Amazing Clouds before the Storm

This was a really windy afternoon on August 21st.2009. Clouds

The weather forecast called for tornado watch in our area and there was a Cloudetouchdown at a Horse Stable just outside our Town that day.

                                        Clouds                                                Thunder clouds roared south and east  turning blue skies black in minutes, then lightning and torrents of rain. And just as suddenly, the rain moved on and left sun filtering through fire-red clouds.

Beadwork Bracelets in Multi Color Tones

Beaded BraceletsJust a few of some of my latest Bracelets.

One “Lattice Cube Bracelet” in green tones and one  in blue and pink tones. I have used 4mm Japanese cube beads and size 11mm seed beads that I have mixed up tLattice Cube Bracelteo achieve a multi color tone  for the Lattice Cube Bracelets.Lattice Cube BraceletLattice Cube BraceletLattice CUbe Bracelet





For the “Patchwork Peyote Bracelet” in silver and blue tones I have use Delica beads  in size 8 and 12, cube beads  3mm and #1 bugles.  All have magnetic clasp for easy on and off,  the magnets are strong enoPatchwork Braceletugh to hold and not be pulled apart easily.Patchwork Bracelet

What kind of a Ladybug are you?

All in Black
Quiz.....What is my Name?

Wow…..! Sometimes in the month of August out in our backyard I was surprised to see this wonderful black Ladybug with no spots on it.   It was just flying onto our Standard Willow Tree where I was sitting close by.  It is so unique in its colors that I still have not found out if this is norma027l to see a black Ladybug or if I was just lucky to spot it.

Ladybug in Black?
What is my Name?
Fishtail wristwarmers

Some Great Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless GlovesI love this fun pattern called “Fishtail wristwarmers“. It is fun to knit and only uses up one ball of yarn. I have used Lang  Yarn ” Jawoll Superwash” in gray and “Meilenweit Cotton” in orange. I have to say both look and feel nice. My favourite though would be the gray one, knit with Lang Yarn  “Jawoll Superwash.”

 As today is Halloween the orange one would be the perfect one to wear tonight.  The pattern was fun to knit and you get into the pattern repeats soon. 

 I will work on a few more for some Presents.  Hope to keep a few children happy and warm in the cold winter days.  Perhaps we all should start to think of the poor and just make one extra item for just one child.  Even one will make a difference. 

summer coat

Handknit Projects from 2009

#22 Long Pointelle Coat
by Michele Rose Orne
from Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 2008

This was a fun project especially since I made two of them. The first one was too small so I gave it to my daughter and made another one for myself. Fun and light to wear in a hot day if you like to cover up or on a cooler summer evening.