Darling Of A Dress

Darling Of A Dress

Yes Darling of a Dress one could say …I think this one gave me the most trouble in a while. To the point where I knit it twice.

First one in fingering weight it is to fit a 2 to 3 year old… brought it to work. Some said that is more for at 18 month old… Ohhhhh noo.

So off to the dying pot to make same colour in Dk weight and start over again.. Lol so I thought great I’ll have it knit up in no time…

Except…. something just did not work out well. tTe sleeves just did not fit in with the arm opening. Opening was to big and yes that in both dresses… Yuck what am I doing wrong was my question. I just could not concentrate on this one… something is not going well.

Have you ever thought… Nooo what is going on with me? why am I not getting this..

Well honestly so far this has not happen to me many times in my knitting lifetime lol.

So I looked at the written pattern and the chart…OHHHHHHH NOOOOO this is not the same..

Time to modified the arms and made it work.

Now for the pattern, it really is a beautiful dress and I love knitting Drops Designs pattern. Never really had a problem with them. But this one I am so glad it is done.

Flower Power Coat

Truly happy and loving  this “Flower Power” Coat


Coat is finally finished.  Smiles, it only took me 4 summers to knit up.

Wow… You may say, but being fingering weight, needles 2.25 mm and in a black as you can see for most of the knitting. I really needed good lighting and the best was, sunlight outside in my backyard. Then the challenge of cutting the front open, something we knitters call “Steeking” and picking up stitches to bind  the front edge…woha, a little nerve-racking. Only because I already invested that many year of knitting into the coat. Really did not want to muck this part up…Yes perfect all great.

You can see the inside of the coat is just a beautiful as the ousie..smile.

The pattern and yarn are from Christel Seyfarth Shetland Lambswool she has some stunning and beautiful designs.

As I have shortened this jacket I had to modify some areas. So it is not true version of her coat. Therefore I have lots of yarn left. for some other project. Then I still have  a foul box of her yarn for another coat of shawl..


Solar Plexus Vest

IMG_0160Solar Plexus Vest

This seasons newest pattern of mine has been published and shown on front cover of “A Needle Pulling Thread” Magazine.

Available at Chapters in store and at my work place.

Solar Plexus Vest has been designed and created for “KnitswissYarns”

As you can see this pattern has been in the works since last winter and as Summer is almost coming to its end and with Fall-Season just around the corner. This stylish and uniquely knit Solar Plexus Vest will be perfect for a little cooler days at home, in office or for your zen moments ajoga classes.

I truly hope to bring a little sunshine to your Season with my “Solar Plexus Vest”  pattern.

Enjoy and happy knitting, let me know how you enjoy this pattern please. At this time only available in magazine and there web site. I’ll post it on Raverly once I am allowed to do so.

Your feedback is always welcomed and with the purchas of any of my patterns just like “Solare Plexus Vest” I too will receive half of the $. This will make it possible to keep on desining special fun unique patterns for You to knit. Thank You.




Totoro Mittens

2016-12-21-14-32-09Totoro Mittens for my daughter.

Totoro is a character from  “My Neighbour Totoro”

Oh ok I have knit them for her for Christmas 2016 and I am totally forgot to show them to You…like so many other items I have knit since them…So I  have to catch up very fast. Seems like I have been busy posting about hikes or food lately.

Well the Totoro Mittens  by brella on Ravelry are a hit with my daughter. She loves them and apparently wears them all the time. Yeh I would too in this cold Canadian weather.

For the mittens I used two skeins of my “KnitswissYarns” in a DK weight  100% Superwash Merino wool so great far washing too. One in each colour gray and purple  and needle size 4mm. Yarn is soon available for online order too.


Totoro Handschuhe für meine Tochter. Oh ok ich hatte diese auf die letzte Weihnachten 2016 gestrickt und total vergessen es Euch zu zeigen … wie so viele andere Gegenstände, die ich seit dann gestrickt habe … Also dass muss ich schnell aufholen. Scheint ich habe  von Wanderungen und Backen geplaudert. Und all das Geschtricket vergessen.

Nun die “Totoro Handschuhe” von brella auf Ravelry sind ein Hit bei meiner Tochter. Sie liebt sie und scheinbar trägt sie diese immer draussen in diesem kalten Kanadischen Wetter.



