Loading My Warping Reel

The last project of my loom has come off… New one to begin. With that said I had to figure out how to do use my warping reel. First time ever.

Sure it was kind off unsure of what to do next. But it actually was not to complicated to figuring it out. “Yes I Can” Just followed the instructions as in many other things … Someone tells me to read the manuals… or go to YouTub. So I did and look it up. Seemed to work out not to bad.

Ripped Jeans

IMG_1939Yahhh most of you know “Ripped Jeans” one pays a lot of money for them…but what if You have a pair of good Jeans you just can’t part with if there is a small rip right by the knee that every time you kneel down the rip gets bigger and longer…..Nooooo!!

Embroidery Work on Jeans is the new … THING …and guess what …I can do It!!!!! Yehhh

Lucky for me I was able to learn something NEW today at my work !! One this Baby Lock Alliance

I know one day I’ll show You how to use it too …smiles.  I am learning how to work this Baby and that truly makes me happy… Practice, practice…so excited about his machine. It can do embroidery work on sleeves and pant legs…sssoooo coooollll… oh yes…Just need one now too….ahhh yes of to work I go.



I fixed my rip of about 2″ …yes and all with  patterns already on the Baby Lock Alliance…Just having fun relax You too can do this…Yes I know some cash is needed for this baby …But one never knows…Loved every minute of learning how to do this …I am hooked!

Have a wonderful weekend


Thanks Sew Much

IMG_1786Best thing Clodagh my boss said to me yesterday, was

“Let’s work up an embroidery Design from our newest Anita Goodesign All Access Club …..oh yes, and try to do it on the Baby Lock Alliance Embroidery machine”

If you could have seen my reaction …Smiles Yes with open arms literally …I welcomed and needed that challenge. Sometimes it is hard to see the light when your so sad and can’t see the sunshine in life… 

Out came the manual and step by step I worked up this card….Yes I Can

I now think this would be a really great machine for me at home too all the many ideas I have for it…Just need the funds for it…haha. I a sure I am not the only one with this thought…

Hand Sewn Knitting Bag

Hand Sewn Knitting Bag

This is what hapends when I am off work for two days and it is cold outside.
This is what hapends when I am off work for two days and it is cold outside.

Two days off work, well it is so bitter cold at -29 who wants to go out?! See what came off it. A dozen knitting bags and more….Well it does help to work in a Fabric and Yarn store I have to say. Have a look at “The Quilt Store and The Yarn Store” we have so much fabric and yes yarns too. Sometimes it is hard being around all this amazing stuff.

"Grace" Knitting Bag
“Grace” Knitting Bag

My Co-worker Deb showed me how to sew up this knitting bag. For sure I had to sew one up asap. Well new fabric came in ..guess what some came home with me too. I used Canvas fabric for all my main print part and reg cotton prints for the rest, lining and topper, handles and inner lining. I love them all and wow can’t decide the one I am going to keep for Myself. My mom like some too well that gives me some options I guess.

"New York" & "Polka Dot"
“New York” & “Polka Dot”

"My Canada" & "High Style"
“My Canada” & “High Style”

Zwei Tage frei von der Arbeit na ja bei dieser Eiskält von minus 29 Grad da bleibe ich daheim. Schau was ich genäht habe. Ein dutzend Stricktaschen …. Na ja es hilft, in einem Stoff und Wollen-Shop zu arbeiten. Schaue nur bei “The Quilt Shop und The Yarn Shop” sooo viel Stoff und Garn. Manchmal ist es echt schwer um all das zu sein.

"Sock Monkey" & "My Mom's Style"
“Sock Monkey” & “My Mom’s Style”

Meine Kollegin Deb, hat mir gezeigt, wie man diesen Strickbeutel näht. Du kannst drei mall raten es blieb nicht bei einem. Wir bekamen neuen Stoff im Geschäft. Für den Hauptstoff brauchte ich “Canvas” und alles ander ist Baumwolle. Mir gefallen sie alle! Doch ein delaema habe ich nun, ist es schwere mich zu entscheiden welche ich behalten werde.  Meine Mutt’ (Mutter) wird auch ein paar bekommen, dass wird dann meine Entscheidung leichter machen denke ich…

"Orange Spring" & "Summer red"
“Orange Spring” & “Summer red”

And this is what my floor looked like the past two days...Now I have to go and clean up...
And this is what my floor looked like the past two days…Now I have to go and clean up…

"My Fun Stuff" & "Hat Lady"
“My Fun Stuff” & “Hat Lady”

"Sew & Knit"  & "Passion"
“Sew & Knit” & “Passion”

Yarn Sale At My Work!!! Yehhh

Ok ladies…

How about this another month of 20% off

from all this great yarn.

2013-02-08 16.15.47
Yarn Hollow Worsted and DK weight

Need some ideas what to knit or crochet…ohh I have lots of ideas for You!

2013-02-08 13.41.52

Let’s say I have always something on my needles or hook. Just need to stop in at “The Yarn Store” and ask what I have in my basket….smile if you know me, You know that basket is always traveling with me and I love to help you anytime!

2013-06-12 13.14.39

see You soon….

2013-03-05 19.06.13
Blanket Shawl in Debbi Bliss …how about that the kit is 20% off too

Can You tell I do not want to count all that Yarnnnn…

rather be knitting it!!!

2013-02-23 16.16.17 - Copy

You can visit us at: http://www.theyarnstore.ca/

and http://www.thequiltstore.ca/

almost forgot the fabric side has 50% off see the website!!!

