Toronto and It’s Amazing Spots to See / Toronto und so viele Orte zum Sehen

A Visit to Toronto and some of the sights we have seen.  I find it fascinating this City, Toronto has so much to show…I love to see all the different buildings, spots and even front doors of buildings.  All the different cultures and all the entire creativity and architecture one can see……just a view pictures to show what I have seen and there is so much more to see…. The Art Gallery,  Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), CN Tower,  Liberty Village, Churches and so many  High-rise Buildings…..just a few of them

Einen kurzten Besuch in die Stadt Toronto.  Ich fined es faszinierent was die Stadt uns zeigt  mit all den vielen verschieden Arten von Bauwerken, Kulturen,  Orten und die vielen Architektur  auch wenn es nur ein Hauseingang ist.  Die vielen Art Dekoren und Kreativität die man hier sehn kann….hier ein paar Fotos was ich gesehen habe….The Art Gallery,  Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), CN Tower,  Liberty Village, Churches und noch so viele  High Rises Buildings…..doch da gibt es noch so viel mehr

The most beautiful Movie I have seen in a long time

Have you seen “Avatar”?


My husband took me to see this spectacular movie. A world beyond imagination.  I am very  impressed with this movie.  Have you ever gone on a holiday and on the day you had to go home you just felt really sad it was over and reality came back to you.  You had to go back home, to work or whatever your normal life is.

 Well that is how I felt when the movie ended.  Seeing it in 3D was amazing.  One felt you could just reach out and touch the wonderful forest flowers, little sees pods floating around coming closer and closer to you.  The vines moving gracefully in the wind.  The huge leaves and trees standing so tall on the lush moon Pandora.  Oh and Na’vi—a sentient humanoid species how much they all work together, connecting with all their animals entwining themself together as one.  Understanding and learning from each other and read them.

 As Michelle Rodriguez,  one of my favourite Actress said in the movie “You should see your Faces”.

In this movie it gives us many messages too.  If you have a chance to see it too you will be able to understand what I am talking about.  Leave it as is and do not try to change what already is beautiful and lives and exists in harmony.

 Yes even the animals as big and fearful as they looked in the movie all has its place too an if  left alone.  Yes machines do help us but sometimes it  just destroys others.  Sometimes it would be good to step back and see what the outcome could be to others before destructions or changes are happening.

Look into their eyes and you may see it.


It’s the most beautiful Film I have seen in a long time.

See picture: Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, and Sam Worthington