Violets In My Garden

A moment after the rain….

so peaceful how can one not love this

Memories Never Leave Us. They are in our Hearts no matter what Life brings us in the future.

Droplets of water after the rain makes everything look so fresh.

Loading The Loom

You have seen in past posts of mine

“First Weaving Projects” and “Loading My Warping Reel”.

Here I am now with my Loom that needs to be “dressed”. I need to string the yarn though from front to back onto my bedder.

Holding the yarn in my one hand making sure the ” X ” in the yarn does not get off my fingers. As they have to be strung exactly in this order as they are .

Now I have to feed the yarn from the front onto the bedder one by one.

Here You see all is strung though the headdles and now tied on to the front bar.
Nice and tight and ready to start my next weaving project.

Hardanger Embroidery from the last view Years. / Stickerei von den letzten paar Jahren

A start off some of my Embroidery that I can show You. With such fine intricate and exact work to details.  This is a wonderful craft that I have learned from my Mother, see her Embroidery  in this post.   Just visiting my hometown I thought, not so true… always I am learning a new craft.  Happy me a new hobbies started.  I will show you my work soon.   Oh almost 8 years ago.  How time goes by, time for a visit some say…….

Ein Start fuer einige meiner Stickereien zu zeigen. Mit solch feiner und genauer Arbeit fuer das Details, ist es eine sehr schöne Handarbeit. Bei gebracht wurde es mir  von meiner Mutter Ihre werke zeig ich in diesem Post.  Nur einen Besuch in mein Heimatdorf dachte ich, doch nicht so wahr ….. wie immer wurde mir ein neues Handwerk bei gebracht.   Ich zeige Euch meine Stickerein das naechtse mal.  Supper für mich ein neues Hobby wird angefangen. Oh fast 8 Jahren ist dass schon her. Wie die Zeit doch vergeht, Zeit würde es für einen neuen Besuch meinen viele…..

Tips fuer Hardanger  embroidery :