2015-10-25 17.16.45 So I have been playing around long enough with this.

 ” KnitswissYarn”

it is about time that I will show you all this too.

Today it is truly a fabulous day

Perfect to colour some more of the yarns I have undyed at my home.

So gorgeous outside for that it in November the 3rd. Normally we are truly way colder than the 18 degrees we have now. Even had snow as early as October.

File 2015-11-03, 4 47 07 PM So a batch of yarn is hanging on my clothes hanger outside now to dry. Have a look there are about 12 skeins of Lace hanging outside to try.

Aahhh soooo yummy soft!

Yes also 4 skeins of Soybean a new yarn I am trying out. Really love how it took the colour and how it feels too. I think that would be a great one for the once the can’t knit with wool.

time to come in for the night
time to come in for the night

Also coloured 10 skeins of Bamboo to see how it will take the colour. The colours come out rather soft see the light blue and light pink. I believe that would be nice for the coming Spring too

Going to knit something up soon with either one and let you know what my thoughts are.

My BFF, yes you will get one of them to knit something gorgeous too!

Soybean yarn have onlly 4 skeins so far to see how it does take the dye and how it will knit up. So far
Soybean yarn have only 4 skeins so far to see how it does take the dye and how it will knit up. So far “I Love It”

 Interested in purchasing any of the yarns just send me a note and we can chat.

I’ll be working soon on a site to post things better for all of you too.

Yarn Dyeing


My first try with dyeing yarn…love how each skein is full of colour and character. Each a bit different but that is how I like it.

That “One Of A Kind” look.


Just perfect. well I had to play a bit and see how each yarn took the colour not all weight was agreeing with what I did…but in the end I think I am getting the hang of it.

2014-08-22 17.29.07

Ja auch das noch, werdet ihr sage…Lach ich habe diese Woche einmal mit Wollen färben angefange. Ich bin der Meinung das es mir eigentlich recht gut gelungen ist. Jede Strange ist

“Einzig Artig”


So richtig farbenfroh und genau so wie es mir gefällt.

Nun geht es lost damit etwas zu stricken

Nicht jede Wolle hatte die Farbe gleich angenommen so durfte ich damit etwas spielen. 

Drying up on my hangers
Drying up on my hangers

Erika Cardigan

New Stitch used for The Erika CardiganErika Cardigan Erika Cardigan

One of my Creation for myself.

As you can see I had some fun with it too.

A change I the stitch and a fun yarn for the border and voila ready to wear.

This sumptuous “Prism Neat Stuffyarn has been looking at me at” The Yarn Store”   for a while now telling me

“Please give me a try…You would be the one for me!”

Prism Neat Stuff


Guess what I did, yes I know it is rather expensive skein so therefore I used only one skein of this yarn.

This yarn does have sooooo many changes from lace weight to ribbon, DK weight to frill and so on all though out the skein… therefore you have a lot of knots during your knitting…you could sew them all in but I decided to make this part of the design in my cardigan…fringes why not…

So since I only was able to afford to buy one skein of this Neat Stuff I needed another amazing yarn to go with my “Erika Cardigan”…..

WE ALL LOVE so much ….….madelinetosh tosh merino lightMadeleintosh Light

and the pattern needed another change as you can see a NEW STITCH yes that is it…voila off to my knitting so I can wear it…

My Erika Cardigan

Hugs for my MomDSC03907

                                                                  Erika Cardigan

Erika Crdigan

Einer von meiner eigener Creation für mich selber

Du kannst sehen  Ich hatte Spaß dabei.

Eine Änderung, die Masche und ein Tolles Garn verwendete ich dazu und voila fertig zum Tragen.

Dieses prächtige “Prism Neat Stuff” Garn hat mich immer angelächelt bei “The Yarn Store” für eine Weile schon 

“Bitte gieb mir einen Versuch … Du wirst die Richitige für mich sein!”

Smile …

Na ja ich weiß, es ist ein ziemlich teuer Knäuel so deshalb habe ich nur ein Knäuel von diesem Garn verwendet.

Dieses Garn hat zwar sooooo viele Veränderungen aus Spitzen Garne ,”Bändeli”, DK Gewicht zu Krausen Wolle keine Grenzen in dem Knäuel … Deshalb hast Du eine Menge von Knoten während dem Stricken … man könnte sie alle vernähen, aber ich beschloss, diese Knoten in diesem  Entwurfs in meine Strickjacke zu zeigen… Fransen warum nicht …

Ja natürlich war eine Strange nicht genug für die Jacke so seit wir alle Erika Cardigan Back view

” madelinetosh tosh merino light” 

lieben verwendete ich zwei Strangen davon.

 Das Muster benötigt eine weitere Änderung, neue Masche ja das ist es … voila fertig zum Tragen ist sie meine

“Erika Jacket”

“Umarmung für Dich Mutt”