Antigua Holidays


IMG_2824Spending some time together with my hubby…yehhhh just him and I in the beautiful Island of Antigua. I tell You I was in paradise for sure.

Sooo miss it now…:-)))

The ocean turquoise blue and so clear and warm. The resort “St.James Club and Villas” truly a fantastic place.

Let me tell you the people just sooooo happy all the time…but how could you not living in the sunshine all the time and having the sound of the evening crickets chirp you to sleep. IMG_3859 Once the crickets stop you know it is time to get up!!!….and the birds start to sing….as you hear the surf of the ocean hit the shore and the palm leaves swing in the wind…So Peaceful and relaxing.

We where able to go onto two snorkeling trips. One with a catamaran along the Caribbean side of the Ocean that we booked and one right from our resort.  Guess what, that trip we won at Monday nights mangers party …luck us the ocean was calm on the second last day of our holidays.

IMG_3811Conch shells where lots to be found…smiles without the conch in it and to get the pink colour one had to find the one that was still housing the conch in it…and hubby dove down to the ocean floor several times to find some for us….We had seen a stingray and several schools of beautiful fishes even two big barracuda where close to us too…..

I think the pictures will tell you a story all on its own.

I sure can tell you I really miss that part of our world…and I am happy to say all that rain has finally stopped that we have been getting since we came back … I can be outside again enjoying my gardening now all is green… (cry not ocean blue….)

Memories are beautiful to have too….one day we will be back.



Tweet, Tweet Some News


With it already being January 11. 2017 I hope You  all had a perfect start into the New Year with Peace, Love and Health for everyone.

A New Year

A new beginning

Perfect for me to start some more writing, creating knitting patterns and yes knitting and crocheting classes available if you life close by.

Oh and my own knitting not to forget.

Just having fun with life in general too.

 2017 It will be a great year

A new plan for this year will be my online shop that will be available soon for you to find some of my own

“Knitswiss Yarns”

All hand-dyed and unless requested available in smaller dye-lot amounts. The yarns are one of a kind and will be only available through my shop. My yarns will not be available in stores at this time.

Also will sell some of my knitted garments, scarfs and much more.

Yes possibly even quilts I have sewn….

More info following soon.

Happy 2017 To You All





Our Backyard Life

IMG_7524With this summer so gorgeous we have had all kind of visitors in our backyard. Here are some of our regulars that stop by. A Cardinal and a red & black Squirl, numerous amounts of chipmunks and rabits. I thought I have seen it all..but get this!2013-07-31 15.23.45 In the past month we had a groundhog on the deck. Four raccoons in the trees and yes a skunk just wondering up the driveway and on another evening just wondering though the lawn as I and hubby sat quietly enjoying a summer evening together on the deck.IMG_7528

IMG_7610Mit diesem Sommer so herrlich warm oder soll ich eher ” heiss” sagen, gibt es alle Arten von Besuchern in unserem Garten. Hier sind einige unserer Stammgästen….

Im letzten Monat hatten wir ein Murmeltier auf dem Sitzplatz, sowie vier Waschbären in dem Baum. Ja auch ein Stinktier spazierte unsem Parkplatz entlang. An einem anderen Abend  war es sogar in unserme Garten und watschelte  so ruhig durch den Rasen als mein Mann und ich unseren Sommerabend zusammen auf dem Deck genießen wollten….ap ins Hause heiste es dann!

Just about to chump
In action …love it

2014-07-18 18.57.50

Bis bald wieder


Memories Of My Visit Home

                                                                                                                      “Möhlin das Dorf der Drei Kirchen”

           ” Möhlin the Village of the three Churches”

 is  a small town 27 years ago it had 6,000 people.  But since this year it is a city with 10,ooo people living there in the Kanton Aargau in Switzerland. We had visited  my hometown only last month in March and had taken a view pictures. Playground, the Town, Water fountains, and the farmlands…