2013-06-01 11.21.19

A Day To Remember

Snowing on Mother’s Day wow look at this snow…burrr cold again. 

After we had already so many gorgeous days.  What is this weather doing this year? 

Es schneit hier am Muttertag….burrrr so kalt wieder.

Nach all den wunderschön warmen Tagen die wir schon hatten .  Was macht auch das Wetter wieder?



Now we are on our way to Hamilton and the clouds are still heavy but as you can see on the way home it is getting sunnier again so this we all know will not last long …as we are in Spring…..and nicer days will be around the corner again.

Nun sind wir auf dem Weg nach Hamilton die Wolken sind immer noch schwer. Doch als der Tag zu ging kam die Sonne heraus.  Wir sind ja im Frühling und die schönen Tage sind um die Ecken.

Well the day  had many surprises some very nice once that a lot of time, thoughts and hand crafting went into it.

Ohhh and not to forget with a lot of  LOVE for Mom. 

 Thank You with all my heart and love for you ……

Auch hatte der Tag viele schöne Überraschungen

 die mit viel Lieb, Überlegung, Gedenken und auch von Hand hergestellt wurden. 

Von meinem Herzen Lieben Dank and Euch I love you too….

My Hardanger Runner / Mein Hardanger Tischleufer

Just a few pictures of the Runner that I have finished, ohh…about four to six years ago.  Seeing it makes me want to start a new project using Hardanger Embroidery.  But I do like my knitting too.   As I  only have so much time available at the moment, perhaps in the Spring or Summer it will be a better time to start a new fun project.

Nur ein paar Fotos von meinem Runner denn ich etwa vor vier oder sechs Jahren fertig gestickt hatte.  Wenn ich dass so sehe reitzt es mich gerade wieder etwas anzufangen.  Doch habe ich im Moment wenig Zeit und mein Stricken is ja auch da.  So vieleicht im Fruehling oder Summer ist es besser um etwas Neues anzufange.

Teddy Bear


Teddy Bear in the making again

The gnomes I just recently finished for the Holiday Season have been such a hit with a lot of my friends. So that I was on the surge for something else to knit that would be just as much fun to make. I remembered I have this just have this great Stuffed Toy  Book from Debbie Bliss called “Toy Knits”. So many choices for all the bits and pieces of leftover yarn. 

I remembered this lovely teddy bear that looks so sweet too.  I am always having leftover yarn not enough to make a pair of mittens or socks.  But great to put the legs, arms and body together for this bear.  Or… if I do not have enough for the body then surly it will be great to make the sweater for the bears.  This snuggly bear will shortly go for a flight to Europe I hope he will enjoy the company he is going to have there. 

 But as promised to my friends and kids I will knit some more…..keep your eye open for future once.

             Teddybären Zum Stricken
Die Zwerge die ich erst vor kurzem für die Weihnachtszeit fertig gestrickt hatte, waren ein solcher Erfolg mit vielen meiner Freunden.  So dass ich auf der Suche für etwas anderem zum stricken war. Ich hatte vor kurzem ein Buch gekauft von Debbie Bliss “Toy Knits”.  So viele Möglichkeiten für  übrig gebliebenes Garn.
So erinnerte ich mich an diesen wunderschönen Teddybären. Einiges von dem übrig gebliebenen Garn ist nicht genug, um ein Paar Handschuhe oder Socken  zu stricken. Doch genug für Beine, Arme oder den Körper für diesen kleinen Bär zu stricken. Oder wenn ich nicht genug für den Körper habe dann ist es sicher genug den Pullover für die Bären zu machen.

    Dieser schmuseliger Bär geht in Kürze auf eine Reise nach Europa. Ich hoffe, er wird da jemandem Lieben  freude bereiten.

Square by Square Peyote Stitch Bracelet

Square by Square Peyote Stitch Bracelet also sold as Patchwork Peyote Bracelete

 So much fun to bead this Bracelet. I found the instruction at one of our local bead stores http://www.thatbeadlady.com since then I have completed a few of the bracelets and even the kids love to help. They love all the fun colors, sparkles ……..and try to string a necklace for mom too. With all the many colors of beads or sizes you can buy, this is a beautiful way to start your beading interest. If you have been interest in beading and never dared to start any small fun projects. This surely will get you to start and finish a wonderful gift for yourself or a friend. I find it rewarding and fun to come up with so many new color combinations for this Charm.

Have a look and let me know what you think.

Look  at some of my previous entries for Braclets.


Fuer meine Deutsch sprechende Freunde

Quadrat ueber Quadrat Peyote Armband

  Ich habe das Muster in einem lockalen “Chraelelie” Perlen Laden ( http://www.thatbeadlady.com ) gefunden . Seit dem habe ich ein paar von den Armbändern fertig gemacht.  Sogar die Kinder haben Spass mit zu helfen. Die Farben und das funkelt….., so versuchen sie sogar eine Kette für’s  Mami zu machen.
     Mit all den vielen Farben und Groessen der Perlen, ist dies eine schönes Hobbie. Hattest Du schon immer Interesse an Perlen (Chraelelie)und hast es nicht gewagt  ein kleines Projekte anzufangen, das ist mit Sicherheit ein wunderbares Geschenk für Dich selbst oder jemand den Du mags. Ich finde es entspanned und macht viel Spaß mit so vielen Farbkombinationen zu arbeiten.  Schau hinein und lasse mich wissen, was Du denkst. Freue mich immer auf Antwort oder Kommentar.

Geh’ zu meim freuheren Blog unter Armbaender (Braclete) da kannst Du noch mehr sehen.