Crispy Canada Winter Day

File 2018-02-07, 5 24 19 PMSure it is still a very crispy

WINTER here in Canada…

…..not like my home town Möhlin in Switzerland. They are as of  tomorrow  in full swing of  “Fasnacht” Carnival

But to top it of even more a friend of mine  has seen  “Schlüsselblümli ” in the forest out already….really I am crying now!

“Schluesselbluemli” one of my faves, (not the picture she posted on Facebook)






It used to be that you there…Yes You,“Weather in Switzerland” !

were a month ahead of us here in the Canadian North of Toronto, but not two full Months!!!

What was my day like youmay ask …smiles fun filled with snow! Really softly falling down this morning, shoveling during the day, sunshine to finish the perfect day at minus 15 temp…cooooollllll

Yes, You see it correctly I have skis on the fence and that all year around…

just my kind of artsy funky fun…



Fasnacht In Moehlin 2011

Hello again I have taken a short break from posting…but have lots to show you all…I have visited my home country Switzerland. Enjoyed a view weeks with my family at home…all to short….but nice

So here are some pictures for you to enjoy.  The first week I was home, the Town Moehlin had there Yearly ‘Fasnachts” something like  carnival. It has been a very long time since I had seen it last …about 30 years for sure.  I did enjoy seeing a lot of my friends, family and school friends there….lots of fun as you can see





So ich bin wieder am schreiben nach einer kleinen Pause davon…wir hatten einen Besuch in der Schweiz mein Heimatland gemacht für ein paar Wochen und haben vieles erlebt und gesehen… doch wie immer der Besuch war viel zu kurz….doch schön

Werde versuchen sobald wir wieder zuhause sind Euch allen ein paar Fotos davon zu zeigen.  Wir durften sogar auch die Fasnacht in Möhlin mit feiern…wie schön das war nach so langer Zeit etwa 30 Jahren auch das wieder einmal zu sehn zu bekommen.  Auch all meine Freunden, Verwanten und Schulkammeraden wieder zu sehn….und hatten es natürlich sehr lusting dabei…


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