Hardanger Christmas Star

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I like to be unique so red with glitter gold thread was perfect fit for me.

As we all are putting out our christmas decoration up, I came across a special handmade decoration I had made several years ago. This red Christmas Star.

Smiles I was told just last week I should be putting this all out on the tables and not have them in storage.

I was the lucky women to have a mom and grandmother that shown me lots of stuff like knitting, crocheting, tatting, Hardanger stitching and much more.

I have to say this hardanger stitching is really amazing and you better make sure you count each single thread as you go along in the setup of the outside border. Because it will hurt much more to open up all the blocks if you are off by YES ONLY ONE THREAD!

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My Moms creation

Hardanger embroidery is a form of embroidery traditionally worked with white thread on white even-weave cloth, using counted thread and drawn thread work techniques. Hardanger fabric is an evenweave cotton material woven with pairs of threads of 22 count. The weave gives a squared appearance to the fabric  with distinct holes, making it easy to count and work on. DMC Pearl Cotton 5 is ideal for Hardanger Fabric. Use DMC Pearl cotton 8, for more delicate filling stitches and other surface details.

Have a look at some of the table runners most of them my mom did. I stepped out of the box and had to make the red once and one of the beige once for sure. They for sure take a while to finish!



Hardanger Embroidery from the last view Years. / Stickerei von den letzten paar Jahren

A start off some of my Embroidery that I can show You. With such fine intricate and exact work to details.  This is a wonderful craft that I have learned from my Mother, see her Embroidery  in this post.   Just visiting my hometown I thought, not so true…..as always I am learning a new craft.  Happy me a new hobbies started.  I will show you my work soon.   Oh almost 8 years ago.  How time goes by, time for a visit some say…….

Ein Start fuer einige meiner Stickereien zu zeigen. Mit solch feiner und genauer Arbeit fuer das Details, ist es eine sehr schöne Handarbeit. Bei gebracht wurde es mir  von meiner Mutter Ihre werke zeig ich in diesem Post.  Nur einen Besuch in mein Heimatdorf dachte ich, doch nicht so wahr ….. wie immer wurde mir ein neues Handwerk bei gebracht.   Ich zeige Euch meine Stickerein das naechtse mal.  Supper für mich ein neues Hobby wird angefangen. Oh fast 8 Jahren ist dass schon her. Wie die Zeit doch vergeht, Zeit würde es für einen neuen Besuch meinen viele…..

Tips fuer Hardanger  embroidery :


Hardanger Embroidery

 I should real show you some of my Hardanger Embroidery.  It is such a nice way of decorating a coffee table or a long table with these wonderful

handcrafted runners.  It takes a lot of practice, care and time to create but the result is gorgeous.  One has to be 100% right with the counting as you are cutting out some of the blocks that have been embroidered. 

 Hardanger Embroidery is beautiful craft and a keepsake to display

 So it is a good practice to look back and make sure you counted right before you embroider too far.  

You will love it

 Please visit later for upcoming posts and Photos on this wonderful craft.


Ich sollte Euch wirklich einige meiner Hardanger Stickereien zeigen.  Es ist so eine schöne Art von Dekoration einen Läufer auf dem Couchtisch oder einen langen Tisch dar zulegen  Es braucht viel Übung, Sorgfalt und Zeit, aber das Ergebnis ist Wunderschön. Man muss 100% richtig mit dem Zählen sein.  Da einige der bestickten Blöcke heraus geschnitten werden.

Hardanger Stickerei ist eine sehr schön Handarbeit, einen Andenken fuer lange Zeit.

So ist es eine gute Übung, währent dem Sticken immer  zurück zublicken und sicher zu sein man hat rechten gezählt, bevor  Du zu weit am sticken bist.

Bitte besuchen mich später wieder für die kommenden Beiträge und Fotos von diesem  wundervollen Handwerk.

You will love it