Crochet Owl Hat

For this version I used some of  the Sirdar Calico in yellow and Sirdar Snuggly DK
For this version I used some of the Sirdar Calico in yellow and Sirdar Snuggly DK


This pattern is soooo much fun.
Available on Ravelry under Crochet Owl Hat (Newborn-Adult) by Sarah Zimmerman.
For this version I used some of  the Sirdar Calico in yellow for the beak and Sirdar Snuggly DK in white, black and blue for eyes and gray for the body and with hook size 5.0 mm (H).
I finished one in medium  and large size just to make sure it would fit just perfect for the little fellow for picture day….
We liked  it so much at my workplace that I crochet one more in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

We liked  it so much at my workplace that I crochet one more hat up in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino
We liked it so much at my workplace that I crochet one more hat up in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

So soft it sure will be a great hat for the little once or teens ….and I if you need help I will have a class at my work coming up shortly too.

For this version I used some of  the Sirdar Calico in yellow and Sirdar Snuggly DK
For this version I used some of the Sirdar Calico in yellow and Sirdar Snuggly DK

Hoooh ….


Dieses Muster macht  soooo viel Spaß.
Verfügbar bei  Ravelry unter 
Crochet Owl Hat (Newborn-Adult) von Sarah Zimmerman.
Für diese Version habe ich die  “Sirdar Calico”  in gelb für den Schnabel und “Sirdar Snuggly DK” in Weiß, Schwarz und Blau für die Augen, Grau für den Körper  gebraucht und mit Haken Größe 5,0 mm (H).
Hier sind zwei verschiedene großen Größe im Bild zu sehen Mittel und Gross. Wollte  sicher sein das dies Owl Mütze perfekt past für den kleinen Knaben der sie zu dem Photographen tragen wird…..Diese Mütze gefällte uns im Geschäft so gut das ich gleich noch eine für den Laden her gezubert hatte, mit der  Debbie Bliss Baby-Cashmerino.  So weich, es wird sicher ein großer Hit sein  für Kleinkinder oder Jugendliche. So viel Spass dann dabei…..

Fun Fringed Scarf

  Fun Fringed Scarf 2013-05-01 16.57.27

Not my first pattern I created but the first I am selling to You.

So many great yarns and I am a true believer that we all can have fun with all the different texture of yarns.

So after the “Creative Festival” I thought is was time to use the two yarns

Debbie Bliss Angel” and  Sirdar Firefly Metallic together in some fun way. So here I am with

“Fun Fringed Scarf”

simple and easy to knit.

You will need  only one skein of Debbie Bliss Angel

and two skeins of Sirdar Firefly Metallic and needle size 4mm

ahhh yes the pattern… available from me just send me a note I hope to have it up on Ravelry soon too or  You can buy the pattern at for $4.99 we also have the yarn as needed for this pattern.

It also will be photographed for one of the next Creative Festival Booklets…

How lucky can I be…

© knitswiss

2013-05-01 16.57.37

Nicht mein erstes Muster  das ich entworfen habe doch das Erste das zum Kaufen ist.

So viele tolle Garne und ich bin da voll dabei, dass wir alle Spaß haben dürfen mit all den verschiedenen Texturen von Garnen.

So, nachdem das “Kreative Festival” vorbei war dachte ich, es sei Zeit mit  zwei Garnen wie

Debbie Bliss Angel  und  Sirdar Firefly Metallic  etwas zu stricken ….So volia hier is mein

2013-05-01 07.51.56

“Fun Fransen Schal”  einfach und leicht zu stricken.  Dazu brauchts Du  nur einen Knäuel von Debbie Bliss Angel  und zwei Stränge von “Firefly Sirdar Metalic” und Nadelstärke 4mm  ahhh ja das Muster … bei mir erhältlich oder für $4,99

Jahui dieser Schal wird auch auf einem der nächsten Heften sein von  ” Kreative Festival” …  Was für eine Ehre ….

