How Time Goes On

Have you thought that too?

Well I have …

Listening to songs and falling into the world of music. Honestly I can’t remember when I last had the TV on.

OMG that used to be my side noise to knitting my ohhh so many projects. That I have lately neglected. Not sure what has changed in me. But even my knitting has slowed down. Got to find my heart again… yet it is at the water lately lots… taking pictures and seeing the peaceful waves rolling into the shores. Something said for that wonderful sunset too.

Absolutely need to find my motjo again… and get creating. I have soooo much yarn in my stash… honestly not sure what I was thinking… Perhaps I’ll have a new carrier … I’ll be sailing on the sailboat, enjoying the evening sunset with a glass of wine & my knitting…lol in the South one day perhaps…

Dreams are possible … for now it is at the marina close by…

Learning to Sail now… sooo loving it

How have you been enjoying this summer so far? Tell me .. text me.. Love to hear form you .

Vivian Forest Hike

IMG_0940Amazing how this weather can change from one weekend to the other…April 14th. to April 16th we had this terrible Ice snow rain…hard to explain It looked like snow but was ice powder…And this continued for 2-3 days straight….

Then the Spring came last weekend April 20 just fantastic how this all changed in yes less than 5 days…..!!! Believe me I spend all the weekend OUTSIDE :-)))) Soooo happy

IMG_0930Sunday April 22nd. hubby and I went on a hike at Vivian Forest.. Just perfect spending time together…”Him and I”  ….;-))) one of my favourite songs too…


Artisan Festival In Our Town

Every year in June

we have this great Artisan Festival happening in our Town.  Both my husband and I enjoy going to this weekend event every year.  There are always so many fun creative people showing us what they are creating and  selling too.  Pottery, Woodworking,Iron, Photography, Beading, Knitting, Sewing, Painting and so much more.  Lots of fun.


Jedes Jahr im Juni 

haben wir dieses großartige Artisan Festival  in unserer Stadt. Mein Mann und ich gehen gerne an dieses Festival  pro Jahr,wenn  es uns möglich ist . Es gibt immer so viele kreative Menschen die uns zeigen  was sie da hergestellt  haben  und  auch verkaufen. Nur ein paar Beispiele davon was man da so sehen kann: Keramik, Holzarbeitung, Metal, Fotografie, Schmuck mit Perlen , Handgestricktes, Genähtes, Mahlen und vieles mehr.

Toronto and It’s Amazing Spots to See / Toronto und so viele Orte zum Sehen

A Visit to Toronto and some of the sights we have seen.  I find it fascinating this City, Toronto has so much to show…I love to see all the different buildings, spots and even front doors of buildings.  All the different cultures and all the entire creativity and architecture one can see……just a view pictures to show what I have seen and there is so much more to see…. The Art Gallery,  Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), CN Tower,  Liberty Village, Churches and so many  High-rise Buildings…..just a few of them


Einen kurzten Besuch in die Stadt Toronto.  Ich fined es faszinierent was die Stadt uns zeigt  mit all den vielen verschieden Arten von Bauwerken, Kulturen,  Orten und die vielen Architektur  auch wenn es nur ein Hauseingang ist.  Die vielen Art Dekoren und Kreativität die man hier sehn kann….hier ein paar Fotos was ich gesehen habe….The Art Gallery,  Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), CN Tower,  Liberty Village, Churches und noch so viele  High Rises Buildings…..doch da gibt es noch so viel mehr

My Little Swiss Lady

“My Little Swiss Lady”

Wow so long ago did I listen to this song….just can’t believe I found it, and on video too.  I guess some of you would think I am so old and wow she listens to this but for me it is wonderful keep sake.  Feels so like home listening to Pepe Lienhard.  My heart is smiling just to hear it and remembering that time.  My Childhood.  It was so nice

Ps. I do enjoy a lot of the new music artist just ask my family they would tell you……but my kids would say “Mom what are you listening to?” …….. No problem I love it!!!  My years growing up in Switzerland and I am proud of it.   Have fun listening to it and don’t forget to smile.


My Little Swiss Lady”

 Wow, vor so langer Zeit habe ich dieses Lied gehoert. …. kann es fast nicht glauben dass ich es gefunden  hab, und auch noch auf Video. Einige von Euch denken sicher die ist so alt und hört so etwas an. Doch für mich ist es wunderbar das Lied wieder einmal zuhoeren.. Fühlt sich so wie zu Hause an den Pepe Lienhard zu hören.  Mein Herz lacht nur, all die Erinnerungen.
Meine Kindheit, es war so schön und Einfach.
 PS. Ich genießen viele der neuen Musik Künstler fraget nur meine Familie, sie würden sagen: “Mutt, was hörst du den an?” …….. Kein Problem, ich liebe es! Meine Jahre, aufgewachsen in der Schweiz und bin stolz darauf. Viel Spaß beim hören und vergiss nicht zu Lachen….das darf man immer.