Spring Flowers

IMG_1973Flowers are blooming everywhere now…

So not just animals and bugs are in my backyard…

Pink Peony so beautiful

Enjoying the sunshine too. Beautiful day today ….

Peony is one flower I am happy to have in my garden…

Yes Ants come with this flower…Don’t mind that either…I know they serve a purpose…IMG_1947

Just care less for ant hills in the grass.

Tablecloth Coming Right Up

IMG_4436Ahhh…so today was fun at work….Wendy showed me how to sew this “Tablecloth”

And all the ladies in the “Sew Social Club” where right behind it too. You ladies are so much fun!IMG_4431

Well the original pattern really is for a baby blanket. So here I go…. once shown twice sewn….and many more to come.

IMG_4426Smile Wendy I have to stop!

In no time, I really have to say a very simple and easy to sew up project. I think it takes way longer to choose the fabric for it. But leave it to us Girls at the store “The Quilt and Yarn Store” we can help you with that dilemma too. Especially if you have thousands of meters right under our nose like I do every day at work.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.IMG_4437

Indian Summer

2014-10-27 16.37.26Well truly I prefer to see them on the tree….but the time is here again and we need to get ready for the winter.

I know, I should be raking all these leaves up….but it looks so nice right now. A view more days as the trees in all the neighbour backyards are just starting to lose the leaves.2014-10-26 12.38.15

Perhaps tomorrow I will go and take my rake in my hands.

As to soon this will all be white with frost and yes snow. Not sure I am looking forward to this yet. 2014-10-26 12.37.55

2014-10-27 16.37.00Lieber sehen ich die Blätter an den Bäumen …. aber die Zeit ist wieder da, und wir müssen aufreumen da der Winter schon bald vor der Tür sein wird.

Ich weiß, ich sollte all diese Blätter rechen gehen…. aber es sieht so schön aus im Moment. Noch ein paar Tage denke ich, da die Bäume in allen Nachbarhinterhöfen erst die Blätter verlieren.

Vielleicht werde ich morgen den Rechen  in meinen Händen nehmen.

Wie bald wird dies alles weiß mit Frost und Schnee ja sein. Im Moment gefällt es mir aber besse so.

2014-10-26 12.36.16

Red Cardinal Bird

Taking in some sun and peaceful moments  in our backyard.  I was surprise by a  Cardinal Birds pair.  Sitting on the bench next to my favourite Standard Willow Trees…it looks as the cardinals like it too.  Ony about two arms lengths away from me, they decided to landed on the branches.  I always have my knitting basket with my camera close by.  So carefully reaching down to get the camera and hoping to take a view pictures.  Lucky for me you can see I really was able to take these great photos. 

 Für ein paar Minuten habe ich die Sonne und die Ruhe genossen in unserm Garten.  Als ich  Überrascht wurde von einem Cardinal Vogel Paar.  Ich sass gerad auf der Bank neben den Stantart Willow Baum…as die Zwei auch in diesen Baum flogen..nur etwa zwei Armslänge von mir weg.  Da ich immer mein Strickkorb mit Fotoapparat bei mir habe, versuchte ich ganz langsam den Fotoapparat heraus zu nehmen um einige Fotos zu bekommen von den schönen Vögeln.  Ich hatte Glück.

Snow-Covered Backyard / Verschneiter Garten

 This was last week in our backyard, so very pretty all snowed in.  It reminds me of the days I lived in Switzerland and I spend the days in the Winter Wonderland in the Mountains. Some morning when I woke up living on top of the Mountain by the Berghaus Eggli, it was so idyllic and quiet all at peace. 

Das war letzte Woche bei uns im Garten, ganz Verschneit  und schön weiss.  Es erinnert mich an die Zeit wo ich beim Berhause Eggli, Gstaad auf dem Berg gewohnt hatte.  Ganz schön still und friedlich am Morgen auf dem Berg.

Spider in it’s Web

Wonderful sight

This was so great I was able to go to one inch up to this Spider that had made this awesome web between two Junipers in our backyard, every day we, the kids and I had a chance to see what this amazing Spider was up to.  Sometimes it was hiding in the Juniper waiting for some action.  This time it was I believe feeding on a bug.  It was interesting depends from what side I approached this Spider it would see me and move back to its hiding spot.  If I came toward it from his top it would not move so I can only think it did not see me and I was so happy to get these beautiful pictures so close up.

“Spider, Spider what do you see

Not me………

Come closer so I see you

Let me look at you ……ohhhh so beautiful what a delicate web

Just look, don’t touch,

 I will take care of you…..just look

I’ll be good to you”

By Jacqueline Grice