The Quilt Store and The Yarn Store at the Creative Festival



Well…. I can tell You all, the doors have not even open and we “The Staff” of The Quilt Store and The Yarn Store in Newmarket are already having so much fun. This mornings drive to the International Centre was a blast….Irene made sure we all are awake that is for sure. The coffee helped too I have to say….Thanks for our great driver Adrienne we arrived in no time.

2013-04-25 17.21.13
The Quilt Section is looking awesome
2013-04-25 17.20.53
So does the Yarn Section

Ok I have to say THANKS! to Ana and Joe to have the super soft floor all laid out already.

I was wondering all night if those boxes made it onto the truck. 2013-04-25 17.19.41

When You are at our booth #115 visiting tomorrow Friday or Saturday, You too will know why I was worried that these boxes possibly were left behind at storage.2013-04-25 17.02.42

ok we have to take a break too and eat...
ok we have to take a break too and eat…

We have some amazing kits prepared for


next Quilt. You have to see the “Rag Quilt” Sam sewed up so feverishly the last week, stunning I have to say!

Yes I know so many more quilts have been on our machines at the store….everyone played a part in it I am sure Madi even worked on one or two herself…so You just have to see for yourself.

Ah yes here is my favourite: Knitting and Yarn!!!

Angel Blanket Shawl” knit up with Debbie Bliss “Angel” smile my favourite of course. We have lots of colours for you in the “Angel” You will not believe it and pattern is free with the yarn purchase for this “Angel Blanket Shawl” as I say “Make It Yours!

2013-04-25 17.03.28
You will see us in the Yarn Section

But that is not all we have lots of Noro yarns too.One can buy them in single skeins and in bags. Guess what if You buy one bag the second is 1/2 price worth the visit.

 LOL I even was looking at it once the set up was all done…NOOO!!! too many colours to pick. The news Noro Books are at the booth too. I told You with the visit.

2013-04-25 17.03.02

Almost forgot You have to see I have a sample  made up that is all crochet….really…let me know if you spot it.

Debbie will also show You how to knit the “Swallow Hill” Scarf a true jewel to have in you wardrobe.

That is not all….so many more yarns, patterns, samples are all hanging up too.

2013-04-25 17.40.38So I am talking all about the Creative Festival and the booth we have there….that is not all.

Deb, Julia and Claire are all at the Knitter’s Frolic You should see what they have in store for You…Sample that we all knit up, so You can see how the yarn knits up…Yes Americo Original Yarns we have just for You…and lots of Kits all put together for You.

Not to forget we have some great ladies still able to help You at the store…

2013-04-25 17.19.57

So it has been a long day and tomorrow will be a blast with all of You visiting Us at both booths the Creative Festival booth #115 and at the Knitter’s Frolic….

Angel Blanket Shawl

Angel Blanket Shawl

2013-03-05 19.07.42

Gorgeously soft if I may say so….


2013-02-22 09.58.04

by Debbie Bliss

Yes the pattern

I put together

exclusively for

“The Yarn Store” in Newmarket.

2013-03-05 19.04.47

You should see all the colours in this kit…soooo many fun way to knit this one up….

2013-02-28 07.33.00

and all this

 “Just for YOU!”

Enjoy and make it Yours!

2013-03-05 19.04.57

My Hand-Knitted “Silver Belle”


Just finished my Silver Belle/Romy Cardigan from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Collection I am very pleased with the results looks very nice and I would be even happier if I would have knit this one in the smaller size.  It is just a bit too big on the waist on me.  So I am not sure what I will do…perhaps I will make a belt for it and attach belt toggles by the cable around the waist.  Or I will see if I find someone who would like to buy it from me.  Unfortunately  not many people will pay for all the yarn and the work and hours that it took to knit a Hand knit garment.  I am going to knit a belt now and see how it looks then.  Perhaps it could be a present too for someone who would appreciate it.

