A Walk At Awenda

Trillium’s are out in fill bloom all over the forest. We always had seen them towards the end of the season. A drive up to Awenda Provincial Park last Sunday was showing us them in full bloom.

Almost all of the trillium’s here are white..

Was looking to see if I find any pink or red once. Had seen them in another forest just as they started to come into blooming seasons 2 weeks ago.

Do You See What I See

img_7816A hike through the forest…

So peaceful this is!img_7723

You should see the rocks and the crevasses, many covered with all kinds of moss.  Just love all the little things I see when taking time to look. Perfect moment.

Eine Waderung durch den Wald …


So friedlich ist das!img_7704

Du solltest die Felsen sehen und die Äste, viele mit allen Arten von Moos bedeckt. Perfect den Foto Aparat  mit zu bringen. All die kleinen Dinge, die ich sehen, mann muss nur die Zeit nehmen zum schauen. Perfekter Moment.

Thanksgiving Hike AT Boyne Valley Provincial Park

2015-01-12 Thanksgiving Monday hike Bruce Trail 077 Boyne Valley Provincial Park is part of the Bruce Trail.

Where I only have gone on two hikes with my Hubby. He and his friends have almost completed all of the Bruce Trail that goes all the way from Niagara, Ontario to Tobermory2015-01-12 Thanksgiving Monday hike Bruce Trail 151 a small community located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in the municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula. It is 300 km northwest of Toronto.

So he has only two or three hikes that he needs to still walk and with it being so nice and warm on this past Thanksgiving Monday. The opportunity to go and hike the 15 km in this Boyne Valley was just perfect. Off I went on a perfect day together with my Hubby.

Just had to sit on top of one of these hay bales
Just had to sit on top of one of these hay bales with a little help from my Hubby as they are a bit high….and yes I am not a spring chicken anymore..lol

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Hockley Valley Nature Reserve Hike

IMG_3680It has been way to long since I had gone on a long hike like this one. I think it dates back to my school years when we hiked over a mountain, I think it was the Gemmi Pass (2,322 m [7,618 ft) to Leukerbad in Switzerland.IMG_3688

So Last weekend was just perfect for a hike at Hockley Valley Nature Reserve.

We spent a wonderful 6 hours together  just my husband and I. No worries just us and the beauty of the forest coming alive again. New growth of leaves, flower and animals. The water in the creeks so pristine clear just like it would be coming from a glacier still very cold.

Trout Lily (Erythronium americanum) – Ontario Wildflowers

Yes I have to admit my body is a bit soar after the hike as I really had not gone an any hikes in a long time and 14km, well I have to say I was happy I could still truck along like this and this in less then 6 hours.

Viel zu lange here seit ich eine lange Wanderung wie diese wanderte. Wenn ich so nachdenke, geht es bis auf meine Schulzeit zurück. Ich glaube, es war der Gemmipass 2.322 m  nach Leukerbad in der Schweiz.

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Am vergangenen Wochenende war das Wetter einfach perfekt für eine Wanderung. Mein Mann und ich verbrachten eine wunderschöne Zeit zusammen ohne  Sorgen, nur uns und die Schönheit des Waldes. Neues Wachstum von Blättern, Blüten und Tieren. Das Wasser in den Bächen so makellos klar als käme es aus einem Gletscher  und immer noch sehr kalt.

Ja, ich muss zugeben, dass mein Muskeln ein bisschen darunter leiden…oh ja nach der 14km Wanderung, doch war ich froh das ich dass doch noch laufen kann und unter 6 Stunden.

Relaxing after the hike at Hockley Valley Resort for a well deserved glass of wine and a Kale Salad.
Relaxing after the hike at Hockley Valley Resort for a well deserved glass of wine and a Kale Salad.