Busy Beaver / Biber Hat Es Streng

Busy Beaver in the Spring

In the woods one can see all kinds of things.   Like how busy the beaver can be.  Here a few pictures from our most resent walk in the woods.  We even stood on top of his home till my husband told us this it’s a beaver hut.  So I tried to take some pictures of the opening, was a little difficult as I did not want to take a plunge into the water.

Biber hat es streng diesen Frühling.

Auf unserem letzten Spaziergang im Wald, hatten wir einiges gesehen. Der Biber hat es schon sehr steng gehabt.   Mein Man sagte plötzlich, dass wir auf einem Biber Hause stehen am Fluss-ufer.  Ich versuchte einige Fotos zu nehmen, doch war es etwas lustig, da ich nicht ins Wasser fallen wollte.

Sleeping Squirrel on the Fence

Sleeping Squirrel on the Fence

This was so sweet to see.  My Husband and I where just sitting in the backyard, enjoying a nice day, this past Summer in our Backyard.  When I spotted something sitting on the Fence tucked into the bushes.  As I looked closer….to my surprise it was a young Squirrel sleeping.  I grabbed our camera and snuck up to it as close as I could.  Again ….I was amazed that I was able to get to almost one meter to the Fence till the Squirrel got a little nervous.  This cute little Squirrel only then started to move.  I was able to take a lot of pictures and one even with it still sleeping.