Teen Knitting Is A Huge Trend Today

I-Pod Cozie Owl I found on the internet

I am so happy to ready this article that my hubby sent me a view days ago. He is always on the look out for me to get new ideas in Knitting, Quilting, Home Decorations, Family, What is the newest Fashion…you name it he will find it for me.

So please have a look at this link I posted here It talks all about YESSS

“Teen knitting is a huge trend today”

And not just with girls…Yes the Boys are realizing they meet the girls if they learn to knit or crochet …how about that for a change….


(As per this Article and I just picked a view lines that popped for me in this article:)

“Books about teen knitting are flying off the shelves faster than ever before, and high school knitting clubs are popping up everywhere. Unlike many other crafts, knitting is very accessible and satisfying for beginners, which is one reason why teen knitting is suddenly so hip. Teen knitting is most popular with girls, but more and more guys are picking up the hobby too. From stylish and cozy caps to ultra-modern iPod cozies, teen knitting today is about much more than just sweaters.
Teen knitting clubs are a logical offshoot of this new trend. Although knitting is in some ways a solitary activity, being part of a community of knitters is a great way to learn new techniques and get inspiration for new projects.  The social aspect of teen knitting is a big reason why it is so popular. A lot of teen knitting is done by boys who want to make unique laptop covers, clothes that are the height of cool, or special gifts that any relative or girlfriend are sure to appreciate. The fact that teen knitting isn’t just a trend among girls really says something about how much gender roles have changed since grandma started making mittens.”

I Pod Cozie 4This is just to show you a view I-Pod Cozies that I found looking on the internet…really cool ideas. Some are Knit and some are crochet.

I Pod Cozie 2I Pod cozie 3

Yarn Sale At My Work!!! Yehhh

Ok ladies…

How about this another month of 20% off

from all this great yarn.

2013-02-08 16.15.47
Yarn Hollow Worsted and DK weight

Need some ideas what to knit or crochet…ohh I have lots of ideas for You!

2013-02-08 13.41.52

Let’s say I have always something on my needles or hook. Just need to stop in at “The Yarn Store” and ask what I have in my basket….smile if you know me, You know that basket is always traveling with me and I love to help you anytime!

2013-06-12 13.14.39

see You soon….

2013-03-05 19.06.13
Blanket Shawl in Debbi Bliss …how about that the kit is 20% off too

Can You tell I do not want to count all that Yarnnnn…

rather be knitting it!!!

2013-02-23 16.16.17 - Copy

You can visit us at: http://www.theyarnstore.ca/

and http://www.thequiltstore.ca/

almost forgot the fabric side has 50% off see the website!!!

2013-06-01 11.21.19

Progress on my Quilt

My Firts Quilt So it is about time I finish my first quilt, right?!

Yes my walking foot for the sewing machine works now after having a user issue at first …that would be me…smile.

Until Ana had a closer look at my machine. She told that the foot does not line up with the bottom feet….ok glad to have Ana to help me with that too.Crochet Sample And Knit Sample

So home I came after my workday. Know the question was, do I knit, crochet or work on my quilt? I did have my crochet project in my hands and after 4 reps of the pattern I told myself stop!!! go work on the quilt. Ok I know I have to do the “Stitch In The Ditch” stuff….yes also my first time …. struggling with all that material between  the needle and the body of the machine and sewing a straight line….and yes all the pins….huuuhaaa…not so easy I say ….done now…

will see what my teacher Ana has to say…smile my guess is I used the wrong colour threat for this job

So ist es Zeit, dass ich meine erste Quilt fertig nähe, nicht wahr?!.

My Firts Quilt, with the back side showingJa, mein Leufer Fuß für die Nähmaschine funktioniert jetzt, nachdem ich Gestern etwas problem hatte damit …ein Benutzer Problem … das wäre mich … smile. So brachte ich die Maschine ins Geschäft um nach zu fragen was ich da falsch mache?


Dann wurde mir erklärt das der Fuss oben und unten nicht überein legen. So die gute  Ana kam zur Hilfe und nun klapt alles Bestens.  Danke Schön.

Zuhause angekommen nach meinem Arbeitstag war die Frage,  stricken, häkeln oder weiter machen mit meinem Quilt?

 Ich hatte meine Häkelprojekt in meinen Händen doch nach 4 Musters Wiederholungen sage ich genug damit! Mach mit der Patchwork Decke weiter .

Ok, ich weiß, “Stich im Graben”  (wie wird dem sagen) mach ich auch das Erste Mal…. etwas gekämpft hatte ich mit all dem Material, das zwischen der Nadel und der Maschine war und dann auch noch geraden Linie zu nähen und all die Sicherheits Nadeln dazu…. huuuhaaa … gar nicht so einfach. Bin gestpannt was meine  Lehrerin  die Ana dazu zusagen hat. lächeln .. meine Vermutung ist, dass ich nicht die richtige Farbe beim Faden benutz habe…

Priceless “Betty Boop” Bag

The Smile

Betty Boop Bag (felted green bag).  

 The Flowers

photo (6)

Yes there is a story behind this  “Betty Boop” bag (felted green bag)…..I have to say.

First our  Boss “Madi” was knitting this amazing bag …and believe me she likes to knit and quilt!

Than to help came Julia

 as this bag had to be finished for Knitter’s FrolicPhoto1

just the past weekend. It was a project that was just calling for her.

