Making A Difference

2015-09-10 17.08.21Glad I am here to make a difference

I wake up in the morning and go to bed at night…..all through my day I truly try my very best to make a difference in some once life. I know this is not always easy or noticed by others. I get it.

But here is a little story of “my rewards” to my day yesterday at work.

An elderly lady came to the store where I work. I had never seen her before. But she ask if someone could help her. I ask if she could tell me more. On she went on telling me she learned all on her own how to do “Cables”  but this had been a while ago and she was not sure anymore if she was doing it correct.

Ahhh a knitting question, Great I knew I could help her. So she showed me the project she started. It was perfect!!! She can still do the cables….She was so happy to hear that.

She thought she now had to buy some yarn from us now because I helped her.

Her and her husband really like the colour  “Gray” and she wanted to knit him a scarf but unfortunately do to the sale we have had only 3 skeins of a gray yarn left but not in the weight she was looking for.  Gray always goes the first with naturals, white and blacks.

She was soooo upset and ask if I would be mad with her if she would not buy any yarn this time? But she for sure will be back to buy from (me) the store again. How could I tell he I was mad with her. Never in a million years would I have told her that! As I really only want to help her no matter if she bought yarn from us or not!

She gave me this great big hug and told me she will be back!

My believes are

“If you give a little Help, Care, and Understanding you get sooo much more in return back”

maybe not right away but customers like that will remember You “Me”    

“I know I make a Difference”

And You can too.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Well we sure have lots of colours here….

I could knit up sooo many patterns with this wonderful Yarn and never be bored.

Stunning and just perfect for the coming drab winter too….

2013-01-28 13.18.442013-01-28 13.18.35So let go knit or crochet as much as we can.

We all will bring a sunshine to the day

Happy Crafting


let the world know

You are



with YARN…….


Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

DSC04467As I was busy working on this Rag Quilt all weekend I totally missed the Weekly photo challenge.

Now my quilt is in the wash for the felting, but before that I took some pictures with the hope to blog about it and show you how much fun this Rag Quilts is to sew up.
Not realizing at that time what the weekly them is….

Just logged on to computer… Yes…this will be perfect for this Weeks Photo Challenge:

One Shot, Two Ways

The one shot is of the Rag Quilt where I stand above it. My favourite one is where I was placing the camera on the quilt and taking a shot of all the cut ends, that now are in the wash machine to felt up. Nice and cuddly soft it will once it will be dry.

DSC04465Soooo wonderful warm and cuddly for the winter


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow


Webster’s Falls is a curtain waterfall 22 metres in height. Located at the Spencer Gorge / Webster’s Falls Conservation area in Greensville, its source is Spencer Creek

That rock right in the middle of this picture with the dark front ….

I would consider that to be a


The mist in front of the falls, another Foreshadow…

with the overhanging rocks creating another Foreshadow….

I just love this picture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

On our trips to the Cape Cod area in the United States in 2009 we came across this


I love how they used up any kind of bottle and displayed all the wonderful colours and shapes in this decorative display of Art.


Im 2009 fuhren wir in unser Ferien in die Staaten nach Cape Cod. Da sahen wir dieses Meisterwerk


Mir gefällt das wie sie hier jede Form und Farbe von Flasche nahmen und als Dekortions uns in dieser Art zeiten.

English: Map of the towns on Cape Cod. http://...
English: Map of the towns on Cape Cod. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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