.

Allegra Sunset Shawl

File 2018-01-28, 3 25 20 PMOnce again Spring is here and I am so pleased to let you know my newest pattern called

“Allegra Sunset Shawl”

This Shawl has a very special memory for me…

Moments spend on the Rhein River with my Mom and Friends. Just being able to enjoy a week of  Peace drifting down on the Excellence Allegra….from Basel to Amsterdam….Beautiful Moments

IMG_3003Allegra Sunset Shawl has been published in the latest  “A Needle Pulling Thread” magazine Issue #46.  It is available at Chapters / Indigo and at my workplace.




Or if you like you can download the pattern here. It will link you to A Needle Pulling Thread web-sight where You can purchase the pattern only.

By doing this I will get paid 50% of the CAD$5.99…smiles hope You like it as much as I do.

File 2018-01-28, 3 24 41 PM

“Parrots” In The Fall

Have a look at this Fall arrangement….. I remember from my childhood these “Parrots2013-10-01 16.44.23“, Milkweed (Silkweed) as they are called in English http://www.ediblewildfood.com/milkweed.aspx

My mind tells me, that my “Mutt” (btw. this is a short form for “Mutter” Mom in Swiss)  always had some of them in some kind of flower arrangement by the front door. I just wish I could remember this more clearly.DSC03940

Just always called them Parrots…since they look like it.

They show off this wonderful display of white glistening seed when You open them up and blow at them…they fly in the sky and drift off every so lightly…one just likes to go drift with them into to sunny sky.DSC04117

My son even found a recipe for this: http://the3foragers.blogspot.ca/2011_07_01_archive.html

2013-10-01 16.44.16Etwas, das ich von meiner Kindheit her in Erinnerung habe sind diese “Papageien”. Wenn ich mich recht daran erinnere hat meine “Mutt” (Mutter) immer ein Gesteck beim Eingang gehabt mit den Papageien darin.

Sie zeigen diese wunderbare Darstellung der weiß glänzenden Samens, wenn man sie öffnet und an den Samen blast…  je so leicht sind sie am fliegen so wunderschön in dem Sonnenschein…man könnte richtig treumerisch werden dabei zu zu sehen wie sie so leicht… ohne Sorge weg fliegen….DSC03934

Milkweed (Photo credit: Odalaigh)