Fruits of Grenada, Caribbean Island

Sweet and Juicy. Starfruit just freshly picked from the tree. You should see the size of them and sooooo many just hanging on this tree. The owner of the home came over to see us and told us to just take as many as we like as she can’t keep them all. Wow. How amazing is that.

Star Fruit of Grenada

I tell you the Grenadian people are so nice and kind to us. I would be honored to call them my friends.

Clinton! Cutty needs you to help reach the fruit… great to have amazing friends in my life

6 thoughts on “Fruits of Grenada, Caribbean Island

    1. Are you kidding me ? You absolutely have to go to shore it is so beautiful there. in town. I even stayed on my own after the sailing for 3 days 3 night at Grad Anse Beach so amazing…. follow my blog you will see. I have fallen in love with this Island for sure. But wait I have more to tell you .. I visited another amazing Island…more to come soon.


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