Mein handgestrickten Silber Belle
Gerade fertig geworden ist mein Silver Belle / Romy Cardigan von Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Collection.  Ich strickte mit Nashua Handknits Nature Fasern worsted Wolle.  Bin sehr zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen sieht sehr schön aus und ich wäre noch glücklicher, wenn ich den eben in der kleineren Größe gestrickt hätte . Es ist nur ein bisschen zu groß in der Taille fuer mich. Also bin ich nicht sicher  was ich tun werde … werde vielleicht einen Gürtel bei der Taille zu fuegen. Oder ich werde ihn zum verkauf haben.  Doch all Ihr Strickerinnen wisst das nicht viel all die Wolle und die Arbeit dazu zahlen werden fuer  so eine handgestrickte Jacke zu stricken.  So jetzt stricke ich einen Guertel und sehe wie das aus sieht.  Sonst kann ich ihn ja auch ein Geschenk an jemanden machen.

Teddy Bear


Teddy Bear in the making again

The gnomes I just recently finished for the Holiday Season have been such a hit with a lot of my friends. So that I was on the surge for something else to knit that would be just as much fun to make. I remembered I have this just have this great Stuffed Toy  Book from Debbie Bliss called “Toy Knits”. So many choices for all the bits and pieces of leftover yarn. 

I remembered this lovely teddy bear that looks so sweet too.  I am always having leftover yarn not enough to make a pair of mittens or socks.  But great to put the legs, arms and body together for this bear.  Or… if I do not have enough for the body then surly it will be great to make the sweater for the bears.  This snuggly bear will shortly go for a flight to Europe I hope he will enjoy the company he is going to have there. 

 But as promised to my friends and kids I will knit some more…..keep your eye open for future once.

             Teddybären Zum Stricken
Die Zwerge die ich erst vor kurzem für die Weihnachtszeit fertig gestrickt hatte, waren ein solcher Erfolg mit vielen meiner Freunden.  So dass ich auf der Suche für etwas anderem zum stricken war. Ich hatte vor kurzem ein Buch gekauft von Debbie Bliss “Toy Knits”.  So viele Möglichkeiten für  übrig gebliebenes Garn.
So erinnerte ich mich an diesen wunderschönen Teddybären. Einiges von dem übrig gebliebenen Garn ist nicht genug, um ein Paar Handschuhe oder Socken  zu stricken. Doch genug für Beine, Arme oder den Körper für diesen kleinen Bär zu stricken. Oder wenn ich nicht genug für den Körper habe dann ist es sicher genug den Pullover für die Bären zu machen.

    Dieser schmuseliger Bär geht in Kürze auf eine Reise nach Europa. Ich hoffe, er wird da jemandem Lieben  freude bereiten.

Sweet Little Teddy Bear

Look at this little Teddy Bear waiting to be cuddled by a child……Hope that they will have as much fun with him as I had knitting him up. 

 I will definitely have to make up a few more of this one.  Nice gift and great to use up some of that great Koigu Yarn, Silk, or Fleece Artist Yarn that I have in my stash.  Only need about 30gr of yarn for this size and less for the sweater.  Knits up in about one evening or two.

Uebersetzung fuer meine Deutsch sprechende Freunde:

Schau Dir diesen kleinen Teddybär an, er wartet darauf von einem Kind umarmt zu werden…… Hoffe Sie werden freude an ihm haben.  So wie ich Spaß hatte ihn zustricken.
Ich werde auf jeden Fall ein paar mehr davon stricken, wenn ich Zeit habe. Er ist ein schönes Geschenk und auch gut um einige der uebrigen Wolle auf zu brauchen, wie Koigu Garn, Seiden Garne, “Fleece Artist”. Braucht etwa 30 Gramm Garn für diese Größe und weniger für den Pullover. Man kann ihn in etwa ein oder zwei Abende fertig haben.