Bella Mittens

So soft and in time for the cold weather that is coming ohhh to soon again.. But what can we do…so I get busy knitting and make a view more of these…very fast….soon.  Pattern is available on Ravelry.  The yarn I used for the mittens is called  Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted




So weich und gerade zur rechten Zeit.  Das kalte Wetter ist ja auch schon vor der Tür…so schnell schnell werde ich halt noch ein paar von den Mittens stricken…Muster kan man bei Ravelry beziehen. Ich benutzte

Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted  für diese Handschuhe

Knitted Waves Scarf With Beads

“Susan Undulating Waves Scarf” for Unwind Yarn House sample

 Is a pattern that you can find on Ravely.  A fun knit including lots of Beads.  The pattern asks for 924 size 6mm beads however ….I needed almost double that.  Each pattern repeats needs 33 beads from row 1-10.  With using 2 skeins of Koigu Merino yarn I was able to knit almost 48 repeats.  That would give me a total of 1548 Beads.  This scarf is heavier no doubt but stunning to be able to wear it in so many ways measuring about 52 inches long  This is your jewel to wear any time.  I was able to string on the beads with a sewing needle but you could use smaller size beads too and use a fish wire to string the beads on to lace weight yarn and adjust the with of the scarf too.  I added all or at least half of the beads onto the yarn before I started to knit and then moved them along as I knit this scarf.  Pattern info: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/334s-susan-undulating-waves-scarf  Yarn used is from http://unwindyarnhouse.com/ and the beads are from thatbeadlady.com .

 Wellen Schal“für Unwind Yarn House example

Ist ein Muster das man bei Ravelry finden kann. Ein schönes Muster das mit Beads gestricket wird.  Das Muster fragt nach 924 Beads in Grösse 6mm doch…..Ich brauchte fast das Doppelte.  Jedes Muster braucht 33 Beads von Reihe 1 bis 10.  Mit zwei Strangen Koigu Merino Wolle war es möglich bis 48 mall das Muster zu stricken.  Dabei brauchte ich aber 1548 Beads.  Dieser Schal ist ganz sicher etwas schwerer zum tragen bei fast 130cm Länge  und all den Beads, doch ist das der Schmuck für die Trägerin.  Ich benutzte eine Nähnadel für die Beads auf zu fassen.  Doch kann man auch Fisch Nilon gebrauchen und kleinere Beads und feinere Wolle  und der Schal etwas Breiter stricken.  Information für das Muster:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/334s-susan-undulating-waves-scarf

Adjustments To My Silver Belle

 Thank You All For Your Wonderful Compliements

I was so lucky… at first this beautiful Jacket was almost one size to big.  So I was first thinking of knitting a belt and attaching it at the waist cable row.  Then after looking at the Jacket I decide to open up the back and removing the cable row going up the spin.  Sewed the back together again and that removed about 2 inches to the waist circumference.  Then I knit the collar band in size small and …….VOILA it is fitting me very nicely. Hew…that was an easy fix and I am happy with the way it fits me know.

Danke Allen Für die schönen Komplimente

Ich hatte Glück dieses mal…. erstens wurde dieser wunderschöne Jacke fast eine Größe zu groß.  So war ich am Studieren was ich da machen könnte. Einen Gürtel und Befestigung an der Zopfmuster Reihe?   Nach einigen Blick auf die Jacke öffnete ich den Rücken wieder und nahm das Zopfmuster weg.  Nähte den Rücken wieder und das ganze Oberteil um die Talie wurde etwas 10cm enger.  Dann strickte ich den Kragen in der kleinsten Grösse und… VOILA super schön passt der Silver Belle mir jetzt.  Da hatte ich Glück wie einfach das Kleiner machen war.

Ribwarmer for your Winter Days or Skiing

This Ribwarmer is a wonderful addition to have for under a Ski jacket or if you are going for a walk in the Forest.   I love to wear it around the home. Great with a light long sleeve t-shirt top or with a blouse.  It keeps my back nice and warm.  It is not as heavy as a sweater that is sometimes too much for wearing in the home.  The pattern can be modified to make it smaller or bigger if needed.

Blue Silk Shrug

Wonderful for around the house.  Love to wear it over a nice light top or going out to a Restaurant. Sometimes you  never know if you are sitting under any vents.  I do like to be comfortable and enjoy my company and not have to be cool.  So this shrug is perfect for keeping me warm.  You can close it at the front as much or as little as you like.  It has a nice relaxed feel to it.   Any type of Yarn could be use for this depends on the look you would like.  The pattern then has to be modified to adjust for the needle size and yarn thickness used.   I have use a “Baby Bamboo” Yarn by Sirdar Snuggly.