Darling Of A Dress

Darling Of A Dress

Yes Darling of a Dress one could say …I think this one gave me the most trouble in a while. To the point where I knit it twice.

First one in fingering weight it is to fit a 2 to 3 year old… brought it to work. Some said that is more for at 18 month old… Ohhhhh noo.

So off to the dying pot to make same colour in Dk weight and start over again.. Lol so I thought great I’ll have it knit up in no time…

Except…. something just did not work out well. tTe sleeves just did not fit in with the arm opening. Opening was to big and yes that in both dresses… Yuck what am I doing wrong was my question. I just could not concentrate on this one… something is not going well.

Have you ever thought… Nooo what is going on with me? why am I not getting this..

Well honestly so far this has not happen to me many times in my knitting lifetime lol.

So I looked at the written pattern and the chart…OHHHHHHH NOOOOO this is not the same..

Time to modified the arms and made it work.

Now for the pattern, it really is a beautiful dress and I love knitting Drops Designs pattern. Never really had a problem with them. But this one I am so glad it is done.

Fall Cardigan with Hood and Felted Slippers

So just ready for this fall season is this hooded Cardigan.  I was looking for a nice rugged looking cardigan with a hood to go for the fall walks coming soon.  I just love the way it turned out. This yarn is absolutely awesome  Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool. I use 2.5 skeins. Knits up very quickly and perfect for this pattern too. I used up 2.5 skeins of yarn for this pattern in size small to medium.

I did find some nice wooden buttons to sew on. I did knit my hood for 40cm and had a total of 90 stitches for the hood too. Perfect…love the size of it not to short and not to lose

Pattern for cardigan: http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=80&d_id=18&lang=us  Drops Design Garnstudio. 

With the leftover yarn I knit up some felted slippers.

 Pattern for Slippers are from:  http://www.isabels-wollidee.de/images/kunde/pdf_datein/isabel_anleitung_filzballerinas.pdf 

Also schon bereit für diese Herbstsaison ist dieses Kapuzen Jacke. Ich suchte schon lange nach einem Muster für einen schönen robuste  Strickjacke mit Kapuze. Ideal geeignet für Herbst Spaziergänge in Kürze. Diese Jacke gefällt mir recht gut wie einfach und schön sie herauskam. Dieses Garn ist absolut genial “Cascade  Ökologische Wolle “.  Stricket sich auch sehr schnell und perfekt für dieses Muster. Ich habe um 2,5 Knäuel Garn für dieses Muster gebraucht in der Größe klein bis mittelgroß.

 Ich fand einige nette Holzknöpfen gerade recht dafür.

 Mit der resten Wolle habe ich Filzfinken gestrickt.