Have a look at the size before it was felted ….
wow Julia that looks like fun… fellting each pedal by hand. They look amazing on the Bag

If You where visiting “The Yarn Store” Booth You too did see this great Bag.

Love the Pedals…and a Diamond too!!!! wow

Have a look at the flowers that Julia knit pedal by pedal

Now we have it on display at the store and guess who took a liking to it…

Our Ana!

My big boss, Madi I m sure loves it too….SMILE we all are in love with

20130425_224308_resized (1)
Perfect Bag and a cup of Tee too

Betty Boop Bag (felted green bag).  

The Quilt Store and The Yarn Store at the Creative Festival



Well…. I can tell You all, the doors have not even open and we “The Staff” of The Quilt Store and The Yarn Store in Newmarket are already having so much fun. This mornings drive to the International Centre was a blast….Irene made sure we all are awake that is for sure. The coffee helped too I have to say….Thanks for our great driver Adrienne we arrived in no time.

2013-04-25 17.21.13
The Quilt Section is looking awesome
2013-04-25 17.20.53
So does the Yarn Section

Ok I have to say THANKS! to Ana and Joe to have the super soft floor all laid out already.

I was wondering all night if those boxes made it onto the truck. 2013-04-25 17.19.41

When You are at our booth #115 visiting tomorrow Friday or Saturday, You too will know why I was worried that these boxes possibly were left behind at storage.2013-04-25 17.02.42

ok we have to take a break too and eat...
ok we have to take a break too and eat…

We have some amazing kits prepared for


next Quilt. You have to see the “Rag Quilt” Sam sewed up so feverishly the last week, stunning I have to say!

Yes I know so many more quilts have been on our machines at the store….everyone played a part in it I am sure Madi even worked on one or two herself…so You just have to see for yourself.

Ah yes here is my favourite: Knitting and Yarn!!!

Angel Blanket Shawl” knit up with Debbie Bliss “Angel” smile my favourite of course. We have lots of colours for you in the “Angel” You will not believe it and pattern is free with the yarn purchase for this “Angel Blanket Shawl” as I say “Make It Yours!

2013-04-25 17.03.28
You will see us in the Yarn Section

But that is not all we have lots of Noro yarns too.One can buy them in single skeins and in bags. Guess what if You buy one bag the second is 1/2 price worth the visit.

 LOL I even was looking at it once the set up was all done…NOOO!!! too many colours to pick. The news Noro Books are at the booth too. I told You with the visit.

2013-04-25 17.03.02

Almost forgot You have to see I have a sample  made up that is all crochet….really…let me know if you spot it.

Debbie will also show You how to knit the “Swallow Hill” Scarf a true jewel to have in you wardrobe.

That is not all….so many more yarns, patterns, samples are all hanging up too.

2013-04-25 17.40.38So I am talking all about the Creative Festival and the booth we have there….that is not all.

Deb, Julia and Claire are all at the Knitter’s Frolic You should see what they have in store for You…Sample that we all knit up, so You can see how the yarn knits up…Yes Americo Original Yarns we have just for You…and lots of Kits all put together for You.

Not to forget we have some great ladies still able to help You at the store…

2013-04-25 17.19.57

So it has been a long day and tomorrow will be a blast with all of You visiting Us at both booths the Creative Festival booth #115 and at the Knitter’s Frolic….

Puppies at The Quilt and Yarn Store

Oh I never thought I go to work one day and have the wonderful experience to see puppies being born. Yes you may say at  a Pet Store sure…..Well this was all happening at

“The Quilt Store & The Yarn Store”

only 2 hours ago.

How sweet is this


having her very first puppy…a girl too

Looks like we will have our puppy of the store!!! Smile

Ana you will have your hands full …more to come

and sure enough one more girl

                                                                              two puppies so far.

My First Rag Quilt

Yes you are probably asking yourself

What is she doing now…wandering from the yarns….????




I love my knitting and will always enjoy creating handknit items. Though since I now work in a Quilt and Yarn Store the ladies there are trying to convert me to patchwork and quilting…

So I thought I will give it a try.

So you may see in the future not just posting knitted items but also me working with…. yes amazing fabric…

I kind of like the flannel, I guess it is because it feels so snugly warm like this first “Rag Quilt”

I sewed up in about two days.

And….Yes I did ask lots of question at work ” THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP”

Smile, my Co-Workers in the Quilt and Yarn section are amazing,

giving me a place to be and have my daily fun.

 Ihr werden Euch jetzt sicher  Fragen

Was geht sie jetzt weg von dem Stricken….??

Ich kann ehrlich  sagen


Wird nie passieren!

Ich liebe mein Strickarbeit und werde immer freude dabei haben.

Doch seit ich jetzt in einem Patchwork/Stoff  und Wolle Geschäft arbeit versuchen die Damen im Stoff Teil, mich zum Patchwork und Quilten zu verführen …

So dachte ich es liegt ja nichts dabei es zu versuchen.

So wird es dazu kommen dass in der Zukunft acuh Du etwas davon zu sehen bekommst.

… irgendwie mag ich den Flanell Ich denke, es ist, weil es so kuschelig warm ist und wir in den Winter gehen. So hier ist mein erster “Rag Quilt” der innert zwei Tagen fertig war.

Ja, mit viele Fragen im Geschäft …. Lächeln …alle sind sehr hilfsbereit bei der Arbeit …. DANKE EUCH DAFÜR

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