 Here at the  “Storchen- und Pflegestation” in Möhlin, many  birds species  are at home and taken care off if found  in the wild. Some of them come here hurt,broken wings etc. or from owners that just could not keep them at their home any longer for several reasons. This place is also a breeding place for so many free flying Storchs that have had their nest  hear for so many years…

Möhlin ist eine kleines Dorf damals vor 27 Jahren mit nur 6,000 Einwohnern.  Doch jetzt seit diesem Jahr auch eine Stadt  mit 10,ooo Einwohnern  liegt im Kanton Aargau in der Schweiz. Wir hatten meiner Heimatdorf  erst letzten Monat im März  besucht und hatte einige  Bilder geknipst. Wie der Kinder- Spielplatz, das Dorf, Trinkwasser Brunnen und die Bauern felder mit Höfen etc…

  Hier in der “Storchen-und Pflegestation” in Möhlin sind viele Vogelarten zu Hause. und werden dort gepflegt und gefüttert.  Manche Tiere kommen angeschlagen oder krank hier hin oder  wenn  der Eigentümern die einfach nicht mehr halten kann im Haus oder Voliere. Diese Storchen Sation ist auch eine Brutstätte für so viele frei fliegende Störche, die ihr Nest hier haben seit so viele Jahre …







Artisan Festival In Our Town

Every year in June

we have this great Artisan Festival happening in our Town.  Both my husband and I enjoy going to this weekend event every year.  There are always so many fun creative people showing us what they are creating and  selling too.  Pottery, Woodworking,Iron, Photography, Beading, Knitting, Sewing, Painting and so much more.  Lots of fun.


Jedes Jahr im Juni 

haben wir dieses großartige Artisan Festival  in unserer Stadt. Mein Mann und ich gehen gerne an dieses Festival  pro Jahr,wenn  es uns möglich ist . Es gibt immer so viele kreative Menschen die uns zeigen  was sie da hergestellt  haben  und  auch verkaufen. Nur ein paar Beispiele davon was man da so sehen kann: Keramik, Holzarbeitung, Metal, Fotografie, Schmuck mit Perlen , Handgestricktes, Genähtes, Mahlen und vieles mehr.

Red Cardinal Bird

Taking in some sun and peaceful moments  in our backyard.  I was surprise by a  Cardinal Birds pair.  Sitting on the bench next to my favourite Standard Willow Trees…it looks as the cardinals like it too.  Ony about two arms lengths away from me, they decided to landed on the branches.  I always have my knitting basket with my camera close by.  So carefully reaching down to get the camera and hoping to take a view pictures.  Lucky for me you can see I really was able to take these great photos. 

 Für ein paar Minuten habe ich die Sonne und die Ruhe genossen in unserm Garten.  Als ich  Überrascht wurde von einem Cardinal Vogel Paar.  Ich sass gerad auf der Bank neben den Stantart Willow Baum…as die Zwei auch in diesen Baum flogen..nur etwa zwei Armslänge von mir weg.  Da ich immer mein Strickkorb mit Fotoapparat bei mir habe, versuchte ich ganz langsam den Fotoapparat heraus zu nehmen um einige Fotos zu bekommen von den schönen Vögeln.  Ich hatte Glück.

Christmas Season is starting to be around Us.

  My Husband and I had two hours to ourselves this past weekend.  Sooo……. we went for a drive and came across this great place that we have in our area to see the wonderful site of Christmas display.   Every Year this is one of my favourite visits.   I remember before we were married we went together to Niagara on the Lake, short drive from the Niagara Falls in Ontario.   I always remember the beauty of all the handmade items some stores displayed in their windows.  Believe it or not I even visited Santa……my wish came true that year. Smile……..

 It is wonderful to see, and of course to shop for the small or big budget items you have liked to get for your special Christmas tree for your home:  Santa’s in all kinds of styles, Angels, Birds, Mice, Christmas Balls, Bells, Stars, and Trees.   Red or Yellow Dogwood Branches for your fresh ornaments you have welcoming your Guest and Friends by the Front Door.

 So many choices…and the nice time you have just looking at it and having fun sharing it together.

                                “Never Stop Believing”