Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Day 10 of my Grenada holiday. All 3 crew members left Lady Natalie now… and I have checked in to this beautiful resort called Allamanda Beach Resort right by Grand Anse Beach.

Definitely was speechless once again to see this view this two-mile stretch of creamy-white sand overlooks a sheltered bay. And all right her for me to enjoy the next 3 days. Walked the beach several times, so beautiful..

Was enjoying this time all to mo myself. Something like that I have never done before..peaceful time for me. I enjoyed the first evening just sitting on the beach and looking out to the sea…waiting for the sunset…

as these guys started to run down the beach… I just could not resist asking them to do this again…so I can video them …

2 thoughts on “Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

  1. Jacqueline, I have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your pictures. I am a writer, sailor, yacht interior builder. I have sailed most of the Caribbean, but have never explored Grenada. I’m thinking about… May-June. What would you recommend for hotel and things to do. You have already gave me some ideas, but now, looking back, from your personal experience. Thanks, David


    1. Hi David, All of what I have seen is what I would recommend! I would love to go back to any one of my memories of Grenada and can’t wait to go there hopefully soon again. Grenada has soooooo many beautiful places to visit and the people there are so friendly, kind and have a smile that makes you happy… well it made me happy seeing there smiles.
      Hog Island totally a must see.
      So is Nimrods! But keep in mind I am not one to go for the fancy dancy stuff…well should not say I am not ! I like that too. But when you go sailing you can have both …So much fun with no make-up and be with nature.
      If you go to Carriacou You absolutely have to visit Allison and say hello from me. She has this totally cool beach Restaurant… see my blog “Paradise Beach at Carriacou” I tell you one day I’ll be working there. Just saying…

      Back to Grenada. Grand Anse Beach is fantastic… whit sand and totally breathtaking. Go to Umbrellas. for a meal. I was there on a Sunday I think they had a fantastic band there. This was my first time on my own eating out in a Restaurant for decades.. I loved it.
      Go to the Spice Market and sat hello to Donna, she is the one braiding my hair…So loved it.

      Now I could tell you one very special place of my trip … but that would be giving away my absolute joy…. It’s in the posts too….perhaps you will see it.
      No matter what …. Any Place in Grenada Is HAPPINESS :-))))

      See my next posts where I stayed in Resort

      Hope this was of help to you…
      Ps. Let me know when you are there. I have made so many connections there it is amazing to see.


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