Charming Charms


Well the New Year is here and as usual I am searching for new ideas…..

Luckily I was asked if I could transform a wonderful looking bookmark into something that my friend could wear to show off the beautiful Charms.  We came up with the idea of making it into a Necklace……..

Not too sure if that is the best solution……..I was looking around again in the magazines.  I decided to make a bracelet.  So here the transformed bookmark…….wonderful idea I think.

Reizende Armband

Nun das neue Jahr ist hier und wie immer bin ich auf der Suche nach neuen Idean …..
Zum Glück wurde ich gefragt, ob ich einen wunderbares Buchzeichen in etwas anderes verwandeln könnte.  So das sie es tragen kann mit all den schöne Charms. Wir kamen auf die Idee,  eine Halskette würde schön sein……..
Nicht so sicher, ob dass die beste Lösung ist…….. nachdenklich suchte ich in den Zeitschriften herum.  So beschlossen ich ein Armband zu machen.  Also hier das transformierten Buchzeichen……. wunderbare Idee.

Links into Links Bracelet

Links into Links Bracelet

 Nice way to use up some of your seed beads.  Just mix and match and have fun with the colors. Here are some pictures of the diagram to make one link for this Bracelet.

  The links are all interwoven, only the last on is a back and forth flat Peyote stitch over three rows.  Use any clasp method you like to finish it off.  Or sew on a snap clasp form your sew kit.  Here are some of the links joined together. 


Fuer meine Deutsch sprechende Freunde

Links in Links Armband
Schoen ein paar von den uebrigen Perlen auf zu brauchen koennen. Mische Deine uebrigen Perlen und Farben miteinader und habe viel Spaß dabei.  Hier sind einige Bilder und Angaben, um eine Verbindung zu diesem Armband zu machen.  Die Teile sind alle miteinander verbunden.   Nur das letzte Teil is ein hin und her Peyote Stich über drei Reihen.
Du kannst verschieden Verschluss Metoden gebrauchen.  Oder Du kannst einen Snap Verschluss an nähenvon Deinem Nähekasten.
Hier sind einige der Links miteinander verbunden

Lattice Cube Frame Bracelet

Lattice Bracelt Framed with Cube Beads 

I love working on this Bracelet.  Very easy to learn and complete it in about two to three Hours depends on your time. The once from today’s Blog are in one color tone.   However they look amazing if you mix three of your similar colors together and just pick up Seed-beads as you go along.  See one of my earlier Blogs.  I just had fun picking up whatever color was in front of my needle

This pattern is available at:

I thought I can go somewhat cheaper with the clasps and went to a store that caries all kind of Craft items.  That was a bad choice as the magnets fell out of its casing only after several days of wearing it.  See my Picture with the blue Bracelet.

Zig-Zag Bead Bracelet with Swarovsky Crystals

Zigzag Peyote Stitch Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

A fun way of creating some zigzag into your daily jewellery.  I have made it with a few beads added on. It will be wider than the pattern ask for to add on some lengths for a more dramatic bigger look it will then also fit wider writs.  At the same time string on less beads and the same Bracelet will become less wide and shorter for a smaller writs.  The Zigzag will work out to a finished look for you to add on the clasp.  This pattern is available at “That Bead Lady”.

Foursquare Bracelet

This Foursquare Bracelet was a fun project.  The pattern asked for Swarovski Crystal to add-on by the Clasp.  I chose to use up some of my black beads instead.  Enjoy wearing it as it is lose almost more a Bangle Bracelet.   You could wear two at a time or make the clasp more dramatic.   Add it on with another one of your favourite Bracelet as I am wearing it.

Beadwork Bracelets in Multi Color Tones

Beaded BraceletsJust a few of some of my latest Bracelets.

One “Lattice Cube Bracelet” in green tones and one  in blue and pink tones. I have used 4mm Japanese cube beads and size 11mm seed beads that I have mixed up tLattice Cube Bracelteo achieve a multi color tone  for the Lattice Cube Bracelets.Lattice Cube BraceletLattice Cube BraceletLattice CUbe Bracelet





For the “Patchwork Peyote Bracelet” in silver and blue tones I have use Delica beads  in size 8 and 12, cube beads  3mm and #1 bugles.  All have magnetic clasp for easy on and off,  the magnets are strong enoPatchwork Braceletugh to hold and not be pulled apart easily.Patchwork Bracelet