Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Ontario

wpid-20140125_210759.jpgA wonderful weekend away from the everyday life…

Just for my hubby and I

Lots of wind and very cold temperatures… But we are still having a wonderful time in this small all Season Holiday Resort Village “Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario

2014-01-25 15.40.20
In Collingwood by the lake…it was very windy
2014-01-24 16.12.27
On the drive up there already was very windy
2014-01-26 15.16.47-1
Just like the old wooden barns
2014-01-24 21.33.12
yahuuu we are in the Village of Blue Mountain
2014-01-25 16.57.30-1
In Collingwood love the iron work on this church door
2014-01-25 15.39.11
This is in Collingwood by the lake…I wish I could show you how the waves where rolling …and the wind…wow hold on
2014-01-25 18.54.05
I just had to take this picture even though my hands where freezing …This is by the pond as we where skating in the Village of Blue Mountain
2014-01-25 19.00.56
Skating on the pond in Blue Mountain
2014-01-25 15.40.02
Wind and more wind
2014-01-26 13.14.28
Skating on the pond
2014-01-25 21.06.55
smile I am having a nice meal with my hubby and this looked so nice to see the ski hills through this window
2014-01-25 17.16.18
Our Resort in Blue Mountain
2014-01-25 18.50.17
In the Village
2014-01-24 21.28.16

A perfect get away for a weekend and the atmosphere is amazing with all the wonderful Restaurants and Bars.

Rusty’s at Blue

Kaytoo Restaurant & Bar

We had some really windy days and snow blowing all the way there and though out the weekend as you can see